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Author Topic: Broaden Your Image & Stop Being Ignorant

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Broaden Your Image & Stop Being Ignorant
« on: 27 November 2019 at 03:22 »
Quote from: Private
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Full Name: Brandon Gladish Jr
Subject: Over doing it
Message: I believe it is great for you to love your own race but others should also be treated with equality. I’ve played football with all races and schooled with all races it’s not one person that makes up that races background or make their people look bad some white people are horrible just like any other race. Broaden your image and get with 2019 and stop being ignorant. Thanks a white guy Brandon

Hey dumb-arse, have you ever seen Black Supremacist groups such as the NAACP, the Black Panthers or Black Lives Matter crowds ever attempt to treat Whites with equality? Of course not. What comes from the Black Supremacy advocates is pure hatred. Any talk of so-called equality is reliant on White Submission. Everything else is straight-up KILL WHITEY!.

And if you sincerely believe that as a White guy, it's great to love your race, then according to every Libtard and non-White, you are a White Supremacist, Nazi, Racist. Say that in the wrong place and you can lose your job, your home, your family, your freedom and even your life.

It's 2019 and you are the ignorant one. Your choice now is to either stand tall and fight, or to crawl in a hole and await death.

What's it going to be White guy?
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Re: Broaden Your Image & Stop Being Ignorant
« Reply #1 on: 27 November 2019 at 04:30 »
Most guys don’t get that race is real and it matters.
When push comes to shove your skin is your uniform.
Non-Whites know these guys like the letter’s author don’t!

What I do agree with is some White people are dickheads when there may be non-Whites that are easier to work with/more respectful and better natured in general life dealings.

I recently have had rotten dealings with a White guy I just couldn’t reason with nor stand to be around! Then I’ve worked with more chilled non-Whites I’d have to say I feel more comfortable being near in comparison.
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Re: Broaden Your Image & Stop Being Ignorant
« Reply #2 on: 22 December 2019 at 23:08 »
There is no equality in all reality. Nobody, no race, no gender, no anything is ever going to be born or created equal.
RaHoWa from Canada