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Is Critical Race Theory Good for White People?


This is Critical Race Theory/CRT as I see it ...

If Niggers are always the victims because BLACK PEOPLE are incapable of being anything other than victims as long as WHITE PEOPLE continue to live, then GOOD!

Further: WHITE PEOPLE are SUPERIOR just because WHITE PEOPLE are allowed to live. That too sounds good to me! In fact, it sounds great! To quote Ben Klassen, IT'S GREAT TO BE WHITE!

The result can only be a Bloody Racial War, the Niggers lose and are shipped home to Africa - RaHoWa!

What do you think ???

And this is something I DO encourage you all debate.


Critical Race Theory (the real theory seems to be that semantics can substitute for a legitimate argument) is merely the latest ploy. It's strength is not in the "theory" but in the execution. They install proponents in key positions and then enforce it from the top down strictly forbidding any debate on the merit of the "theory" itself. Like those who are the primary movers behind it ((( :kike))), it does not stand up well to scrutiny.
Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It -


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