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Title: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Chinese Coronavirus Symptoms

Click to Enlarge (https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/03/15/08/25987944-8113641-image-a-22_1584261259506.jpg)

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Coronavirus infected are trying to spread the disease by deliberately SPITTING at health care workers in Wuhan, claims South African teacher trapped in the city

* Jessika Bailing, a teacher trapped Wuhan, made the shocking claims
* She said she had heard of patients spitting at doctors to contaminate them
* Ms Bailing, 23, said a viral video showed a patient spitting on elevator buttons
* Coronavirus can be spread from person to person via a simple sneeze or cough
* Figures show cases have tripled in three days to more than 7,100

Vanessa Chalmers | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 30 January 2020


Excerpt: Chinese Coronavirus patients are trying to spread the disease by deliberately spitting at health care workers, it has been claimed.

A South African teacher trapped in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak, said the infected were also spitting on elevator buttons.

She is too 'afraid to go outside' in case she is struck with the deadly disease, as figures show cases have tripled in just three days.

Coronavirus can be spread from person to person via a sneeze or cough, and this strain has been regarded as highly contagious.

The number of people confirmed to have been infected with the Wuhan coronavirus has now exceeded 7,100 since the outbreak began almost a month ago.

Some 133 people have now died, most of whom lived in Wuhan, now a deserted city because of an unprecedented lockdown by Chinese officials.

Ms Bailing, 23: Chinks would spit on her for just being White

Ms Bailing, the South African teacher trapped Wuhan, told the Metro: 'I've heard shocking stories about infected people going out of their way to contaminate others by taking off their masks and spitting in doctors' faces.

'I saw one video of a man spitting on all of the buttons in an apartment elevator.'

The 23-year-old said she is 'so scared' to go outside and had only done so to do a 'terrifying supplies run'.

She added: 'I covered myself from head-to-toe with gloves on my hands, glasses to cover my eyes and of course, my mask.'

Can a surgical face mask actually protect you from coronavirus?

Google searches for 'Corona beer virus' surge as people confuse the Mexican pale lager with the deadly outbreak that's killed 133 in China

China is cremating bodies in secret, suggesting the official coronavirus death toll is “way too low”

Air passengers use plastic bottles, helmets and makeshift masks to stop coronavirus spread



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"You know, we're pretty good in making things in a way that becomes spontaneously effective just because of your own CREATIVITY.”


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Real Chinky footage the Red Chinese don't want you to see ...

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

By Steven W. Mosher | NY Times (USA) | 22 February 2020



At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future.

A national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place “to protect the people’s health,” Xi said, because lab safety is a “national security” issue.

Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swathes of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive entitled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

Read that again. It sure sounds like China has a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes where they belong, doesn’t it? And just how many “microbiology labs” are there in China that handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus”?

It turns out that in all of China there is only one. And this one is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan that just happens to be . . . the epicenter of the epidemic.

That’s right. China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses, called the National Biosafety Laboratory, is part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

What’s more, the People’s Liberation Army’s top expert in biological warfare, a Maj. Gen. Chen Wei, was dispatched to Wuhan at the end of January to help with the effort to contain the outbreak.

According to the PLA Daily, Gen. Chen has been researching coronaviruses since the SARS outbreak of 2003, as well as Ebola and anthrax. This would not be her first trip to the Wuhan Institute of Virology either, since it is one of only two bioweapons research labs in all of China.

Does that suggest to you that the novel coronavirus, now known as SARS-CoV-2, may have escaped from that very lab, and that Gen. Chen’s job is to try and put the genie back in the bottle, as it were? It does to me.

Add to this China’s history of similar incidents. Even the deadly SARS virus has escaped — twice — from the Beijing lab where it was — and probably is — being used in experiments. Both “man-made” epidemics were quickly contained, but neither would have happened at all if proper safety precautions had been taken.

And then there is this little-known fact: Some Chinese researchers are in the habit of selling their laboratory animals to street vendors after they have finished experimenting on them.

You heard me right.

