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Australia: Abo copper is a success in his field - but has to have a bitch about Whitey because the Marxist Mantra states: Only White People Can Be Racist. Which of course brings us to the logical conclusion that the Abo copper is an incompetent Boong bastard that only gained the rank of Inspector because better White coppers were passed over in favour Black Privilege.

An Aboriginal police officer has told how his boss made him keep his food in a separate fridge to his colleagues in an appalling act of workplace racism.

Western Australia Police Inspector Geoff Regan said he was about to leave his dinner in an officer break room when a sergeant stopped him and made a racial slur

'He said "you're not putting it in our fridge... you BOONGS, you cook differently. You go and get another fridge and clean it out and you can put your food in there".'

Insp Regan recalled through tears how he followed his superior's orders and kept his food away from that of his colleagues.

'I went out the back into the storeroom and got a little fridge and washed it out - that was my fridge,' he said.

The veteran police officer, who joined WA Police in the 1990s, has previously spoken out against the racist abuse he has received from other officers

He said one day he opened his locker to find a GOLLIWOG with a noose around its neck.

'Being called a COON and stuff like that,' he told ABC Radio Perth in 2020. 

'Back in those days there wasn't the safety that we are currently working towards now[/img]

In 2018, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson made an historic apology to Indigenous people, who are over-represented in prisons across Australia

Mr Dawson said police were key participants in past wrongs against indigenous people in the state over decades.

Those wrongdoings included enforcing government policies of removing mixed-race children from Aboriginal families until the 1970s.

The children are known as the Stolen Generations. Many were institutionalized, abused and neglected

The mud race kids were being abused in their Abo camps, therefore they were removed. They failed to mention that part.

ACAB = Abo Coppers Are Boongs


An associate at a global investment firm has lost a racism discrimination case after she alleged bosses told racist jokes and painted their faces black to portray actress Whoopi Goldberg at a Christmas party

Harmonie Mulumba complained after a photograph of two male co-workers, whose faces were painted black, was displayed at the company's headquarters

An employment tribunal heard the staff members at Partners Group had painted their faces black to portray American actress Whoppi {sic} Goldberg at an office Christmas party while others dressed as nuns from the 1992 comedy.

The private equity employee, who earned £81,000, claimed displaying the photo of the colleagues on a filing cabinet racially discriminated against her.

The allegation was one of many put forward by Miss Mulumba at the tribunal as she tried to sue the international finance firm.   

However, her discrimination claims have now been thrown out, with a judge ruling they were without merit. 

The tribunal even found she had deliberately tried to 'find evidence' - including the blackface photo - to allege she was the target of a discriminatory 'campaign' against her

Miss Mulumba, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, had analyst roles at Goldman Sachs and eBay before joining Partners Group in September 2015.

The central London hearing was told she worked there until August 2018 when she was sacked.

Partners Group, which has 20 offices worldwide, is part of a global private markets investment management business and Miss Mulumba joined its sought-after associate programme.

The tribunal heard details of the Christmas party incident at a Partners Group party in its HQ in Zug, Switzerland in 2012. 

A tribunal report said: '[For the] 2012 global corporate day followed by a Christmas party, [employee Carmen Piccini] participated in an entertainment act pursuant to which two of her colleagues painted their faces black because they wanted to dress up as Whoopi Goldberg

Ms Piccini, an accountant based at the Swiss office who is a black Latino, said the 'blacking up' had 'no malice'.

The report said: 'She says she was not offended and that there was no malice or bad intentions involved.

'She said the photograph of her colleagues in black face was uploaded onto her Facebook account and subsequently printed and displayed on a filing cabinet in the Zug office.'         

At the tribunal, Miss Mulumba made claims including race, sex, and disability discrimination, as well as harassment and victimisation

She alleged bosses told 'racist jokes', said 'a woman's place is in the kitchen' during a business trip to Uganda, and that 'women should stay at home as they have smaller egos'.

She claimed bosses mocked an Indian colleague's accent, told her that she should be 'more aggressive but not too much more because she is a woman', and that co-workers 'shunned and ignored' her

Further, she complained she was given low scores, was not invited on a team lunch, that she was not given a suitable desk, that she was 'blocked' from job roles, and was 'managed out' by bosses.

All claims were found to be without merit or that they didn't occur as she alleged.

