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More Hatecrime Hoax Pictures:

Australia: Teacher at a Sydney Islamic school has garbage tipped on her car and SANITARY PADS stuffed into her door handles following Christchurch mosque terror attack

* An Islamic school teacher finished work to find her luxury SUV was vandalized
* Her Audi was covered in garbage and sanitary pads were found on door handles
* A colleague believes neighbours with 'anti-Muslim feelings' were responsible

Shive Prema | Daily Mail (UK) | 24 March 2019


Extract: An anonymous source known to the teacher told Daily Mail Australia the vandalism left them feeling deeply disappointed.

'Even to go to the disgusting point of pushing used sanitary pads into the door handles of her car,' they said.

They believe someone living in the neighbourhood with 'anti-Muslim feelings' was responsible for the vandalism.

Police were called after the incident and a report was made.

No charges have been laid.

Attention seeking Race-Traitor makes up his own Hatecrime Hoax as propaganda for Islam, claiming he wanted to blow up a Mosque killing 200 Muslims, but decided at the last minute to visit the intended target. The Muslims were so nice, he became one several weeks later.

Now the Race-Traitor is an Imam spreading bullshit stories promoting Islam as the religion of peace ...

'That was me': Former U.S. marine who planned to bomb a mosque before suddenly converting to Islam offers chilling insight into alleged Christchurch shooter's beliefs

* US military veteran spoke to The Project about the alleged Christchurch shooter
* He confessed he once created an elaborate plan to detonate a bomb in a mosque
* He hoped to injure or kill at least 200 worshippers, but later changed his mind
* Richard McKinney of Indiana has since converted to Islam and is the president of a mosque

It's standard practice these days ...

People get drunk, nigger picks a fight with Whitey and loses. Nigger calls the coppers, cries RACIST! and White Guilt does the rest.


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 14 September 2019 at 13:49 ---It's standard practice these days ...

People get drunk, nigger picks a fight with Whitey and loses. Nigger calls the coppers, cries RACIST! and White Guilt does the rest.

--- End quote ---


But around where I am it’s more like this.

Nigger comes and “humbugs you” (begging) for something from you e.g :- cigarettes, money, booze or a shot of your bike because they have a big sense of entitlement and the UN policies have made them feel that everybody and everything in “their” land is just for them.

You tell them they can’t have your stuff, they want to know why. You tell them to get a job like you did to buy stuff.

Swear words start, more "seagull people" come.
The touching starts, the hindrance, then the sticks come out as well as rock throwing.

You may belt them up but (1) You are the bad guy in the law’s eyes for doing it and the niggers summon more reinforcements  as their modus operandi is to assist their own kind even though they may not know that person very well.

(2)You try leaving peacefully but the niggers try smash your car windows with stones. You inform the police. The police take details but don’t touch the “protected species“

(a)because they either fear a riot and damage bills.
(b) There isn’t enough money for more Gaol space.
(c) The UN said that the niggers got over represented in Gaol and it’s genocide by whites as we took their land and we displaced them and if they are in Gaol they won’t breed.

So crimes get swept under the rug, you get no justice, people move out of town and take their business with them, the place turns into a welfare state with a welfare economy.

The flowers didn’t get :- sunlight, water and soil to be the “beautiful flowers” instead the weeds came into the garden, got fertiliser put on them and killed everything in the garden and it looks ugly!

That's the same thing. Nigger picks fight, Whitey gets the blame.

There are only two differences with people who get arrested because of niggers:

1. It is libtards attempting to defend themselves.
  - When the nigger calls the coppers, the libtard confesses his or her White Privilege means they are the criminal - even when Whitey is the victim.

2. It is an ordinary person attempting to defend themself.
  - When the nigger calls the coppers, refusal to accept that only the nigger can be the victim is a racist criminal act - even when Whitey is the victim.

Why do the coppers threaten, harass and arrest every White they can, while letting every nigger go? Because the political police are always on the lookout for craven cowards that will admit the error of their racist ways, and crawl and beg for forgiveness on the chance of a little leniency.

Why don't coppers bother with people like us? Because we will not back down. We will take it to court and cite hours, if not days worth of evidence of Black on White Crime with the coppers, courts, politicians and MSM either pretending it doesn't happen or outright lying about it to cover it up.

People like us are a threat in court. Libtards are a tool.

Getting back to the topic: Every point that we have brought up is considered a Hate-Crime that will be listed by anti-White groups in their databases of Hate-Crimes. Even discussing it as we are is a Hate-Crime. We have been listed as a criminally racist enterprise by (for example) the Australian (taxpayer funded) Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission for twenty years. We are on their database of Hate-Crimes - but over that twenty years, they have not attempted to charge or convict a single one of us.

Why? Because of the threat that we will Expose the Hoax if we get into a courtroom.


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