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Author Topic: (There is no God)

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    • My Awakening as a White Racial Loyalist (There is no God)
« on: 19 May 2011 at 04:07 »
Most of the time I ignore or delete the Hate Mail, but on occasion one gives me a laugh.

FirstName: LOLA
comments: You are a disgusting group of racist people. Oh and god doesn\'t exist.

Apparently  this one feels the need to tell me that "god doesn't exist."   :o
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RE: (There is no God)
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2011 at 11:27 »
you wouldn't expect much better from the 0zz i remember one commentator on a US gun forum saying, a good few years ago, after spending several months in 0zz, "the liberals (i.e: "lefties") in Australia make the liberals in the US look like Rush Limbaugh!"

also....most of them live in leafy, green 'burbs apropos "the stock-broker belt" and never hafta worry abt whether or not their next pay-cheque will "bounce".....niggers, jews and mudz in general live "a ways" from their comfortable habitat(s) and, up till abt now any-way(s), they're unlikely to ever enounter such low-life forms!  :-X's the comments from the US that get on my "goat" much is it gunna take for those effin' ZOG-bots to WAKE the FK UP?!? got literal battallions of psycho nogz running AMOK under their frickin' snouts.....and.....they can't figure that out?

wtf is that?

"domestic blindness" or some such sh*te?  >:(


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