Instead of properly disposing of infected animals by cremation, as the law requires, they sell them on the side to make a little extra cash. Or, in some cases, a lot of extra cash. One Beijing researcher, now in jail, made a million dollars selling his monkeys and rats on the live animal market, where they eventually wound up in someone’s stomach.

Also fueling suspicions about SARS-CoV-2’s origins is the series of increasingly lame excuses offered by the Chinese authorities as people began to sicken and die.

They first blamed a seafood market not far from the Institute of Virology, even though the first documented cases of Covid-19 (the illness caused by SARS-CoV-2) involved people who had never set foot there. Then they pointed to snakes, bats and even a cute little scaly anteater called a pangolin as the source of the virus.

I don’t buy any of this. It turns out that snakes don’t carry coronaviruses and that bats aren’t sold at a seafood market. Neither are pangolins, for that matter, an endangered species valued for their scales as much as for their meat.

The evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 research being carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus may have been carried out of the lab by an infected worker or crossed over into humans when they unknowingly dined on a lab animal. Whatever the vector, Beijing authorities are now clearly scrambling to correct the serious problems with the way their labs handle deadly pathogens.

China has unleashed a plague on its own people. It’s too early to say how many in China and other countries will ultimately die for the failures of their country’s state-run microbiology labs, but the human cost will be high.

But not to worry. Xi has assured us that he is controlling biosecurity risks “to protect the people’s health.” PLA bioweapons experts are in charge.

I doubt the Chinese people will find that very reassuring. Neither should we.

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of “Bully of Asia: Why China’s ‘Dream’ is the New Threat to World Order.”
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Coronavirus is going global and containment is no longer an option

The coronavirus containment has broken, with cases exploding across the world. Now experts have revealed what to do to prepare.

James Seidel | Fox News (Australia) | 24 February 2020


(https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1582500337003/NED-1273-pandemic-lockdown-preparedness-list_ctwpTKFb.jpg) (https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1582500337003/NED-1273-pandemic-lockdown-preparedness-list_ctwpTKFb.jpg)
Full Size (https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1582500337003/NED-1273-pandemic-lockdown-preparedness-list_ctwpTKFb.jpg)

Coronavirus has broken containment. It’s exploding across the world, from Italy to Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Now Australian medicos are sounding the alarm: we must prepare for this pandemic to strike home, Soon.

There’s been a profound shift in the Covid-19 epidemic.

Health officials are being taken by surprise. New cases of the virus are appearing seemingly everywhere. And not all of them can be traced back to travellers.

That means it’s already loose. Deep inside communities, such as Italy and Japan.

That means it’s entering a new phase.

Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that the “window of opportunity” to contain the disease was narrowing.

But many epidemiologists fear that may have already passed.

It’s in hospitals. It’s in prisons. It’s on cruise ships.

It seems to be spread by carriers long before they show symptoms themselves.

And that makes the virus almost impossible to contain.

(https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1580955360481/NED-1132-Coronavirus-What-we-know_1rTgajAM.jpg) (https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1580955360481/NED-1132-Coronavirus-What-we-know_1rTgajAM.jpg)
Full Size (https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1582500337003/NED-1273-pandemic-lockdown-preparedness-list_ctwpTKFb.jpg)

University of Queensland associate professor in virology Ian Mackay yesterday queried a disease risk-assessment think-tank. He wanted to know the most responsible way to discuss the worsening Covid-19 outbreak.

So, he asked risk communicators Lanard & Sandman about whether it was time to start using the ‘P word’.

“Yes,” came the blunt reply.

“It is past time to say ‘pandemic’.”

The virus is likely to soon be loose in our own country, cities and towns.


The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Saturday it was initiating preparations for a “likely” spread of Covid-19 in the United States.

“We are reviewing all of our pandemic preparedness materials and adapting them to Covid-19,” an official told media.

On Sunday, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton responded in kind.

“It’s clear that with local transmission in several countries that a pandemic is very likely, if not inevitable,” his official Twitter account reads. “We are working rapidly on planning and surge with our health sector.”

A new assessment by the Imperial College London warns the outbreak is likely dramatically worse than believed:

“We estimated that about two-thirds of Covid-19 cases exported from mainland China have remained undetected worldwide, potentially resulting in multiple chains of as yet undetected human-to-human transmission outside mainland China.”

