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"You Are a Disgrace to America - We Are All F. Equal"



--- Quote from: An Anonymous Coward ---Full Name: who cares
Subject: okay
Message: you’re a racist ass bastard. you are giving white people a bad name. we are all *in equal. sit the * down and stop trying to start something that’s never going to exist. you’re a *in disgrace to america. please leave :) ps. 80+8?? really y’all brains aren’t even big enough to come up w a good question. disgusting.
--- End quote ---

Send the coward an email and tell it to do us a favour and either commit suicide or piss off to the African rainbow nations of love where the witch-doctors will chop it up for a bit of black magic.

My email to nape crisp

Hello bigger peice of * how are you? You are a disgrace, you are not even human. God isn't real, if he was real just know he made a mistake making you. You are a failure and a pussy, if I saw you in real life I'd keep my distance so I wouldn't get sick. I'd need shades because I'm willing to bet your the quietest fucking cotton picker on the field. The town nigger. You probably say your pants with * in your drawers. Your dont care do you? Nah your already a nigger so you were screwed when big mama shat you out. I bet they used tongues on you when your flat nigger head was crowning out of big mamas pussy, you aids sack of *. Dont ever let me see you, I wont go to south Africa unless there is war. You * stinking zombies have no chance, you should be gay already because your existence doesn't matter. I bet you have 5 nigger kids you dont even talk to. You are so broke they get a lump of * for Christmas. You niggers will be our slaves collecting santas coal. I bet you wear fake jewelry and spend hundreds on Chinese Jordan's you faggoty ass aids nigger. Your kind doesn't belong on this planet. And when rahowa comes you will be anhialated swiftly with our superiority. Fucking retard cant even spell correctly. I blame your fat nigger mom for smoking crack and eating to much taco bell when you were fucking born. Faggoty ass crack piece of * nigger. Dont let the bed bugs bite and dont pick the scabs queer. No one wants your sickness. You are a disease to the world. Eat * and die fag. Plrrrr

Aleister Adams:
Another whiggers meth head who's been brainwashed by the filthy Jews. He'll join his equal nigs sucking the sewers in Hell.

I would love to lynch a white wigger nigger lovin bastard......


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