Of the 'blackface' photo, the tribunal said it did not 'pertain' to any discrimination towards her personally.   

The tribunal also found Partners Group managers rightfully had doubts over her performance, as she was scored 'below average', lacking 'drive and motivation', and 'has an ego'.

Partners Group said it went to 'substantial lengths to help Miss Mulumba and in no way treated her less favourably' before dismissing her.

Employment Judge Richard Nicolle said: 'Whilst we consider Miss Mulumba had a genuine belief that her progression had been stymied, we nevertheless consider that she progressively developed a mindset pursuant to which she sought to combine a series of individual acts and omissions into what she clearly construed as being a coordinated campaign to prevent her progression.

'Whilst undoubtedly elements of her employment could have been handled better by [Partners Group]... we nevertheless consider that, looked at in totality, [Partners Group] sought to provide her with the opportunity to progress notwithstanding their belief that her performance was sub-optimal.

'We also consider that she demonstrated an increasing tendency to find evidence of discriminatory conduct, for example... the ''blackface'' photo... albeit that these individual incidents were not directly attributable to a course of conduct pertaining to her.'

However, Miss Mulumba won a claim of unfair dismissal on a technicality as it was not made clear to her or put into writing that she was to be sacked

Compensation will be awarded for this claim at a later date

 >:( :-\
This jigaboo needs to eat a bag of concrete and toughen up!

Of course, crispy niggers equal racism.

It's all Whitey's Fault: ‘Tenants have no choice’: Racism in urban planning fuels high rate of Black fire deaths

As leaders shift blame from electric space heaters to overcrowded housing in the wake of deadly fires in both the Bronx, New York and Philadelphia, experts say the true culprit is poor residential conditions and the racism rife in the nation’s urban planning and infrastructure decisions.

Within days of each other, the fire in a Bronx building killed at least 17 people, including several Gambian immigrants, and another in a Philadelphia row house killed a dozen. But the fatal nature of these fires follows a historical pattern in which negligent policymaking and infrastructural decisions can kill Black people at disproportionate rates.

“We’re looking at how land use and zoning policies are used. Because of housing segregation, those policies have been used against communities of color,” said Juanita Lewis, an organizer with the New York social justice group Community Voices Heard. “We’re still operating under the context of housing segregation and having to prove who is worthy of protection and living in decent housing. The fire was started by a space heater because there was inadequate heat. The situation in the Bronx is extremely sad, unfortunate and disheartening, but it’s not uncommon.”

The legacy of early zoning laws across the country that promoted segregation exists today in housing instability that forces Black people into neglected rental units rife with maintenance issues that place them at higher risk for everything from fire deaths to lead poisoning. Black people are more likely than people of other races to die in accidents like fires. Though Black people make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 25 percent of individuals killed in residential fires across the country, according to the New York State Department of Health.  “Racism influences almost every way to die by accident in America, and it has for a long, long time,” said Jessie Singer, a journalist and author of “There Are No Accidents.” “I looked as far back as 1900, and Black people die by accident at a higher rate than white people, all accidents total. Accidents are supposed to be unpredictable, unpreventable events. If that were true, accidental deaths would be randomly distributed across the U.S., but it’s not.”

Nine adults and eight children died in the Bronx fire that broke out Sunday morning in the 19-story building on East 181st Street, with authorities responding to the building at about 11 a.m., according to NBC New York. Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Fire Department Commissioner Dan Nigro confirmed that a space heater sparked the blaze and smoke was able to travel quickly through the building after safety doors failed to close.

The building, built in 1972, did not have fire escapes or sprinkler systems throughout the building, as rules requiring both don’t apply to the city’s older buildings. Department of Housing Preservation and Development online records show several complaints from the residents, including lack of heat in some apartments.

The apartment building is owned by Bronx Park Phase III Preservation LLC, and city records list the building’s head officer as Rick Gropper, who was appointed to Adams’ mayoral transition team before he took office, The New York Times reported. The building’s owner has not responded to an NBC News request for comment.

For Black immigrants, especially those with low incomes and little formal education, it can be difficult to advocate for safe residential conditions, said Theodore Hamm, the journalism chair and an associate professor who focuses on urban planning, among other subjects, at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York.

“There are so many structural impediments to getting problems resolved,” Hamm said. “If you’re a tenant in one of these buildings and there’s a need for upkeep and maintenance, then what do you do? You can call your management company and complain, but if they don’t do anything, what’s the next step? You could call the city, but will that remedy the complaint? In that position, you don’t have much power.”