This is sending shockwaves through international health circles.

“In sum, many countries likely be dealing with a Covid epidemic soon,” responded the director of the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in Baltimore, Tom Inglesby. “They should be quickly preparing to deal, to do best they can with medical care, work to blunt (its) overall impact, protect health care workers, keep health care system functioning safely and communicate clearly to the public.”

Risk group Lanard and Sandman say it’s important to point out that, while it looks like Covid-19 will go global, we don’t yet know how severe the disease is.

But, they add, the most “crucial (and overdue) risk communication task for the next few days” is to prepare the public for when the ‘keeping it out’ - containment - approach fails.

In other words, get ready for quarantine lockdowns.


“In most countries – including our United States and your Australia – ordinary citizens have not been asked to prepare,” Lanard and Sandman write. “Instead, they have been led to expect that their governments will keep the virus from their doors.”

But such expectations are set to backfire.

And the risk assessors warn concerned academics and medicos to stand resolute in the face of accusations of ‘fear-mongering’.

“Take the risk of scaring people … It is better to get through this OMG moment now rather than later,” they write.

“Respond that hiding your strong professional opinion about this pandemic-to-be would be immoral, or not in keeping with your commitment to transparency, or unforgivably unprofessional, or derelict in your duty to warn, or whatever feels truest in your heart.

“You’re only darned if you warn about something that turns out minor,” Lanard and Sandman write. “But you’re damned, and rightly so, if you fail to warn about something that turns out serious.”

Australian National University infectious disease specialist Dr Sanjaya Senanayake agrees it is time to get prepared. But not to panic.

“Even though we don’t know at this point whether or not a pandemic will occur, governments should be prepared for one and send out reassuring messages to the public,” he told News Corp last night.

He says indications are it will be a disruptive disease. But not devastating.

“While a lot isn’t known about this virus, at this stage it appears to cause mild illness in the majority of people with a low case fatality rate. So while it will cause disruption for a time to health services and economies, they will eventually recover as more and more people become immune.”


The director of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard University, Marc Lipsitch, says containment no longer appears to be an option.

Instead, countermeasures must be identified and implemented.

“Most things we can do to slow the virus’s spread - isolation, quarantine, social distancing, cancelling public gatherings, treating cases with antivirals - are temporary,” he wrote. “Once let up, transmission can resurge.”

When a disease is established in a community, international travel bans become pointless. Instead of slowing its spread, it makes it harder to bring in urgently needed supplies and support.

So, Lanard and Sandman write, public health messages must switch from ‘stopping them from infecting us’ to ‘keeping us from infecting each other’.

That means cancelling mass events, considering school closures - and preparing for community lockdowns.

“We are near-certain that the desperate-sounding last-ditch containment messaging of recent days is contributing to a massive global misperception about the near-term future,” they write.

To counter this, public health officials should be talking about slowing the spread of the virus. Not stopping it.

“One horrible effect of this continued ‘stop the pandemic’ daydream masquerading as a policy goal (is that) it is driving counter-productive and outrage-inducing measures by many countries against travellers,” they write. “But possibly more horrible: The messaging is driving resources toward ‘stopping,’ and away from the main potential benefit of containment – slowing the spread of the pandemic and thereby buying a little more time to prepare for what’s coming.”


Lipsitch says slowing Covid-19’s spread will be difficult. Strict quarantine measures worked well for SARS in 2003 because isolating sick individuals prevented the disease from spreading.

Not so now.

“For Covid-19 it seems clear from individual well-documented cases that people can transmit before symptoms (become distinctive),” he wrote. “The key question - for which we (desperately) need good data - is whether this is common or rare. Some circumstantial evidence suggests it could be common.”

This limits the effectiveness of regular medical interventions. So practices such as social distancing (self-isolation), as well as “quarantine or lockdown” must be considered.

Slowing the spread of a virus through the community causes an epidemic to last longer - but with less ‘peak strain’ on health facilities.

