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Title: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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More Hatecrime Hoax Pictures:

Australia: Teacher at a Sydney Islamic school has garbage tipped on her car and SANITARY PADS stuffed into her door handles following Christchurch mosque terror attack

* An Islamic school teacher finished work to find her luxury SUV was vandalized
* Her Audi was covered in garbage and sanitary pads were found on door handles
* A colleague believes neighbours with 'anti-Muslim feelings' were responsible

Shive Prema | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 24 March 2019

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6843137/Teacher-Sydney-Muslim-school-garbage-tipped-car-SANITARY-PADS-wiped-door-handles.html


Extract: An anonymous source known to the teacher told Daily Mail Australia the vandalism left them feeling deeply disappointed.

'Even to go to the disgusting point of pushing used sanitary pads into the door handles of her car,' they said.

They believe someone living in the neighbourhood with 'anti-Muslim feelings' was responsible for the vandalism.

Police were called after the incident and a report was made.

No charges have been laid.
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Attention seeking Race-Traitor makes up his own Hatecrime Hoax as propaganda for Islam, claiming he wanted to blow up a Mosque killing 200 Muslims, but decided at the last minute to visit the intended target. The Muslims were so nice, he became one several weeks later.

Now the Race-Traitor is an Imam spreading bullshit stories promoting Islam as the religion of peace ...

'That was me': Former U.S. marine who planned to bomb a mosque before suddenly converting to Islam offers chilling insight into alleged Christchurch shooter's beliefs

* US military veteran spoke to The Project about the alleged Christchurch shooter
* He confessed he once created an elaborate plan to detonate a bomb in a mosque
* He hoped to injure or kill at least 200 worshippers, but later changed his mind
* Richard McKinney of Indiana has since converted to Islam and is the president of a mosque


Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
Post by: Private on 14 September 2019 at 13:06
This story sounds fishy. Between the Whites claiming not to remember much, to the nigger not pressing charges, and the diversity program they placed the Whites in instead of pressing charges. Sounds like a nigger fabricating a story and a University/College "virtue signaling" to the public.


Two arrested in racist attack on black student at University of Arizona

Protesters criticized what they said was campus police initially directing the two white assailants to a diversion program instead of facing charges.

Sept. 14, 2019, 2:46 AM CDT
By Associated Press

TUCSON, Ariz. — Several dozen students at the University of Arizona on Friday protested campus police handling of a physical and racist attack on a black student this week.

The protests took place less than an hour after the university announced that the two assailants, who are white, had been arrested and faced a misdemeanor count of assault.

The students, who haven't been identified, had initially been directed to a social justice diversion training program instead of facing charges in the Tuesday attack, according to the protesters.

University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins said in a statement Thursday that he was angered and disappointed by the incident.

"We need to come together and let people know, without qualification, that intolerance and discrimination have no home here. Unless we have a safe environment, free from violence, discrimination and hate, students will not be free to learn and pursue their dreams," Robbins said.

A police report released by the university's police department said officers were called to the front of the Arbol de la Vida residence hall about 11:20 p.m. Tuesday on a report that people were fighting.

The African American student told officers that two young white men called him the n-word and punched him in the head, the report says. The student suffered minor scrapes to his knuckles, right elbow and knee, according to the report.

The report says the officers, after talking to witnesses, found the men, who are students, who they suspect attacked the black student.

The officers said the men appeared intoxicated, according to the report. One of the men said he was trying to get his friend to stop fighting the African American student.

The men said they couldn't recall much more of what happened, the report said.

The student said he did not want to press charges against the attackers, according to the report.

This marks the second high-profile case involving a clash between students and campus police.

In April, the school came under pressure after police filed misdemeanor charges against three students involved in an on-campus protest of U.S. Border Patrol agents who were giving a presentation.

The case garnered national attention after the union that represents agents expressed anger about the students' conduct. The students were seen on video taunting two agents who had been asked to give a presentation to a criminal justice club on campus. They were then charged with misdemeanors, but the case was dismissed at the request of Pima County prosecutors and after several protests by fellow students and faculty.

At the protest on Friday, students were marching through campus chanting, "What do we want? Justice? When do we want it? Now."
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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It's standard practice these days ...

People get drunk, nigger picks a fight with Whitey and loses. Nigger calls the coppers, cries RACIST! and White Guilt does the rest.

Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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It's standard practice these days ...

People get drunk, nigger picks a fight with Whitey and loses. Nigger calls the coppers, cries RACIST! and White Guilt does the rest.



But around where I am it’s more like this.

Nigger comes and “humbugs you” (begging) for something from you e.g :- cigarettes, money, booze or a shot of your bike because they have a big sense of entitlement and the UN policies have made them feel that everybody and everything in “their” land is just for them.

