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Title: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 17 June 2020 at 19:04

analysis of the techniques jews use to gangstalk those who know who they are and what they are doing

Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 30 July 2020 at 20:34
more info on gangstalking:
 JEWISH GANGSTALKING : tactical discussion


3rd session with Gosling of (((jewish gangstalking))) channel :
Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 07 August 2020 at 00:11

episode 5, August 5th 2020
with Gosling: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/jewish-gangstalking/
and Loki: http://hyperborean.info/
topics discussed: the malignant narcissism of the jew; forms of predation and marginalization of dissidents
Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 09 August 2020 at 01:05


"The Aryan Imperative"
topics discussed: Julius Evola's philosophy; jewish gangstalking; exposing shills and how to detect agents

Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 09 August 2020 at 03:08
That dickhead doing the "JEWISH GANGSTALKING" in Adelaide, South Australia filming everyone he sees claiming they're Kikes - if I ever catch him filming me or any of my people, I'll smash him and then I'll smash his camera. In parting, I'll leave a CREATOR CALLING CARD on his broken and unconscious body. And you can bet your balls I'm not the only Creator happy to do that.

It's lunatics like him that make it difficult to recruit normal, sane and logical people.
Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 13 August 2020 at 00:40
Admittedly he is a melodramatist...he has wasted alot of my time (I am too courteous) and now seems to have disappeared after some criticisms...a probable fed gathering intel. Still the issue is real as I've experienced personally. Do you want to come on the show PM and discuss things?
Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 13 August 2020 at 01:45
I've had my own problems, so I know it happens - but not the way he was carrying on. I doubt he's a Fed. He's in Australia and they don't work like that. He may be an anti looking to cause disruption, but I've seen a few loonies like him over the years. Typically they wander around with cameras living a world of complete paranoia, ready to turn on ANYBODY that crosses them.

In Australia - especially in South Australia where I live - when Race-Traitors or Muds of any breed - including Jews - have it in for you, they will typically call the police the moment the see you. If they see you check your mailbox, they call the police. If they see you driving, they call the police. If they see you shopping, they call the police. Their argument every time is "He is/she is a Nazi!" The police then show up in force and demand that you admit what you were doing ... although they don't tell you what you were doing, they want you to speculate. Other times there's false accusations they are willing to lock you up for over several days without bail, because even though they have no proof that you have committed any criminal acts, you cannot prove you did not commit any criminal acts - and that's good enough for them, because you're a NAZI! and they're looking for an easy conviction. There's also the problem of corrupt police/and/or attorney generals using their powers to find out which of your neighbours are the most mentally deranged and easily manipulated: Then the coppers/politicians call them anonymously and offer them rewards for my arrest and immunity from anything they do arranging to have me arrested.

The only difference between me and others, is that I've heard from different sources over the years, that these Muds and Traitors have boasted about getting rich if they can get me arrested. It's died down a bit lately for me - but that's my life. For them its just a scam where they find out how violent I can be - and then they'd better run, because no Blue Nigger can protect them from a Creator on the hunt.

Thanks for the invite. Perhaps I'll go on the show one day. ... And I'm not the PM any more. Several years ago, I took the job as Church Administrator and Reverend Dr Joe Esposito was appointed the PM - typically referenced as, PM Joe (https://creativityalliance.com/prison-ministries/). In fact, I just had a phone call from him today that ended just a few moments ago. Apart from several other things, we discussed where to get original Ben Klassen era/print books. It's up to Joe whether or not he wants to deal with this particular individual, as Joe knows him personally.

Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 13 August 2020 at 13:27
the 'guilty before proven innocent' thing is an argument from ignorance: "Prove you're not a witch! or burn"
I suspected the gosling guy was a christian or something of that nature as he would always make very subtle references to 'old christianity' as if burning people at the stake in the medieval ages was any better than 'modern' christianity...all the same jewish supremacist garbage. I only did the videos with him as the issue seemed pretty legit but admittedly he exaggerated a fair amount it seems.
If you want to come on the show and discuss tactics that would be great as you seem to know a lot and have extensive experience which would benefit the callow youth. Or if there is anyone else on the forum who can give sound advice i would be glad to spread it around.
Title: Re: Jewish Gangstalking
Post by: Private on 14 August 2020 at 14:55
Do me a favour, pick another topic to continue this - that is not a part of a radio show.

And IF I meet that filmer in Adelaide -  I doubt he stopped, but I'm in the South and West of Adelaide and he's in the North where other Creators can nab him - I'll clobber him and take his camera. I'll send his recordings to you. Is it Jews or is he just harassing White Folk?

Adelaide is a small city. He's fucked. If a Creator gets him, we get his history. If he's a psycho, then you that we hand him over to the JOG. NO QUESTIONS ... Unless he's found to be too disgusting with children, then ... we hand him over to the nice police.