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Muslim Massacre game causes uproar



--- Quote ---'Muslim Massacre' game causes uproar
A VIDEO game made by an Australian man that encourages players to massacre Muslim people has caused international outrage.

Muslim Massacre is promoted as taking place after the US "declares war" on the religion of Islam and encourages players to wipe out followers.

"The United States of America has declared war on Islam!" the Muslim Massacre website says.

"Take control of the American hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world's most destructive weapons."

The targets appear as bearded men wearing normal clothes or characters in black outfits with facemasks. Later levels include suicide bombers and a "boss" opponent resembling Osama Bin Laden.

Mr Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the UK Muslim youth organisation the Ramadhan Foundation, said the game was unacceptable, tasteless and deeply offensive.
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"When kids spend six hours a day on violent games they are more likely to go outside and commit violence," he said.

"If it was the other way around, with a game featuring Muslims killing Israelis or Americans, there would be uproar and rightly so."

Muslim Massacre was developed by Eric Vaughn, known online as "Sigvatr", a 22-year-old from Brisbane. He first released it online in January this year.

The game begins with audio from George Bush speeches, edited together to sound like a condemnation of Muslims.

The graphics are similar to 1990s arcade shooter games, with a bird's eye view showing the protagonist, a tiny pixelated US soldier, running and shooting other characters.

Mr Vaughn's website links to other projects such as a fictional sporting league for real-life massacre shooters and a webcomic.

Muslim Massacre bears a resemblance to two other independently-developed "shock" games released online: V-Tech Rampage (2007), which recreated the Virgina Tech shootings and Super Columbine Massacre RPG! (2005), which was a recreation of the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.

Those who have played Muslim Massacre provided mixed feedback to Mr Vaughn.

"I think it’s brave, because it’s the kind of satire that many people will misunderstand, especially in America and in Islamic countries," said a comment posted on Mr Vaughn's website.

"Still, you can’t be misunderstood any worse than the ‘super columbine massacre’ guy."

The Ramadhan Foundation has asked the British Government to conduct an inquiry into the game and urged internet service providers to block access to it.
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Published: 10/09/08 22.00

The Ramadhan Foundation expresses its deep condemnation and anger at the computer game released called Muslim massacre.  This game is glorifying the killing of Muslims in the Middle East and we urge ISP providers to take action to remove this site from their services as it incites violence towards Muslims and is trying to justify the blah, blah, blah....
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Give it a try and judge for yourself: 4MB



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