You tell them they can’t have your stuff, they want to know why. You tell them to get a job like you did to buy stuff.

Swear words start, more "seagull people" come.
The touching starts, the hindrance, then the sticks come out as well as rock throwing.

You may belt them up but (1) You are the bad guy in the law’s eyes for doing it and the niggers summon more reinforcements  as their modus operandi is to assist their own kind even though they may not know that person very well.

(2)You try leaving peacefully but the niggers try smash your car windows with stones. You inform the police. The police take details but don’t touch the “protected species“

(a)because they either fear a riot and damage bills.
(b) There isn’t enough money for more Gaol space.
(c) The UN said that the niggers got over represented in Gaol and it’s genocide by whites as we took their land and we displaced them and if they are in Gaol they won’t breed.

So crimes get swept under the rug, you get no justice, people move out of town and take their business with them, the place turns into a welfare state with a welfare economy.

The flowers didn’t get :- sunlight, water and soil to be the “beautiful flowers” instead the weeds came into the garden, got fertiliser put on them and killed everything in the garden and it looks ugly!
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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That's the same thing. Nigger picks fight, Whitey gets the blame.

There are only two differences with people who get arrested because of niggers:

1. It is libtards attempting to defend themselves.
  - When the nigger calls the coppers, the libtard confesses his or her White Privilege means they are the criminal - even when Whitey is the victim.

2. It is an ordinary person attempting to defend themself.
  - When the nigger calls the coppers, refusal to accept that only the nigger can be the victim is a racist criminal act - even when Whitey is the victim.

Why do the coppers threaten, harass and arrest every White they can, while letting every nigger go? Because the political police are always on the lookout for craven cowards that will admit the error of their racist ways, and crawl and beg for forgiveness on the chance of a little leniency.

Why don't coppers bother with people like us? Because we will not back down. We will take it to court and cite hours, if not days worth of evidence of Black on White Crime with the coppers, courts, politicians and MSM either pretending it doesn't happen or outright lying about it to cover it up.

People like us are a threat in court. Libtards are a tool.

Getting back to the topic: Every point that we have brought up is considered a Hate-Crime that will be listed by anti-White groups in their databases of Hate-Crimes. Even discussing it as we are is a Hate-Crime. We have been listed as a criminally racist enterprise by (for example) the Australian (taxpayer funded) Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission for twenty years. We are on their database of Hate-Crimes - but over that twenty years, they have not attempted to charge or convict a single one of us.

Why? Because of the threat that we will Expose the Hoax if we get into a courtroom.
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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A former NFL player is accused of destroying his business to make it look like a hate crime burglary

By Christina Maxouris, CNN
Updated at 3:12 AM ET, Sun September 15, 2019

(CNN) — A former NFL player is facing criminal charges after he allegedly destroyed his business near Atlanta to make it look like a hate crime burglary, police said.

Edawn Louis Coughman, 31, was arrested Thursday and charged with false report of a crime, insurance fraud and concealing a license plate, police said in a statement.


Coughman spent four seasons in the NFL. He played for several teams, including the Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals, CNN affiliate WSB reported.

Officers first responded to the scene after a caller reported that someone inside Create & Bake Pizza and Coughman's Creamery was damaging the business. The witness also reported the suspect was driving a black car without a license plate.

Authorities confronted Coughman, the owner of the business, after they saw him driving the described vehicle nearby, police said. They noticed "several televisions in the bed of the truck and inside the cab," some of which were "still attached to the brackets with damaged drywall," police said.

Officers saw several words and symbols on the walls and booths.

When they went inside the business, officers saw several words and graffiti symbols on the walls and booth cushions in black spray paint, police said. They also saw "racially-motivated words," swastikas and the word "MAGA."

"Several booth cushions were sliced open. They also found broken mirrors, cut wires, and a damaged video surveillance system. The smell of spray paint was very fresh. When officers touched it, the paint appeared wet," police said.

Edawn Louis Coughman was arrested after destroying his business and making it look like a burglary, police said.

He was released on bond Thursday. His attorney, Jackie Patterson, said the former NFL player is looking forward to his day in court.

"Coughman is presumed innocent like anyone else who is accused of a crime ... don't prejudge him without knowing all the facts," Patterson said.

Coughman told police he had noticed the damage earlier in the day and called his insurance company to report the damages but did not call 911, the statement said.

After he was arrested, police found a yellow crow bar and cans of black spray paint in his vehicle.

