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Title: Dr Ellis`s Letter To The BBC
Post by: Private on 18 September 2009 at 13:56
[September 18th, 2009]

Dr Frank Ellis, a lecturer in russian and slavonic studies from the university of Leeds was suspended back in 2006 because he believes that black people are "intellectually inferior" than white people. Below is a letter he wrote to the BBC.

Dear Mr Stourton
I heard the trailer advertising tonight’s broadcast. I harbour no illusions that my contribution will get through the BBC’s politically correct censorship. But you never know. "Only an individual who was hopelessly brainwashed by the relentless flood of multicultural propaganda could regard questioning the effectiveness of aid to Africa as in any way being iconoclastic. Why should the West simply give money to corrupt Africans or anyone else for that matter ? Western aid to Africa should always be driven by narrow, ruthless, selfish interest. One of the main drivers of aid to Sub-Saharan Africa has been the confused, sentimental belief that the West owes Africans something. The West has no moral or economic obligations to Africa whatsoever. Africa ’s problems are caused by Africans. African leaders endlessly whine about Western racism and then come with the begging bowl.

In many ways colonialism was a blessing for a people who long before the arrival of the first colonizers showed themselves to be incapable of creating and sustaining the sort of technologically sophisticated civilizations that we in the West have long taken for granted. In the aftermath of colonial withdrawal Africa has reverted to type. The ANC is slowly and relentlessly reducing South Africa to an irreversible Third-World slum. The organization for which you work Mr Stourton totally ignores the ANC-sponsored genocide against whites in South Africa . Take it for granted : had over 3,000 black farmers seen their wives and children raped, tortured, sodomised, then shot and stabbed to death by white gangs, before suffering a similar, dreadful fate themselves, the BBC and your friends in the Guardian would never let us hear the end of it. The condition of Haiti , free of colonial rule for over 200 years, is the final, gruesome future of South Africa . Mugabe, a Marxist savage has more or less completed the task in Zimbabwe .

There are only three responses to the state of Sub-Saharan Africa. They are :

(i). Let Africans get on with it and let the 4 horsemen do their job (a very cost-effective solution and my favoured solution);
(ii). Continue to bleed Western taxpayers so that savages like Mugabe and their vile friends can continue to live their Western life-styles (unsustainable, even some lefties are getting impatient);
(iii). Recognise that Africans are not as intellectually able or as capable as whites (everyone knows it but most are too inhibited to say it out loud) then re-colonise Africa and impose firm and fair rule on Africans through white administrators in the mould of British colonial rule. The full costs to be carried by the exploitation of Africa ’s mineral wealth (workable but would the West want to take it on ?)

Title: Re: Dr Ellis`s Letter To The BBC
Post by: Private on 20 September 2009 at 13:54
Klassen wrote in The White Man's Bible about the first response. Very cost effective way to get rid of the Afreakans.

However I think, and I'm sure you most of you agree, number three is not an adequate solution. It will lead to more racemixing, more dead Whites, and worst of all more shitskins being born.

White hegemony is the only solution for this planet.

I'm quite curious to know what kind of a response this guy will get. Besides the given info, who is Dr. Ellis anyway ?