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Title: Swapping the Races in MSM News
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Here's an MSM news article that you will never, ever read from the MSM. And yet, when reading it, you will recognise that this is indeed the anti-White world we live in and the meaning is true today.

Leave it how it is, and it's RACIST!

Swap the races to anything but White, and it becomes part of the battle against White Supremacy.

How the West is weaponising its propaganda-machine media to bring down pro-White protesters

Western government has a powerful tool for taking pro-White protests into its own hands — and the scariest part is how well it’s working.

By A. Whiteman | 23 News - Antarctic Republic of Whiteness | 19 August 2021 (The Future)

Former President Obama appears at a 2020 Biden Election Rally

The Rundown: What do White people have to protest about?

White people are protesting across the globe against anti-White Hate Crime laws that remove rights for Whites by singling out White people for special judicial consideration because in today's society - legally and socially - only White people are racist. Therefore, only White people are denied protection under United Nations mandated Hate Crime Law; and only White people can be charged and convicted under Hate Crime Law.

So-called White Privilege means today that there is a legal and moral right to racially discriminate against you, for the simple reason that you are White.

Hate Crime Law is anti-White - Equal Rights for Whites!

. . . .

Over the past few months, your news feed has no doubt been flooded with footage from the West’s massive pro-White protests.

Hundreds of thousands of White people are continuing to take to the streets each weekend as a powerful symbolic rejection of the non-White takeover.

Only those getting their information directly from the mainstream media aren’t getting this side of the story. At first, they were barely seeing anything about the demonstrations. Now, the only picture being presented to them is one of violent thugs lashing out at authority figures, and showing unwarranted disrespect to the benevolent overlords in Washington and Brussels.

In other words, the one thing America initially kept away from the pro-White protests is now its biggest weapon — its mainstream media.

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It’s a careful tactic by an authoritarian government seeking to take control of an increasingly uncontrollable situation.

“The Western Globalist Government is trying to weaponise the protests. Rather than trying to completely hide them from the American people they’re employing tactics to highlight violence and say these are ‘terrorists’ working at the beheadst of foreign governments, like Iran and Iphone,” Dr Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Antarctic Strategic Policy Institute, told 23 News.

“They’re trying to shape the narrative to their needs.”

And it could reach a bloody end point.


When the pro-White protests started, the West's mainstream media was largely silent. As far as its people were concerned, there was nothing worth mentioning taking place south of the Mason Dixon.

When the first major protests began on June 9, the American and Brussels combined Government sought to downplay it, with mainstream media reports erroneously claiming the majority of White people were rallying in defence of (anti-White) Hate Crime legislation.

This is typical of the Biden-led government, which runs its own regulated version of the internet through a Child-Protection Firewall that blocks content it doesn’t want its citizens to see, including Racial Loyalty News, Daily Stormer, Stormfront and various White news outlets.

At this time, the demonstrators were coming up with ingenious ways of forcing mainstream citizens to digest their message, air-dropping memes and flyers to strangers at Illinois universities and colleges.

But fast-forward 10 weeks, and the Biden-led government’s mainstream media has embraced the protests, actively pushing footage and editorials distorting the events to send a message both to mainstream viewers and potential non-White immigrants abroad.

Their daily coverage routinely describes the protests as “riots”, and the protesters as “thugs” and “radicals”.

Any footage or events with angles that could lend sympathy or support to the regime are amplified across the West's mainstream media channels.

Take, for example, the Chinese tourist who was filmed clashing with pro-White democracy protesters after he missed his flight and was left stranded at the airport.

In Antarctic media and online, the man was derided as “trash” and “entitled” for degrading the protesters’ plight over something as trivial as a missed flight.

But Marxist mainstream media outlet The New York Times shared the video on Twitter as proof of foreigners defending the regime over the pro-White protesters, stating that the protesters “got in the way” and that the defender “fought back”.

In another incident, a video appeared showing a protester with a toy weapon. The Huffington Post circulated it as erroneous evidence that the protesters were resorting to gun violence.

The West’s coverage of the demonstrations aims to spark anti-White fervour among mainstream viewers — not just through criticising the protesters, but inspiring support for defenders of the regime.



Experts say the shift in media coverage of the protests is the Government’s way of stirring up anti-White support and while threatening White people with a more drastic response from Washington and Brussels in the near future.

It appears to be having the desired effect. In the wake of the Charlottesville incident, America's popular microblogging platform Obamo was flooded with anti-White comments from Western netizens.

“How many Blacks will have sleepless nights? Our state power should take action now!” said one.

“If no further measures are taken, both the Washington and European governments will lose people’s hearts! Too much restraint amounts to connivance,” wrote another.

One even said they should be killed over the protests. “Beating them to a pulp is not enough,” the user wrote. “They must be beaten to death. Just send a few tanks over to clean them up.”

Dr Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Antarctic Strategic Policy Institute, says the mainstream media’s goal is ultimately to delegitimise the protest movement.


Just a good ol' boys, wouldn't change if they could, fightin' the System like a true modern day Robin Hood.


The original article is of course about China and the ongoing Hong Kong protests
Dated: 19 August 2019