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Author Topic: Chinese Virus: The Jews & Covid-88 #Coronavirus

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Chinese Virus: The Jews & Covid-88 #Coronavirus
« on: 10 April 2020 at 00:58 »
Previously in Jews News

* While every other country in the world has closed its borders and been abused by China for being RACIST! China instead grovels to Israel and avows to continue its belief in the mythical Holocaust.

* Paranoid Jewish Supremacists believe that White neo-Nazis are entering Jewish areas to breathe and spread disease in some form of mass suicide attack.
Personally, I'm waiting for Covid 23 ~ Cailen.

Group of Orthodox Jews are busted breaking social-distancing rules by gathering to pray above an IGA store

* A man has been fined for breaching social distancing laws by gathering to pray
* He was part of a group - believed to be as big as ten - praying above an IGA supermarket
* Footage showed police with masks on speaking to two members of the group

Claudia Popski | Daily Mail (UK) | 9 April 2020

Excerpt: A man has been fined after a group of Orthodox Jews were caught breaking social-distancing laws by gathering to pray.

The group - believed to have been made up of ten members - were praying in an apartment above an IGA in Ripponlea, in inner Melbourne, at 11am on Thursday.

Police then escorted the group onto the street and questioned them. 

Video footage showed police with masks on speaking to two members of the group.

The officer could be heard asking for one of the men's name, address and driver's licence.

A woman walking by with her children could be heard saying: 'That's what happens when you have a party'.

'Officers attended the same location the previous day and issued several warnings to a person around organising and holding gatherings,' the spokesman said.

'The man was fined $1,652 today for failing to adhere to directives designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

'Police are currently investigating to ascertain the identities of all other attendees before determining whether further infringement notices are issued.'

Fears for Hasidic Jewish communities that are still refusing to stay away from each other despite explosive coronavirus infection rates as 'maddened' officials warn Passover may make it worse

* There are high numbers of coronavirus cases in neighborhoods large Orthodox Jewish populations
* Among them is Rockland County which has the highest per capita rate in the entire state of New York 
* The communities continue to flout social distancing rules to attend funerals
* Some leaders fear Passover this week will also draw people together when they should stay apart
* Gov. Cuomo has urged Jewish families to stay at home and only celebrate with each other
* One leader in Rockland said the continuous funerals will end up 'condemning someone else to the ground'

Jennifer Smith | Daily Mail (UK) | 9 April 2020

Excerpt: There are grave concerns for how coronavirus will affect members of New York's Orthodox Jewish communities because many are refusing to stay away from one another and adhere to social distancing laws.

Good News from the Jews :ok

In Brooklyn, the worst hit counties are those with some of the largest Hasidic Jewish population.

Rockland County which is 25 miles outside the city, has 13,506 cases of the virus and 135 people have died from it. The county population is 328,868 and there is a large Orthodox community there; according to The Wall Street Journal in 2014, there were 60,000 Hasidic Jews living in the county's towns.

It has the highest per capita coronavirus rate of anywhere in the state of New York.

In Williamsburg and Borough Park - two other Brooklyn neighborhoods - hundreds continue to flout social distancing rules to attend funerals for people whose lives the virus has claimed.

Both Williamsburg and Borough Park have more than 556 cases of infection and it may go as high as more than 1,600, according to New York City health data released on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the NYPD attended one funeral in Borough Park to beg mourners to stay 6ft apart or wear masks and gloves. Local reports say they were ignored.

Hours later, hundreds more piled into the street to attend a different funeral for a rabbi. They too were met by police who blared sirens, but they did not disperse. 

While community leaders say it is only a small population that are ignoring public health advice, their continued gatherings are 'maddening' to lawmakers who say they are putting their lives and the lives of hundreds of others at risk by continuing to come together.

Some fear there may also be a spike as Passover, which began on Wednesday, gets underway. 

It is not the first time a public health scare has sparked controversy among the communities and discussions of anti-Semitism.

Last year, when a measles outbreak tore through Brooklyn, it was largely attributed to Hasidic Jews who do not vaccinate their children.

Unlike the measles, there is no vaccine for coronavirus, some have pointed out. 

It's a Holocaust :kike

'Here’s the thing: A 30 percent spike in cases in coronavirus is going to mean dead people

'This is not the measles, where at least you had immunization,' Ed Day, the Republican county executive in Rockland, told The New York Times on Wednesday, calling the situation 'maddening'.

'By going to these funerals and being in close proximity to one another, they are going to condemn another person to go into the ground,' he said.

Some members of the community have claimed anti-semitism and say there is only  a small percentage of Jews flouting the rules.

Aaron Weider, who is a legislator in Rockland County, has repeatedly accused Day of 'attacking' Jews. 

He has pleaded with residents to stay home and save each other's lives.

Some fear the message is not being delivered to ultra-Orthodox communities.

No, it's not Israel. It's Jew York City - New York.

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