"It appears as though Edawn conjured a premeditated plan to damage his own property, attempt to make it appear as a hate crime, file a claim with his insurance company, and sell off the undamaged appliances and electronics," police said

Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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Black Virginia 6th grader who claimed white classmates cut off dreadlocks made story up, family says

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

School says Virginia girl’s story about classmates ambushing her, cutting her hair was a hoax


A Virginia sixth grader who claimed three of her white male classmates held her down and cut off her dreadlocks is now saying she made up the entire story.

Amari Allen, an African-American 12-year-old who attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield — a private school where second lady Karen Pence teaches art — reported the alleged incident last week. She told several media outlets that three boys at school pinned her down and cut off her hair, and local police opened an investigation.

"They said my hair was nappy and I was ugly," she told WRC-TV. "They put their hands over my mouth. They put my hands behind my back. And they started cutting my hair and saying it was ugly."

The girl's grandmother said she was doing Amari's hair one day when she realized portions of her dreadlocks were missing, which is when the girl told the story.

"It was like she just died. That's how painful it was for me," the girl's grandmother, said after the girl made the allegations.

Her grandfather said his "heart just broke" and that he "was just paralyzed."

The family of Amari Allen, 12, walked back the girl's claims that she was pinned down by three white classmates who then cut her dreadlocks off. (WTTG)

But on Monday, her family released a statement saying the accusations made by the 12-year-old girl had been fabricated.

“To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize (only because they were caught) for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused,” said a statement from the girl's grandparents obtained by The Washington Post. “To the administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school. To the broader community, who rallied in such passionate support for our daughter, we apologize for betraying your trust.”

The family added they "understand there will be consequences and we’re prepared to take responsibility for them. We know that it will take time to heal, and we hope and pray that the boys, their families, the school and the broader community will be able to forgive us in time.”

The school generated a statement that said, "We can now confirm that the student who accused three of her classmates of assault has acknowledged that the allegations were false."

"We’re grateful to the Fairfax County Police Department for their diligent work to investigate these allegations,” wrote Stephen E. Danish, the head of the school. “While we are relieved to hear the truth and bring the events of the past few days to a close, we also feel tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict. We recognize that we now enter what will be a long season of healing.”

The 12-year-old, WRC reported, is a straight-A student and violin player who has attended the private Christian school since kindergarten.
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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The great hate crime HOAX: Britain is one of the most tolerant places on Earth. So why, asks author DOUGLAS MURRAY, do police pretend we're in the grip of record wave of vile attacks by bigots?

Douglas Murray | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 27 October 2019


Do you feel ten per cent more hateful than you did this time last year? Do you think the British public as a whole are ten per cent more unpleasant in 2019 as compared to 2018?

If you believe the latest ‘hate crimes’ stats, then you may come to such a ludicrous conclusion.

Figures compiled by the Home Office claim that there were 103,379 hate crimes committed last year. A record number, and up ten per cent on the year before. Various campaign groups disguised as charities insist that this is merely ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

To which one might say simply: ‘Of course they do.’ For if you are sane and reasonable you will realise that all of this is nonsense – nonsense, in fact, of the purest, most disgraceful kind: professional nonsense, cooked up to serve a political purpose.

It is time that purpose was identified and named.

The foundations of the hate crime hoax started 20 years ago with the Macpherson Report on the murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence. As well as its good effects, that inquiry had a number of negative consequences. Two stand out. The first was that an offence against a person of sexual or ethnic minority became a crime of greater seriousness than a crime against someone of no minority group.

So if an old woman was hit over the head for her purse, that was just a crime. But if someone who was gay or black was hit over the head then that was not just a crime but a hate crime. A two-tier system of offence was created in which some crimes (with an identical effect upon the victim) were deemed worse than others.

But the second development was more damaging, still: Macpherson stated that a crime was a hate crime if it was ‘perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by malice or ill-will towards a social group’.

So if I get hit over the head I might be the victim of a bog-standard crime. But if I am hit over the head and think, or pretend to think, that it is because of my homosexuality, then we are in the realm not just of crime but of hate crime. And that means the sirens of the modern police force can really go off.

In the years since the Macpherson Report, the British police have done everything they can to prove that they are on the beat with this new orthodoxy.


They don’t just want to find hate crimes. They need to find hate crimes. Some years ago a friend of mine was accosted on a train late at night by a couple of rowdy drunks. Reporting the matter to police at the next station, the officers positively begged him to report it (once they found out he was gay) as a ‘hate crime’. He insisted that there was no such element to their abuse. The police seemed desperate to persuade him otherwise.

That is just one of the reasons why the statistics on hate crimes keep going up and up. The police want them. They want to be able to report them. They positively advertise for them.

In case anyone thinks that is an exaggeration, consider the pathetic video released by DCC Julie Cooke of Cheshire Constabulary. It took the form of an online message for ‘pronoun day’, which she described as ‘a day which is particularly important to people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming’. Cooke wittered on: ‘Being misgendered can have a huge impact on somebody and their personal well-being. It can also be used as a form of abuse.’

