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Subject: Church of Creativity

--- Quote ---Hi Cambeul, (certainly not Reverend) -
In reading an article that referred to your poorly written ramblings on white supremacy, I could not help but go on to your website to see for myself an example of how backwards and disgustingly intolerant your views and perspectives are.
I find it appalling that with all the information and education we have available to us regarding racial equality, people like you still exist in hateful, toxics pockets around the world -
I don't quite know how you've attained the title 'Reverend' - unless Kelloggs Fruit Loops were giving away those tags in their cereal boxes at some stage, because your uneducated, hateful and intolerant views are certainly not in line with any recognised church body in this country.
How hypocritical that you rely on the freedom of speech that democracy provides all men equally so you can rant and rave about the inequalities of races and your perspectives on white supremacy.
One day when you pass on from this world and judgement is placed on you - may your punishment be to spend eternity in the company of your white cloak wearing mates in hell - all the while knowing that millions of people with a varied ethnicity (and with a much higher IQ than yours) are in a better place without you able to voice such atrocious standpoints.

--- End quote ---

These are her IP details, and this is where she works. Let us assume that she's a Christinsane, Liberal, Certified Practising Accountant.

"In reading an article that referred to your poorly written ramblings on white supremacy, ...." This product of university education believes that anyone who thinks as we do, must be uneducated and seems to have a chip on her shoulder about how good her and her compatriots' education is. Apart from that, when do I write about White supremacy? I might write some poorly written ramblings on White rights, but not White supremacy. Perhaps one of our own university graduates would like to have a play with her?

"... white cloaks." Obviously she means white robes and equates us with Kluxers. She might have a university degree, but she doesn't know very much about the world.

What this "Jessica" is probably unaware of is that under Victorian (she works in Melbourne) Religious Vilification Law, she has just vilified both me, every Creator in the world and the religion of Creativity itself. Under Victorian law, she could be sentenced to a period of imprisonment; but of course I'm not going to go running to the JOG. I'll just keep her short-sited, anti-White email for future reference.

The only thing left to learn is: Where did she read about us, and me in particular? I know for a fact that she arrived at my website via a Google search for "Reverend Cailen Cambeul." Since the reds delight in referring to me by what they believe is my "real name," Colin Campbell, it would appear that there is something new on the web about us.


Found the article the above hatemailer got her information from.

If the sheet fits wear it: white supremacy is, like, so passe

by Tory Shepherd

WHITE supremacy is so yesterday, don’t you think?

But the skinheads are using a modern medium for their oh-so-1950s messages. And, as with so much online, it’s a rare chance to see inside a different world. A strangely amusing world.

I came across a couple of sites by accident, and before I knew it I was Googling around checking out the rantings of racists. With each new site, I was mentally preparing myself to be outraged, appalled. Filled with a towering sense of injustice.

But the white supremacist websites don’t produce that reaction. They’re a bit sad, generally amateurish, and just a bit funny.

In South Australia there’s a guy called Reverend Cailen Cambeul (he calls himself “the racist formerly known as Colin Campbell” and has a bit of a chequered history).

He runs “The Church of Creativity” down here –  its catchcry is “Creativity South Australia: For a Whiter and Brighter World”.

They’re the Napisan of race relations, with a mission statement that sounds like housewifey cheese. 

The Reverend is full of other gems such as:

“It is time White people awaken to reality and realise that doing what is best for the White race is best for themselves – it is a virtue. And doing what is bad for the White race is their own deathknell – it is a sin … Does that make me a racist … Does that make me a hater? If you knew me you’d find I hate most people. It’s just that I give White people a chance before I decide that I hate them… Wake Up Whitey!”

I’ll pause here just to say that I can see that this is offensive, that it would be fair to argue that I have no right to make light of these guys because I’m a pinkish blonde mongrel mix of mainly Euro descent. But I feel very strongly that these are not the guys we need to worry about.