Twelve people, including eight children, died in the Philadelphia fire Jan. 5. Officials said there were at least four smoke detectors installed in the row house, but none were working when the fire broke out at the three-floor building in the Fairmount neighborhood around 6:40 a.m. Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam K. Thiel said Tuesday that a Christmas tree had gone up in flames.

Time's Up Nigger ...
Making Living Space for Migrant Tenants
Although 26 people lived among the building’s two apartments, a leasing agreement for the apartments was only for 20 people, according to NBC Philadelphia. Eight people lived in one unit that spanned the first and second floors, while 18 resided in another unit that took up the second and third floors.

State Sen. Sharif Street, who represents the area where the fire occurred, said “if they had better options, they would have made better choices.” The Philadelphia Housing Authority, which owns and operates the row house, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

Singer noted that accidental fires are yet another way Black people are vulnerable to infrastructure failures promoted by systemic racism.

In other examples, Black people are more likely than white people to die in traffic accidents because, among other causes, Black neighborhoods are less likely to have crosswalks, warning signs and other safety mechanisms. Black neighborhoods experience more extreme surface heat caused by climate change than majority-white neighborhoods. Black people face high risks from power plant pollution, are more likely to live near hazardous waste sites, and endure higher rates of lead poisoning and water contamination, according to the Center for American Progress.
If you don't Capitalize Black as in Black people, "THAT'S RACIST!"
If you do Capitalize White as in White people, "THAT'S RACIST!"

President Joe Biden over the summer announced his “Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework” to address the consequences of “decades of disinvestment in America’s infrastructure that have fallen most heavily on communities of color” by allocating billions of dollars to help cities upgrade critical infrastructure like roads, bridges and power grids.

“Black and Indigenous people dominate deaths from unintentional natural and environmental causes, which is a broad category that includes everything from rat bites to starvation,” Singer said. “The types of accidents that kill people at especially unequal rates are the type that could be prevented through policy and infrastructure.”

People prepare candles during a candlelight vigil Tuesday for victims of a deadly apartment fire, in the Bronx, N.Y.Yuki Iwamura / AP

Rebecca Garrard, the legislative director for Citizen Action of New York, a grassroots social justice organization, said Black people are more likely to settle for unsafe housing due to financial instability and live in unsafe residential conditions where they are tasked with managing their own exposure to risks like fires, floods, mold, lead poisoning and more.

She said millions of New York renters are afraid to complain about poor living conditions because they may be hit with rent hikes or unjust evictions. Citizen Action NY is one of many advocacy groups in the state pushing for "good cause eviction" legislation that would help renters fight arbitrary evictions and unfair rent increases. Housing advocates are pressuring Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state Legislature to enact the bill.

Black and Latino New York renters face the most maintenance issues, with 25 percent of Black renters experiencing three or more maintenance deficiencies compared with 18 percent of the city’s general renting population, according to the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. A Black household in New York City would need more than double its income to afford the median market rate apartment in the city, rental site StreetEasy reported. Even before the pandemic began, Black and Latino renters were more likely to be threatened with eviction, at 14 and 19 percent respectively, compared with white people at 8 percent, per the Community Service Society.

Garrard said the living conditions she has seen through her work with Citizen Action NY are “beyond what people could even imagine.”

“It’s a lack of heat; lack of hot water and water in general; structural deficiencies in terms of ceilings or parts of the roof that are collapsing or nearly collapsing, parts of the floor or walls that are missing,” Garrard said. “We have tenants living in apartments where there is lead contamination, and landlords know this and they do nothing. The same happens with mold. They are abhorrent conditions. I’ve gone into units with tenants where I’m walking and I’m not sure if the floor is going to hold up. And the tenants have no choice.

“Make no mistake, if this was affecting middle- to upper-class white folk, we would’ve grappled with it a long time ago.”

* * * *
Michelle Obama Says "THAT'S RACIST!" When ...