And here is one of the problems of this form of touting for business. The Home Office’s statistics claim that, in the past year, ‘transphobic hate crimes’ rose by 37 per cent. That is a pretty horrific number – like all the other rising hate crimes numbers. Until you dig one centimetre beneath the surface. What exactly constitutes a transphobic hate crime? Murder? Mugging? Burglary? Well, once again we have to remember that these crimes are in the eye of the beholder. And consider just one such beholder from only a few days ago.

Ria Cooper is a glamour model based in Hull, who ten years ago (at the age of 15) became Britain’s youngest transgender woman. Other than that, there is no reason why the nation at large should have heard of her. Except that earlier this month it emerged that Ms Cooper recently contacted Humberside Police to tell them of a set of WhatsApp messages she had received she was reporting as ‘transphobic’. What were these messages? Well, they were from a photographer whom Cooper accuses of trying to scupper her modelling career.

The photographer reportedly pointed out that Cooper has a penis, which was not the sort of lady he was after. Cooper calls this ‘f****** disgusting behaviour’ and deemed it ‘transphobic’. So there is another ‘hate crime’ just there.

Of course, campaigning groups long-ago cottoned on to the fact that all of this suits their interests. I suspct that sometimes that interest is commercial.

The remaining LGBT organisations in Britain have relatively little to do with their time. Their battles are largely won, and presumably their careers and pension plans are at risk from this success.

So ‘rising hate crimes’ must provide a massive business opportunity for these groups. Other groups also benefit from this marketplace of grievance.

Last month, when Parliament returned to spend a couple more days bickering about Brexit, Labour MPs used the opportunity to attack the Prime Minister. On what? Why hate crimes of course. The ridiculous, fulminating MPs kept pretending that Britain is in the midst of a hate crimewave and that the PM himself is responsible.

Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi and others insisted that Boris’s column last year defending the right of Muslim women to wear the burka (a column his opponents deliberately misrepresented) in fact caused a ‘spike’ in anti-Muslim hate crimes. They claim that such hate crimes rose 375 per cent in the week after his column.

Which sounds impressive until you realise this is a rise from eight reported incidents in a week to 38 reported incidents. Scepticism has been poured on these figures.

Labour MPs who were attacking the Prime Minister with these bogus statistics were only using the favoured tactic of recent years.

For the fact is that since the Brexit vote there has been a huge number of ways in which people opposed to the result have assailed the British public.

We have been called stupid, ignorant, gullible and more. But perhaps the favourite claim of all has been the claim that the Brexit vote unleashed a tidal wave of hate in the British public. Anti-Brexit campaigners repeatedly pretended that the tragic murder of a Polish man called Arek Jozwik in Harlow in August 2016 was a result of the referendum. The resulting trial found that the murder was a squalid and mundane event with no link whatsoever to Brexit. But that is par for the course.

In the wake of the referendum there have been claims that British voters celebrated the result by a wave of hate crimes against ethnic and sexual minorities. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no country in the world more tolerant than this one. Yet time and again in the past 20 years – and never more so than since the referendum – we have been slandered and smeared.

Quote from: Private
UK: Hate crime 'at record levels' after Brexit vote
Figures collated by British news agency show big increase in attacks after Britons voted to leave the European Union.

Political campaigners have used bogus statistics to push their own political and sectarian interests. It is time that people named and shamed the smear-merchants. There are bigots out there, as there are in every country. But this is not a bigoted country. And we have the right to vote how we want to vote without being defamed as such.

If there was one wave all sensible people should wish for in the near future it should be a wave of scepticism about the claims of campaigners whose only interest is in doing down this country.

A country which has justifiable pride in our tolerance and should exercise a healthy dose of scepticism towards our critics.

Video Search: Hatecrime Hoax
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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I maybe prematurely posting this here but this story sounds so ridiculous how could it not be a hoax. Plus what Nazi enthusiast doesn't know how to draw a swastika.


Tina Turner Mural Defaced With Botched 'Swastika' In North Carolina


A mural of legendary singer Tina Turnerwas vandalized with a mangled “swastika” in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, officials reported.

Police are investigating the “swastika-like” symbol that was painted in red on the 8-foot tall mural sometime late Monday night, The Charlotte Observer reported.

What was apparently intended to be the Nazi hate symbol was not rendered entirely accurately, with three of the symbol’s four “spokes” pointing the wrong direction. “Nazis are dumb,” noted a Facebook user who posted a photo of the defaced mural. (A similar Hindu symbol with all of the spokes pointing counter-clockwise symbolizes prosperity and good luck.)

