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Title: Jews Love the Muslim Conquest of Europe
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Europeans Have Stopped Having Children
Giulio Meotti | Arutz Sheva (Israel)

Extract: "Make five children, Europe's future is yours". So spoke Turkish President Erdogan ... And Imam Qaradawi, the guru of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke of Islamic birth rate as the weapon for the "non-violent conquest of Europe". It is Islamic eschatology, but with real meaning. Especially because these Muslim leaders cultivate it in the bosom of a Europe that has stopped having children. Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal and all the East European countries lie in a disastrous demographic ... Timothy M. Savage of the Office of European Analysis of the US State Department has estimated that Europe will be 20 percent Muslim by 2050 ... Mr. Erdogan and the other hallucinatory Muslim leaders watch this infertile and aging Europe. And they dream about giving it the finishing blow.