 * Whites leaving an area is "White Flight"
 * Whites moving into an area is "Gentrification"
 * White Only neighborhoods are "White Supremacist"
 * Black Only neighborhoods are due to "White Supremacy"


The cover of British Vogue's February issue featuring nine black models has been branded 'offensive' on social media as critics claim bad lighting and poor styling hid the women's features and made their skin blacker to cater to the 'white gaze

It marks the first time Vogue has featured a group of black women this size on the cover, for an issue celebrating the rise of African models, and was photographed by Brazilian photographer Rafael Pavarotti, who has previously shot black models in the same fashion, making their skin look ultra-dark

Starring models Adut Akech, Amar Akway, Majesty Amare, Akon Changkou, Maty Fall, Janet Jumbo, Abény Nhial, Nyagua Ruea and Anok Yai, the cover was styled by British Vogue's Editor-In-Chief Edward Enninful OBE.

Mr Enninful was appointed editor of British Vogue in 2017, taking over from Alexandra Shulman, after the publication was criticised for a lack of diversity, and promptly assembled a woke squad of 15 women to bring diversity into editions across Europe.

However, this latest imagery has been met with furious backlash online, with dozens of fans saying the 'badly lit' image appeared to darken the models, who have a range of skin tones, to a point where they were unrecognisable and look like 'mannequins'.

A behind-the-scenes video of the shoot featuring the models having their hair and make-up done shows the diversity of their skin tones, sugesting that it was the ligthing rather than cosmetics that made them look so different.

One critic commented: 'British Vogue? So...they gathered all of these beautiful women and decided not to use lighting properly? One can't even identify who is who! And the wigs? Those women have very beautiful fascinating Ugly and terrible dark skins, so why DARKEN them like that?'

A fellow critic accused the Brazilian photographer of catering for the white gaze by 'fetishising' the models and exaggerating the models' skin tones, saying: 'You can be unapologetically black without caricature

Another critic of the cover commented: 'Edward Enninful was foul for that Vogue cover. That lighting, wigs, outfits, errything was anti-black.

'I don't care, I don't care. You took the most beautiful women on the planet and made sure we couldn't see them on an issue about visibility? @BritishVogue, shaking my head
 :-\ :o

A fifth wrote that it was 'honestly terrible', while another added: 'Look I am a fan of British Vogue since Mr Enninful became EIC but I'm honestly not sure why this cover is not well-lit and why the models are made to be mannequinn-esque and we lose their features and beauty

'Everything blends in,' another wrote, 'The hair the same colour as the skin. Crazy. I think this is the aesthetic they go for when shooting black skin though

'Not the first time I've seen this look from them.'

Others commented that they wished the styling had been different on the shoot, with one writing: 'TBH I personally would have liked to see more colour here with the makeup/wardrobe - we all know melanin pops against brighter hues - and at least one person with their natural hair in this shot.

'Also the lighting could use some work. But we'll take this as a start.' 

In one shot, the models sit on a green sofa wearing bright colours which pop against the low lighting, while in the cover shot all nine models wear all black outfits.

Explaining the inspiration behind shooting an all black, all African cover, Edward, who was born in Ghana and moved to west London as a child,  said: 'I saw all these incredible models from across Africa who were just so vivacious and smart

 :-\WTF?! How can you not laugh at the cover? They all look like a bunch of wierd statues in a dark room!  How could you call these “pea heads” smart and vivacious.


Racist taunts at Pearl River basketball game shock community, bring calls for action

Nyack's varsity basketball team captain Harrison Jordan and teammate Kameron Kukielczak were on the court Wednesday night when they heard noises from the crowd. Fans in the Pearl River gym were making noises – monkey and ape noises – as a Black player readied to take a free-throw shot from the foul line.

Allowing monkey noises to echo through a gymnasium while an African American player shoots free throws, sanctions racism and hatred.  Pearl River missed the mark to correct abhorrent behavior. Stop the Game. Remove the Offenders.  Do Better!— RedHawks BBall (@NYACKHSHOOPS) February 10, 2022
--- End quote ---

"It happened three different times," said Jordan, a senior. "You hear it but you don't believe it."

Kukielczak, a sophomore, said he anticipated a lively home crowd for Pearl River. But not that.

School superintendents in both Pearl River and Nyack have expressed outrage at the fans' behavior at a varsity basketball Pirates home game.

Outrage alone, though, is not enough, school leaders in both districts have said.

Nyack Superintendent Eudes Budhai is calling for a formal inquiry into the incident by Section 1 athletics. He said Friday that he has had several discussions with Pearl River Superintendent Marco Pochintesta about the incident since a video of the racist calls were shared via Twitter on Thursday by RedHawks BBall, @NYACKHSHOOPS, a fan account.