The mural of the R&B rocker was on the outside wall of downtown Static Age Records, which sells records and features live music. The defaced wall was quickly covered.

“This is a widely inclusive, safe space,” store owner Jesse McSwain told the local Citizen Times newspaper. “Hate speech will get you out the door.” McSwain said he has never before experienced anything similar in his 16 years in business.

Just days ago swastikas were painted on a private school with many Jewish students in New York City. Police there are investigating at least six possible anti-Semitic hate crimes that occurred over the past week and coincide with Hanukkah.

The FBI reported last month that hate-crime violence in the nation hit a 16-year high.
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
Post by: Private on 30 December 2019 at 19:45
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
Post by: Private on 13 February 2020 at 04:46
Nigger busted arranging Hate Crime Hoax ...

Deputies confront a black man wearing a KKK robe and hood 'for a social experiment' at a shopping center in Virginia

* A man wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit was seen outside a store in Virginia
* The man, who was black, said that he was conducting a 'social experiment'
* Police were called to Stafford Marketplace Target after KKK outfit caused a stir
* Deputies said the man is not a Virginia resident and left shortly after they warned him about wearing a mask in public

Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 12 February 2020


Excerpt: A black man seen wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood at a Virginia shopping center Tuesday told sheriff's deputies that he was performing a social experiment, according to authorities.

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office was called to a Target store at the Stafford Marketplace around 2:30 p.m. to investigate reports of someone wearing the costume, Maj. Shawn Kimmitz said in a video statement posted to social media.

Deputies found the person in the robe, identified him as a black man and determined he didn't live in the area, he added.

Deputies warned him about wearing a mask in public and he left the scene, Kimmitz said.

Virginia law prohibits wearing masks with the intent to conceal identity in public.

The sheriff's office didn't identify the man however at Twitter profile that states that he goes under the name George D Bush. In several YouTube videos, the man can be seen offering passing motorists fried chicken and grape juice.

Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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Black Nazi Busted!

Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
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Southaven man who reported racist graffiti on vehicles charged with insurance fraud

by: Eryn Taylor, Luke Jones
Posted: Feb 28, 2020 / 11:05 AM CST/ Updated: Feb 28, 2020 / 11:59 PM CST

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A Mississippi man was charged with insurance fraud after he reported racist graffiti had been spray-painted on two of his vehicles.

Watch the entertaining video at the Source (https://wreg.com/news/southaven-man-who-reported-racist-graffiti-on-vehicles-charged-with-insurance-fraud/)

Southaven officers were called to Marcia Louise Drive on Feb. 4 after a man named Trumaine Foster said he woke up to find his vehicles had been spray painted.

His pickup truck has two NIGGERS spray-painted on it. A car was painted with the phrase 'LEAVE NIGGERS' and 'TRUMP.'

Foster was taken into custody Friday and charged with insurance fraud and tampering with evidence, but Southaven police stopped short of explicitly saying Foster was responsible for the graffiti.

"That it was a hoax just kind of made us look silly," Foster's neighbor Shelby Littleton said.

“To make something up, that just does not make sense to me," Bradley Littleton said.

A woman at Foster's home Friday afternoon ignored WREG's questions before driving off in one of the cars that had been spray-painted. (The graffiti had since been removed).

WREG has learned Foster owns a body shop in Olive Branch. Multiple people in the automotive community tell us he specializes in painting cars. One of those people even tells us he painted his wife's car after it was spray-painted.

"That’s just embarrassing. That’s absolutely embarrassing," Shelby Littleton said.

"In the silver lining of it, it was nice to see the neighborhood come together for one of our neighbors," said a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.

As of 8 p.m. Friday, Foster was still in the DeSoto County Jail. He's due to appear in court on Wednesday.
Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
Post by: Private on 12 March 2020 at 12:08
Another nigger hoax attempting to make Whites look bad. The truth is that they have to keep making up these stories due to the fact that Whites don't give a sh!t about them. Whites don't want to necessarily antagonize and fight with the niggers and muds, we just want separation/segregation. We just want to concentrate and support White lives as the other races wither on the vine.


Woman reportedly writes ‘WHITE PRIDE’ on sidewalk outside of Gray gym, arrested for vandalism

by: Bianca Marais
Posted: Mar 3, 2020 / 10:37 PM EST/ Updated: Mar 4, 2020 / 05:39 AM EST

GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A woman was arrested Tuesday night after DC Fitness in Gray was vandalized this week.

According to Johnson City Police, Mahagany Teague, 41, was arrested Tuesday night after an investigation indicated that she used a rock to carve the words “WHITE PRIDE” into the concrete outside the gymnasium.


Derrick Carson, an African American, is the owner of the gymnasium and spoke with News Channel 11’s Jeff Keeling shortly after the vandalism took place early Monday morning.

