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Australia - Victoria

Three men in Craigieburn in Victoria were wandering along, minding their own business and playing with their machete as one typically does. Along the way, they happened to meet up with a taxi driver hanging out with his own friends outside their home. The men, being "racist" as was reported by the MSM, immediately set upon the taxi driver in a vicious tirade of "racist" abuse, while they "smashed up" the poor fellow's cab with their machete and knocked him about a bit.

The trio later handed themselves in at the local cop shop.

If this "racist" story is never heard of again, the perps were non-White - although there's no telling what the taxi driver was. After all, how many groups of White men wander the streets carrying machetes? ... That is, men and boys outside my own service and army brat past, which is admittedly unusual these days. So don't be surprised when the story vanishes into thin air, because nobody in the MSM will ever admit that the inferior mud races are capable of racism.


Update: Five years later and still nothing in the MSM about this crime. The Cabby was undoubtedly a Paki/Turk/Sand-Nigger, and the perpetrators were surely African invaders; but it's considered "RACIST!" to report African crime in Australia. Nothing to see here, says every nigger loving Libtard. Move along ....

Craigieburn is a Turk area. I call "Hate gang" on them.. "Bikie legislation"for them please?

Australia Victoria: 'Redneck scumbags' facing backlash over Aboriginal blackface

9 News | 1 February 2016

Two Victorian men have caused a social media storm after painting their faces black and dressing up as Aborigines.

The pair, who are yet to be identified, have been branded “redneck scumbags” and slammed by prominent Indigenous artists after pictures of them in their costumes were shared on Facebook.

The photos were taken at an “Aussie icon” party near Learmonth Football Club in Victoria on Saturday and also include a blonde woman in blackface dressed as Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman.

Victorian woman and indigenous education worker Sis Austin said she posted the images on Facebook after pointing out to the two men that their outfits were racist.


The host of the party told Sky News the backlash was “political correctness gone wrong” and the men in the photos were his best mates who are “decent Australian blokes”.

High-profile indigenous rapper and Yorta Yorta man Adam Briggs was among those condemning the photos, describing the pair as “redneck scumbags” on Facebook.

Others speaking out against the photos include members of The Hilltop Hoods and indigenous Australian singer/songwriter Thelma Plum.

Like Ms Austin, Briggs and Plum have both since copped abuse online for speaking out against the photos.



You arrogant, hypocritical black bastards! Speaking the White Man's language? Wearing pants, shoes and shirt? Shopping in the White Man's stores with the White Man's cash that the White Man handed to you? Living in the White Man's house?  Eating the White Man's food? Smoking the White Man's tobacco? Drinking the White Man's grog? Thieving, huffing and puffing the White Man's petrol? Shagging the White Man's women? Crapping on the White Man's doorstep? Living beyond 30 years old thanks to the White Man's dental and medical care - all for free?

You're RACIST! Get the * off White Man's land. Go back to your spear-chucking life in the dirt and die in your humpy you hypocritical whiny black *s.


No matter what you do they will always feel a sense of entitlement and think you have to owe them something . Look at this boong on SBS that has got up recently on the soap box and talked about the "sad situation" of his people? How much of his blood is actually Aboriginal?

The bad white man did this and that! How about taking some responsibility for their own actions?

This Briggs rapper jig, he's on "Black Comedy " the ABC Abo comedy show.. he makes fun of his own people!

Everything devised, created, invented, built, drawn or recorded by White people is racist!

Video removed by YouTube source


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