Pochintesta said Friday that the Rockland County Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance & Education and Haverstraw African American Connection would present their program “Better Together” to a group of Pearl River students on March 4.

The superintendent was meeting with Nyack NAACP representatives on Friday afternoon.

Pochintesta confirmed that there were similar calls from the student section during the Jan 28 game against Suffern.

Nyack school board President Terence Rock pointed out that school activities always have a security and staff presence. "At some point, everyone recognized something was wrong," said Rock, who didn't attend the game. "Why didn't any of them say, 'Stop, hey who did that,' and ask them to leave."

"Pearl River needs to let us know why that didn't happen," Rock said.

Budhai agreed.

"The first step is that Pearl River holds themselves accountable," the Nyack superintendent said. "We can help."

'Behavior will not be tolerated'

This was the fourth documented discriminatory incident this academic year at Pearl River High School. In previous incidents, a Gay Straight Trans Alliance billboard and items symbolizing LGBTQ pride were vandalized.

Pochintesta acknowledged the pattern in a letter Thursday to the community.

"This behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the students involved will be addressed through the District’s Code of Conduct," the letter stated.

Budhai said Nyack has been working on equity and inclusion issues for years, both on its campuses and in the community. The district this week mailed out its strategic equity plan to all district taxpayers.

The state Board of Regents has made it a priority for districts to take steps to foster "diversity, equity and inclusion." Nyack has been identified as a leader across the state in such efforts.

Budhai invited Pearl River's administration to tap into Nyack's resources. "We are opening our doors, inviting staff," Budhai said, and added, "They're going to have to roll up their sleeves."

Budhai and the Nyack board has offered training, though partner various programs, to anyone "involved in this racist behavior."

Nyack boys varsity basketball coach Ethan Smith called Wednesday's incident "somewhat surreal."

Smith said he and his players were aware of what was going on. He said the Pearl River staff missed a "teachable moment." They could have stopped the game, he said, and thrown out the offending fans.

Pearl River school district is 2% Black, 16% Hispanic or Latino, and 76% white, according to New York State Education Department data. Nyack schools are 16% Black, 26% Hispanic or Latino, and 42% white.

Rockland, though, is a small county, and kids involved in sports cross paths – in youth leagues, summer camps, other activities.

"You think you know these people," Jordan said. "Then they do something like this."

As captain, Jordan said he's responsible for his team, a young squad with three out of five starters just sophomores.

"I was proud as captain how we handled it," the 18-year-old said. "We handled it with class."

Focus on incident

Pearl River has been under a spotlight since video of the incident spread across social media.

Many pointed to the added insult that the incident took place during Black History Month.

Assemblyman Michael Lawler, whose district includes Pearl River and part of the Nyack school community, said he supported Pochintesta's efforts hold participants accountable for "this abhorrent behavior, as well as his broader effort to ensure it does not happen again."

"As a community, we must speak in one voice and make it clear that what occurred at the the basketball game is unacceptable, wrong," the Suffern Republican said, "and will not be tolerated."

State Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick called Wednesday's behavior by the crowd "disgusting."

The Nyack Democrat urged "appropriate disciplinary action" for any Pearl River students involved. "This incident illustrates why schools must engage in thoughtful conversations about racism, and not let a noisy minority stop needed dialogue."

Rockland County Executive Ed Day said "the actions of a few do not define the mindset of the many,"  and called the behavior "racist and reprehensible."

"As a former youth coach myself it’s particularly disturbing to see our young people subjected to (this) type of racist abuse," said Day, a Republican.

The New York Public High School Athletic Association officials called the incident "disturbing, alarming, and disappointing."  Chris Watson, NYPSHSAA director of communications, said the school district was addressing this matter.

U.S. Rep. Mondaire Jones pointed to "multiple incidents of racism and homophobia at Pearl River High School."

"It's clear that we must do more to teach our students about the history of racism, homophobia, and other discrimination in this country," the Democrat said. "I hope this will serve as a teachable moment for those who have so loudly urged the banning of aspects of American history in our classrooms. If we learn from our history, we can avoid repeating the mistakes of our past and create a better future for all our children.”

Pearl River school officials said Friday that attendance would be limited at two games Friday night – a hockey game against Nyack and boys varsity basketball against Nanuet. Only two adults per player would be let in.


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