“The first order of business to the day is to see ‘WHITE POWER’ all over my sidewalk,” Carson said. “Normally I get upset, angry at things like that, brush it off but the sweat, the tears and the time that I’ve put into this place for the community…it’s been tough.”

Carson said that it has taken many hours of building specific diet plans and workout routines with a slew of members at his gym, just to be broken down by a vandal.

“To put this type of effort in, and then to show up one day out of many, to show up any day to this is disheartening, this time it kind of hit me in an emotional spot, it kind of got to my heart and I had to close myself up in the office for a minute,” he added.

Carson told News Channel 11 that he had security footage of Teague committing the vandalism.

Officials say Teague was charged with vandalism under $1,000. She is being held in the Washington County Detention Center, where she is being held in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

Teague’s arraignment is set for Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Washington County Sessions Court.
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Post by: Private on 09 July 2020 at 07:11
Oregon politician, 29, who claimed he received anonymous racist and homophobic letter sparking a police investigation, confesses he wrote it HIMSELF and says stunt 'spiraled out of control'

 * Jonathan Lopez, 29, penned a racist, hate-filled rant to himself and claimed it was sent anonymously, Oregon police said Monday

 * He reported the letter to Hermiston police on June 23

 * It said he was not welcome in the area and that they 'kill' people like him

 * It was signed 'Sincerely, America'

 * In the course of the investigation, Lopez admitted he wrote the letter himself

 * The case has been referred to the Umatilla County District Attorney's office

 * Lopez recently ran for the Board of County Commissioners and said he had served with the U.S. Coast Guard

 * Police also believe this to be false and have reported it to the district attorney




'F**k you and your nigger and queer loving self,' the fake letter read.

'America is only for the great. You and your communist liberal community can go f**k yourselves and rot in hell.

'Umatilla County kills wetbacks like you and are dumped in the fields and river. That's why our crops are the best! Don't waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the fucking Mexicans in the area!' it continued.

'America is for the God-fearing, pro gun, pro life humans who refuse to be controlled by the government. There's no room for people like you here.'

Title: Re: Hatecrime Hoax Alert
Post by: Private on 11 July 2020 at 12:10
This hasn't been proven as a hoax (yet), but I'd place my money on it being a hoax if we were taking bets. How I see it is that it's easy for this company to offer such a ridiculous amount for a reward, especially when everytime a noose is found, it's a hoax. Like always, this just sounds like more "virtue signaling".


$100K Reward Offered to Find Person Who Placed Noose at Facebook Data Center Work Site

by: Kelly Maricle
Posted: Jul 9, 2020 / 10:56 AM CDT / Updated: Jul 10, 2020 / 10:37 AM CDT

ALTOONA, Iowa – A reward of $100,000 is being offered to help find whoever placed a noose at a work site on the Facebook Data Center campus in Altoona back in June.

Thursday, North America’s Building Trades Unions and the Central Iowa Building Trades Council announced they are partnering to offer the reward, in hopes that it will bring in tips that lead to an arrest in the case.

A Turner Construction supervisor found the noose hanging from a Waldinger Plan Lock Box at 5:50 a.m. on June 19th. Altoona police say the noose was out of public view and there were no notes or other evidence left at the scene to indicate an intended target.

A press release from the NABTU said the placement of the noose is believed to have happened on June 19th, which marks the Juneteenth holiday that celebrates the end of slavery.

“We believe in America, and no one should experience fear, workplace intimidation, or be subjected to hateful symbols of racism,” said Earl Agan, President of the Central Iowa Building Trades.

Altoona Police have been investigating the incident and released a statement the same day the initial report was taken that said, “This disturbing, offensive act will not be tolerated, and it’s upsetting to everyone involved.”

If you have information about the incident and would like to submit a tip you can e-mail reward@nabtu.org. NABTU says all tips will be kept confidential.
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I'll go ahead and place this article here. We all know by now, Noose = Hoax.


Rope shaped like noose found hanging in front of Diamond Bar home

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is calling it a hate incident.

Sunday, August 30, 2020 2:07AM

A chilling discovery was made in the front yard of a Diamond Bar home Saturday morning when a rope in the shape of a noose was found hanging from a tree.

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (KABC) -- A chilling discovery was made in the front yard of a Diamond Bar home Saturday morning when a rope in the shape of a noose was found hanging from a tree.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is calling it a hate incident.]

Lillian told ABC7 she doesn't know why someone would do this. She's never had any problems with anyone in her neighborhood, living in Diamond Bar for more than two decades.

"This is the way he goes, walks to bus stop, and it was hanging right here," she said.

