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Gutless New Zealand Hate Mail from the Anonymous


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Full Name: Nigger with attitude
Subject: Racist fuckers

Message: I am very offended with you dogs putting racist pamphlets in my mail. I am not racist nor do I want to be.
You are disgusting and should be ashamed

Subject: Factually incorrect

Hello, there is no "white species"  or "white race"  and since humans evolved from Africa we're all a shade of black, to be precise.  It's all about genetics, not shade of skin colour.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme  He/Him

In other words this dumb arse thinks race isn’t real and it doesn’t matter?

I wonder if he can tell the difference between an Abo who lives traditionally like a caveman or Leonardo Da Vinci?
Does he thinks Chimps are people too if they have 95.6% human DNA?
What about Eskimos? Pygmies? They all think they came from Africa too?


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