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Fact - Niggers Hate Red Heads: Red-Haired Children 'Need Protection'


Fact - Niggers Hate Red Heads: Red-haired children 'need protection from gingerism and prejudice'

Excerpt: Red-haired children need more protection from gingerism and prejudice, a human rights charity has claimed.

Bullying people for their barnet was not 'harmless banter' and leads to abuse and suicide, Equalities and Human Rights UK said.

They said the discrimination has been present for thousands of years across the world but was 'particularly acute' in Britain.

It comes after a teaching assistant was fired for bullying including one case where he joked about a child's hair colour.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video tags. Better try a new one like Firefox or OperaRed-Head vs Nigger Lovers

Perhaps a special flyer in tribute and honor and protection of our red headed brothers and sisters would be appropriate? Those filthy jewish faggots who create "southpark" the cartoon have made several episodes that attack and create hatred of our red headed kindred.


The world needs more red heads! Itís the gene to have!
More red heads, less niggers, more pink bits less nesquick!


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