Lillian described the moment her son found a rope in the shape of a noose hanging from a tree in front of her home as he was making his daily walk to his bus stop for work.

"He sent me a text and said, mom I found this hanging in the tree on the side of the house, but I took it down. So I'm looking at this text and I'm saying what is he talking about, I'm thinking this is something on the news cause it was a noose. I thought, oh my God," said Lillian.

Lillian has lived in her neighborhood for 26 years, raising two sons here without any issues. This made her feel uncomfortable.

She hopes by sharing this that others can know that a hate incident like what she and her family experienced can happen anywhere.

"This is Diamond Bar, I'm thinking it's California, we're OK. We're not OK. There's still some craziness out there. So, I just want people to be aware and on guard, that if this can happen to my house and my family, this could happen to anybody, it doesn't matter who you are," said Lillian.

Lillian said she contacted the sheriff's department and filed a report. Her daughter in-law also contacted the city council to share this news with them.
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No misdrawn Swastika to go with it?

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Nigs are famous for hollering RACISM and hate crimes. One in Mississippi got drunk and ran into a clothes line and reported 3 Aryan men tried to lynch him. Typical nig behavior.
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One in Mississippi got drunk and ran into a clothes line and reported 3 Aryan men tried to lynch him. Typical nig behavior.

The clothesline sounds like sort of random, ubiquitous item that negros are prone to believing they "invented".
Before a nigga showed Whitey the clothesline White folks was just hangin their wet clothes on tree limbs and over rocks.  ;D
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In Australia, we have a rotary clothes line. Plenty of room to hang multiple nigs.

White kids use it for games

And so do Darky adults
Nigs play spin the "GOON BAG"
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AGREED! Nigs are beyond stupid. In the south they constantly blow themselves up attempting to make meth..
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Oh hell no! I meant something like this


Even Harvard's best negro would not dream up anything as complicated as a rotary clothesline. Metal and moving parts, all that stringing! No. That is many orders of magnitude beyond the capacity of a negro. It's probably not even safe for them to have something like that around. That's a negro deathtrap for sure.

It's hard to find a negro that's been up a utility pole and live to tell about. The number of videos of negros frying in power lines is ridiculous.
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LOL! So simplistic.

I was once married and lived in a house, once upon a time, with clothes line in the back yard that consisted of a bit of wire strung between two fixed poles and an extra forked pole to shove up to get it off the ground once you'd hung your sheets. Although I'd never seen such a thing, it took me a glance to work it out. My wife was so dumb; she let everything hang on the ground, didn't know how to use the tub washer with the rollers or how to wipe her own arse ... but that's what divorce fixes. Anyway, "So use the forked stick to raise the wire!" I probably said and showed. It was more than 30 years ago. I also remember her bitching because the wire was now too high. I guess I would have told her to "Move the fucking stick!" I was only 19 (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=i+was+only+19). Lucky I didn't tell her to use the copper boiler to wash the baby's nappies while I was at work with my "friends" as she put it. I don't remember any of their names, except for Asterix - because I thought he was a coon, but he turned out to be French. (You all know those Frogs and their darky skin colouring?) He admitted it was embarrassing that people thought he was part Downunder Jigaboo.

Anyway, the majority of modern Australian clotheslines are still rotary clotheslines, but many these days are of the more compact and foldable style for smaller yards - like mine.

Now that's something a Coon can bitch about

If I catch any kind of Darky bastard in my back yard, it'll be hanging from the rafters of my pergola, not my little clothes line. My pergola is rather more rugged. Aint that so, Private.
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I would love lynch a nigger... after giving it 50 lashes of the whip for being a water melon eating lazy toby....now slavery is gone they should be deported back to africa  8) Rahowa
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Media silence as another nigger is found to have concocted a false hate crime. Not that I'd expect anything more from the propaganda media. Anything that goes against their "evil White supremacists"/coloreds are sacred victims narrative is always swepted under the rug.

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I bet her hair got burned when she tried to eat her birthday cake before blowing out the candles.
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Racist White hating Black bitch does Hate Crime Hoax - No charges because BLACK LIES MATTER ...

Althea Bernstein: Police find no evidence woman was set on fire by white men

Meghan Markle made a personal phone call to a young woman after seeing her harrowing story – but now there’s been an awkward development.

Frank Chung | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 8 October 2020






A young bi-racial woman {Jewish-Black American} who claimed she had been set on fire by a group of white men will not be charged despite an exhaustive police investigation finding no evidence the alleged “hate crime” ever occurred.

Althea Bernstein received an outpouring of support, including a personal phone call from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, after her harrowing story made international headlines earlier this year.

