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"Hip-Hop" - Niggers Did Not Invent Even this Garbage


If I've ever seen a jew nigger this is it: Proclaimed inventor and founder of "hip hop", the dark hordes claim to fame, hahaha.

I'll be the bearer of bad news for black dudes
The hip hop Idol kool herc is half jew
Your kind don't even use a crap stool
You invented nothing you damn fools.


There were white artists doing hip
Hop same time as blacks were doing it. Who really invented it? It could be argued itís a variation of 1970ís ghetto funk?


The Black American Anthem - to be sung at all Niggerball games.

British 70's band 10CC - Dreadlock Holiday
Same style again ... with a story of Niggers robbing Whites


Know how break dancing was invented? Niggers pinching hub caps off moving cars!

Look how the Goths out-niggered the muds!  :o


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