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Embedding MP4 Videos


To embed MP4, AVI and other videos in a post, just paste the link and the Forum should take care of the rest.

Make sure to PREVIEW your Post before you Publish

If there are any problems, use the Video BBCode Button.

To Embed MP4 Videos in the Shout Box

--- Code: ---[center][b]Joe Biden: "We don't need another NIGGER bigshot."[/b]
[video width=150 height=120][/video]
[iurl=]Gallery Link[/iurl][/center]
--- End code ---

The Important Line is

--- Code: ---[video width=150 height=120][/video]
--- End code ---

Joe Biden: "We don't
need another NIGGER
Your browser does not support HTML5 video tags. Better try a new one like Firefox or OperaGallery Link


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