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Time to Kill this Infiltrator: Lardy Carrol Lloyd!


In response to this:

And this:

--- Quote ---Lardy Carrol Lloyd is no Creator. That fat boy is totally insane and alternates between attempting to own Creativity and declaring that he needs to murder all White people to promote his Fascist Mexican Utopia. Hes a Hitler freak with a hardon for Zapata sandals.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul
Church Administrator Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity |
--- End quote ---

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Why is this idiot even alive?

We should track him down, shatter his skull with a captive bolt pistol, and use his body as fuel in our nation's great waste-to-electricity power plants!


White Power!

Firstly: Do visit that Leftard website masquerading as News and give your honest opinions re JOG Asset, Lardy Carrol Lloyd. The world needs to know the truth.


--- Quote from: N567 on 10 November 2021 at 22:26 ---Why is this idiot even alive?

We should track him down, shatter his skull with a captive bolt pistol, and use his body as fuel in our nation's great waste-to-electricity power plants!
--- End quote ---

We don't normally acknowledge that criminal activity is preferable, but in Lardy Carrol's case, that's the only way to handle it. That fat retarded lump of lard had his parole revoked and went back to prison just for annoying Jews. Meanwhile, the fat bastard was openly threatening to murder Creators. Annoying Jews is a jailable criminal offence, but publicly threatening to murder Creators is A-OK.

Proof? After Lardy was locked up, I contacted his parole officer and pointed out his public threats. Anything uncomfortable that fat boy had said about Jews had been removed, so why not publicly viewable criminal threats to commit murder? The JOG did nothing. Which in turn means that we must take it upon ourselves to deal with the fat felon in whatever way is needed.

According to the law of the land, our only option is Self Defence. However, why should we obey laws that do not protect us? We are Outlaw Creators. We live by our own moral codes. We are our own police. We are our own judge, we are our own jury, and as such, we sentence Lardy Carrol to death for his crimes carried out against the White Race.

Thefore, any Creator that happens to meet face to face with Lardy, has not only the right, but the duty to put that Race-Traitor down like the rabid dog he is. America's JOG have made it abundantly clear: Lardy has permission to commit murder, just as long as the victim is White - and preferably a Creator. Don't be a victim, do your duty to Creativity and to the White Race, but above all, do your duty to yourself. Creators will not win this Racial Holy War by dying for our Race. Creators will win it by making some other fat dumb bastard die for his Race.

Delenda est Judaica - RaHoWa!

UPDATE: Over the last three years, numerous separate complaints have been made to Google about Lardy's threats of murder and intimidation - accusations of paedophilia, working for the JOG .... Google's a company that immediately bans any real CREATOR just for being a CREATOR. And advocating peaceful White Civil Rights is right out for real CREATORS on any of Google's platforms. However, despite that lard arse' public criminal activity, along with his false claims to be a Creator and to lead Creativity on Lardy's Google Blogspot and other areas, his accounts remain unadulterated by Google. In short, Google is protecting Lardy because the traitorous rat is a JOG Asset.

You can also add these femi-commies to the list since stormfront has been infiltrated by idiots who promote feminism and SJWism according to the bullshit posted on this thread:

The list:


These are aliases so we still have to track their IP addresses to determine their locations and expose them all!


White Power!

You can also add Alex Faggot Linder to the list: son of a bitch banned me from for posting my list containing the feminists posting on stormfront and vnnforum.

I have reversed my position, if the US military wants to be woke with all of its racial minorities, femi-commies and LGBT, let them.

Since they only got their posts through affirmative action, then they would definitely die on the battlefield because of sheer incompetence, and that means less libtards to deal with.

Since libertarians, religious conservatives, white nationalists, and neo-national socialists oppose needless foreign military interventions, then we simply choose not to serve in the military because it has been voluntary since Nixon abolished the draft in 1973.

This is why war in a distant foreign land is the best thing for us Americans right now because it means more libtards in the woke military will be dying off, decreasing the number of leftists and giving us an advantage because our numbers will end up being greater than theirs.

We do not have to kill these people, we simply let them kill themselves.


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