Quote from: Private
Four men allegedly set Wisconsin woman on fire in possible hate crime

New York Post | June 26, 2020


Excerpt: Four white men allegedly set a biracial woman on fire after spraying her with lighter fluid in a possible hate-crime attack in Madison, Wisconsin, on Wednesday morning, a report said Friday.

The 18-year-old told police she had been sitting in her car at traffic lights in Madison, Wisconsin at about 1am on June 24 when she was set upon by four white “frat boys”, who yelled a racial slur at her before dousing her with lighter fluid through the rolled-down window and setting her on fire.

Ms Bernstein was treated at hospital for burns to her face and neck. The alleged attack occurred close to the Wisconsin State Capitol where Black Lives Matter protesters were rioting that night, tearing down statues, smashing windows and setting fires.

“Here’s a young lady that was minding her own business and somebody decided to set her on fire, and it’s unacceptable,” family spokesman Michael Johnson told the local ABC affiliate at the time.

“I think her mum and her dad are worried about her mental wellbeing and the scars that are going to be on her.”

State and federal authorities launched a major investigation into the alleged hate crime, combing surveillance footage to track down the perpetrators and offering a $US5000 ($A7000) reward for information, which was later doubled to $US10,000 ($A14,000).

Private You're right. Those definitely look like birthday cake chow down burns.

The following week, Mr Johnson recounted on Facebook how the Duchess of Sussex reached out to offer Ms Bernstein support after hearing of her story. Mr Johnson said he, Ms Markle and Ms Bernstein had a three-way, 40-minute phone call, with Prince Harry also jumping on the line for 10 minutes.

Ms Bernstein and Ms Markle talked about faith, being bi-racial and the “importance of self care and allowing herself to heal”, while Prince Harry “shared that young (people’s) voices matter and that Madison have our thoughts, prayers and wishes”, Mr Johnson told local news outlet Channel 3000.


On Friday, the Madison Police Department announced it was closing the case, saying that “after an exhaustive probe, detectives were unable to corroborate or locate evidence consistent with what was reported”.

“The Madison Police Department dedicated significant resources to this case,” acting police chief Victor Wahl said in the statement. “Detectives conducted numerous interviews, reviewed extensive video, and analysed physical/digital evidence during the course of the investigation.”

Mr Wahl said Ms Bernstein was “treated with dignity and respect at all times” during the investigation and that she and her family were “cooperative with investigators”. “The Madison Police Department is committed to thoroughly investigating alleged hate crimes and holding offenders accountable,” he added.

The US Department of Justice released a similar statement, saying the federal investigation “found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges for an alleged hate crime”.

It added that “after reviewing all available evidence, authorities could not establish that the attack, as alleged by the complainant, had occurred”. “Accordingly, the federal investigation into this incident has been closed based on the lack of evidence,” the statement said.

“The Justice Department is committed to investigations of allegations of bias-motivated violence and will continue to devote the resources required to ensure that allegations of civil rights violations are fully and completely investigated.”

The Madison Police Department released nearly 160 pages of case documents, which included screenshots of surveillance footage showing Ms Bernstein’s car was the only one stopped at the lights and there was no one around her.

Forensic reports showed investigators had found no evidence of any burning or charring in her car, and no traces of the lighter or match she said had been used to start the fire.

The case documents also include a record of a conversation between Madison Police Department Detective Justine Harris and Andrea Sumpter, Ms Bernstein’s lawyer, informing her of the decision to close the investigation.

“I explained to Attorney Sumpter that our department and the FBI had been in contact with both the District Attorney’s Office and the US Attorney’s Office,” she wrote. “I informed her that neither agency had any plan to prosecute Bernstein for any crime.”

Det Harris said investigators had reviewed Ms Bernstein’s phone contents and her Snapchat records and had “found no evidence that Bernstein colluded with anyone to make a false report or that there was any mal-intent or pre-planning that occurred in regards to Bernstein’s statement to police”.

“I also explained to Attorney Sumpter that the evidence supported Bernstein being where she had told investigators she was, before, during and after when she said the attack occurred,” she said. “There was no evidence Bernstein was involved in the violent and destructive actions that had occurred in downtown Madison that same evening.”

Det Harris added that investigators “had no indication that there was a malicious intent or an effort to defraud the department or the community”.

Mr Wahl told the Wisconsin State Journal police were not recommending charges against Ms Bernstein, and that he doubted federal prosecutors would pursue charges either. “We were unable to corroborate (the allegations), but we are not speculating on what did and did not happen,” he told the newspaper.

Police issued also released a statement on behalf of the family.

“Althea Bernstein and her family appreciate the detailed investigative efforts by all involved in this case,” it said. “Althea’s injuries are healing and the support of our community has been invaluable in that regard. We continue to maintain our family privacy and will not be granting interviews at this time.”