Have a look through the forums, where there are rambling discussions of mixed marriages, immigration, multiculturalism, Jewish conspiracy theories, etc.  The members are predominantly men, predominantly bad at spelling, and consistently terrible at making a logical point.

They are a hodge-podge of disillusioned youth who need to get out more, definitely need to get laid, and would probably be cured of their bizarre beliefs with a bit of time or a bit of distraction.

Maybe these guys are still scary in a gonna-gun-someone-down-one-day kind of way, and the ideas are vile and reprehensible, but drifting through their websites the image that most strongly suggests itself is a pale guy with an overbite and thinning hair. Someone who got bullied at high school.

It’s the bizarre grammar that tickles, and the sheer incoherence that reassures.

The Creativity mob has some power in the US, but down here it’s just a few loners looking for something to do with all their hate, and they form little insulated black bubbles of nastiness and wallow around in them for a bit.

These are not the guys responsible for sustaining racism.

Oh no.

The Ku Klux Klan, who claim to be getting about a bit in Australia, are a bit scarier. Even though they are led by people called “Imperial Wizards”, which makes me picture guys in pointy hats on Quidditch-style broomsticks. They are organised, and seem to have a core structure that could suck in recruits.

But the really, really scary buggers are the slick, sly ones trotting out well-rehearsed arguments about limiting immigration and stopping the formation of ghettoes and talking about floods of boat people coming.

In the same way that it’s no longer Creationism you have to worry about, it’s Intelligent Design with its overlay of pseudo-scientific waffle, it’s when they start to get smart that we need to take notice.

I thought One Nation was pretty funny and nothing to worry about until I started hearing people say Pauline Hanson “sort of“  had a point.

Then you started to hear John Howard’s dog whistling, and before you knew it tolerance was taking a backwards step.

That’s why Australia needs to tune its ears to the dog whistles and remember that just because savvy people in business suits seem more evolved and make a bit more sense does not mean they’re not racist. They may look like creatures of the new century but their roots are firmly in the shameful past.

Don't be surprised if this Tory Shepherd is in this forum trolling for information; but then again, don't be surprised if she didn't bother to join this forum and instead has decided to take her information solely from my site at and make the rest up to keep the article in line with public misconceptions about White people who still have pride.


Seems like they have nothing better to do with there time.
I wonder if their employers like the fact they are using compant resources on personal blogs.


--- Quote ---In reading an article that referred to your poorly written ramblings on white supremacy, I could not help but go on to your website to see for myself an example of how backwards and disgustingly intolerant your views and perspectives are.
--- End quote ---

Q: Are you seeing any these following words pop up in discourse aimed in your direction?

“hate” or “hateful”
“white supremacy”
“hate crime”

Congratulations!  You're now dealing with a lib-tard!  

Here, let me re-write that screed for you:

--- Quote ---Rev. Cambul!

Hate, intolerance, humanity, blah-blah, ignorant, equality, yadda yadda, ethnicity, diversity, prejudice, white supremacy, blah blah blah, backward, yadda yadda, uneducated, bigots, hate crime, blah, victims, haters!

So there!!


--- End quote ---

No need for any conjunctions, adverbs, etc. just take every petty humanistic cliché available and jumble them all together!  Presto!  Instant letter which unclearly explains why you're wrong!

If we had a fancy programmer on here we could toss together a form-letter script which would send just such a letter to everyone in this world who needs that particular emotional lift you can only get by attacking “nazi's.”

--- Quote ---If the sheet fits wear it: white supremacy is, like, so passe
--- End quote ---

Ha!  What a cute turn-of-phrase!  A marvelous spin-o-word, if I do say so myself.  It brought half-a-smile to me.

 I'll tell you what's really passe.  Fruity, overeducated limp-wrist reporters who lack the testicular fortitude to write anything that even remotely wiggles off the PC radar.  

Thankfully this is why newspapers are dying and drying up.  Good riddance.  


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