“That is beneficial because: 1) fewer individuals get infected in total; 2) the burden on the health system is spread out, with lower peak demand for scarce resources; 3) we will know more as time goes on about how to care for patients, so it is better to get it late than early; 4) if we can spread it out enough there may be new drugs, vaccines, or other countermeasures to aid in preventing and treating infection.

“Summary: Delay is good.”

Another essential piece of unknown information is how the virus affects children.

So far, they seem strangely immune to Covid-19’s symptoms.

But are they innocent carriers?

“If kids are important for transmission, school closures may help; if not, less so,” Lipsitch writes.

And the delaying tactics are already producing results.

“Although a vaccine program is many months away, there are promising therapeutic options for treating people with the virus,” Dr Senanayake says.


In China, Covid-19 came from nowhere on January 1 to put the entire province of Wuhan in lockdown by February. Its rapid rate of spread can be seen again in Italy and Japan.

Can we cope?

“We’ve provided guidance to practitioners and many communications materials but are now focused on the models of care that will need to be in place - clinics, phone triage, home care, right through to ICU and aged care,” Sutton says.

“Victoria and Australia nonetheless remain completely in containment mode - identifying any possible case; isolating those who are infectious; and quarantining contacts. Regardless of developments internationally, this gives all of us time and space to plan and prepare.”

But the response must be at all levels, Inglesby warns.

“Given the developments and trends of last few days, it’s clear governments need to be working intently with hospitals and health care systems to prepare to take care of Covid patients, possibly in high numbers,” he says.

Key among concerning Covid-19 developments is the number of cases appearing in countries outside China. And many of these aren’t linked to travellers ... indicating the virus is established in their general populations.

Inglesby says that, based on China’s experience, preparations should include:

 • Preparing for a substantial increase in the numbers of patients who need oxygen and mechanical ventilation;

 • Getting people with symptoms of Covid-19 diagnosed rapidly and correctly; establishing the highest possible infection control procedures; ensuring health care workers have high-quality personal protection equipment to keep them from being infected

 • Preparing to give those with Covid-19 who are not sick enough to be in the hospital, instructions for home isolation and self-care, so they do not pose risks to hospitalised

 • Evaluating whether there are public health interventions at community levels that might slow Covid-19 spread to create fewer numbers of very sick people all being in hospital at the same time


Lanard and Sandman say preparedness advice must be spread: “Hardly any officials are telling civil society and the general public how to get ready for this pandemic.”

To allay panic, they say, health officials should be providing preparedness guidelines. This way worried people won’t be left feeling helpless. And the more people getting prepared, the more people will feel their community is ready.

“We are all stakeholders, and we don’t just want to hear what officials are doing. We want to hear what we can do, too,” they write.

“We want – and need – to hear advice like this:

• Try to get a few extra months’ worth of prescription meds, if possible.

• Don’t panic buy. But slowly build up your long-life grocery stocks to enough for a few weeks.

• Think through now how we will take care of sick family members while trying not to get infected.

• Cross-train key staff at work, so one person’s absence won’t derail our organisation’s ability to function.

• Practice touching our faces less. So how about a face-counter app like the step-counters so many of us use?

• Replace handshakes with elbow-bumps (the “ebola handshake”).

• Start practicing harm-reduction habits like pushing elevator buttons with a knuckle instead of a fingertip.

But the impact of a pandemic could also reach deep into businesses, supply chains and essential services.

“We have seen almost nothing in mainstream media citing this guidance, or recommending business continuity strategies like urgent cross-training so that core functions won’t be derailed because certain key employees are out sick, for instance.”

That message is now starting to get out.

At least at a state level.

“Australia absolutely has world-class healthcare, but even the best healthcare in the world is challenged during pandemics,” Sutton says. “We’ve got some of the brightest minds in the world in our health services, laboratories, research sector and emergency management sector. I’m confident we’re well placed to meet the challenges ahead, whatever they might be. Hoping for the best and planning for the worst.”

