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Damnatio Memoriae


Henceforth let it be known that former Creators or excommunicated Alliance Members who falsely continue to  claim to be Creators are to be known as Damnatio Memoriae (plural Damnatio Memorii). If any person initially listed as Damnatio Memoriae is to be redeemed, it will be on OUR terms. i.e. If they do cannot satisfy the  majority of the GFC, they will remain forgotten and we will do our utmost to erase them from living memory and from history.

By extension of previous decisions, those currently on the list are anyone who is a member of or willingly associates with TCM or Weird Harold Covington.

Individuals are: Hale and Wes Smith. One of the individuals wont give a damn as they were new to Creativity (so perhaps persona non grata is a better label for them since for all intents and purposes, they already do not exist?), but the other one will give a damn. Creativity was once his entire reason for existence, but he has since come to view Creativity as a tool for his own personal use.

We are nobody's niggers. We will not be used by anyone.

Your opinions?

Pontifex Cambeul.

For more information see Wikipedia.

--- Quote ---"Damnatio memoriae is the Latin phrase literally meaning "condemnation of memory" in the sense of a judgment that a person must not be remembered."
--- End quote ---

I second this motion.

Thank you for your reply Reverend Sinn. Shame on the rest of you for your lack of dedication. However, Creativity does not stand still for any man. Those who did not speak up when they had the chance are considered to have abstained and the decision was taken out of their hands.

I have gone ahead and shut down the Hale Archive at and edited the article on the main site re the Personality Cult of Matt Hale and included two frequently asked questions that arise from Hale's public and personal appeals to Creators to rededicate themselves to their personal oath to Him. The only link to it is buried in our Articles page at Following the almost complete removal of Hale from the History page at that Hale's denunciation of the Alliance and our response will be the only information from the Alliance available in public pertaining to Hale - and one day, that will go as well.

Links to the Hale Archive and/or references to Hale been removed from our links page at the Creativity Directory at and the Legal Portal at

Damnatio Memoriae.
Damn them all to Hell!


I also support the motion.

I would also like to add that we must also purge the TCM and any known members from any memory also. Some of you might think this is a given and assumed, but it needs to be said and set as one of our goals.

In regards to April Gaede, for me (at least), she is nothing more than a WN gangster girl. Nothing else. I find it hard to take her seriously. Her entire history in the movement, constant org and man-hopping, the drama she creates around her, is enough proof. I will give Will Williams where credit is due. He is right about Gaede.


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