Dr Senanayake agrees: “Again, it is important to communicate the message to the public that a pandemic doesn’t always mean a catastrophic outcome, especially since the majority of cases with this virus seem to be mild. It will certainly be an imposition, but likely a temporary one.”
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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A Woolworths customer pulled a knife in toilet paper aisle, witnesses claimed
Shoppers, worried about a global coronavirus pandemic, 'panic buying' tissues
Police said officers were called to a 'disturbance' at Parramatta, western Sydney
No one was injured and no arrests have been made over the 1.30pm incident
It is understood the woman involved has communication difficulties
Officials warned panic buying should stop and is 'not proportionate or sensible'
But worried shoppers told Daily Mail Australia they don't want to 'miss out

Chinks being Chinks! Raping Australia like a locust plague!

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 04 March 2020 at 10:39
The way China recently grovelled to Israel after Israel closed its borders to China, shortly followed by a massive outbreak of the Coronavirus in Iran leads me to think that Israel and China are working together to target and eliminate certain nations.

* Both Israel and China have an intense hatred of Muslims - especially Iran.
* Both Israel and China hate the world outside their borders.
* Both Israel and China believe they will soon rule the entire world.
* Both Israel and China know that Muslims will use the Coronavirus as a bio-weapon.
* Both Israel and China know that Muslims will contaminate all former White Western Nations.
* Both Israel and China know that the former White Western Nations would rather commit suicide than be accused of RACISM!

Muslims are currently spreading the Coronavirus around the world. One from Iran has been caught in Australia refusing to obey self-isolation orders, and after diagnosis, immediately went shopping, deliberately spreading its filthy disease.

I do believe that the Chinese leaders already have the cure or vaccine. I do believe that they have agreed to share it with Israel.

Remember that Brenton Tarrant's favourite places to visit around the world were Israel and China. Both are ideologically similar in many respects. Both could just as easily have funded, instructed and armed him.

White people typically work together during a crisis - Muds blame Whitey.

This is a war. Within months we will have niggers rampaging through the streets, looting and burning stores, and invading the homes of so-called privileged White people to rape, murder and loot. Once it reaches that stage, we are at open war and the best/only thing we can do to survive is to lock down our areas and kill every Chink, Muslim, Jew and Nigger.

If you want to survive the Asiatic Apocalypse, then arm yourselves now and prepare to kill to survive.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 05 March 2020 at 06:50
Second time I've been to the supermarket in three days. Four different supermarkets and still no more than a few rolls of toilet paper available. At least it's all going for a good cause:

Build That Wall!

Last night I had some parasite begging at my door for two slices of bread and a tin of baked beans. I said "No." My Christinsane neighbour felt sorry for him and invited him into her home. He'll be banging on her door again next week - but he wont be back to mine.

The supermarkets aren't that empty yet. Niggers, Retards, Junkies ... Parasites that spend all their cash on drugs, smokes and booze just think they can take advantage of us privileged. And you know it's only going to get worse.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 05 March 2020 at 16:20
FFS I'm sick of this bullshit about Australians going mad stripping shop shelves, pulling knives in aisles and fighting over crap paper. Yes, it's all true, but why?

The reason is China has its dirty claws deep in Australia. Every region that is reported to have some type of store stripping panic is an ASIAN region. I've even been told by Gooks - former refugees - from Vietnam that whatever business they try to establish, The Chinese Mafia (TCM) come in, make offers and push them out. According to the Vietnamese, The Chinese Mafia are a subsidiary organisation working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While the truth may not be that drastic, the fact is, the two organisations do work together. The Chinese Mafia takes control of Asian businesses through whatever means are necessary, and the Chinese government implant their agents, who report to the CCP while paying the TCM. Eventually, every Asian area becomes China Town.

A Chink goes shopping

What this means is when the Coronavirus broke out in Australia, Gooks panicked and started stripping the shelves in supermarkets. The Australian Mainstream Media reported this event as if it was a normal occurrence rather than Chinks panicking, and so the behaviour spread to ordinary White Australians, whove had the scare put into them by the lying MSM - the Fake Media that could have said right at the outset that it's just Chinks going nuts. The same Chinks that refused to go to their own restaurants; but that's the same MSM/Fake Media that accused us White Australians of being RACIST! for not eating at the local Rat, Cat and Dog Chinky Takeaway. A place where typically only Chinks eat, apart from the occasional tourists and the few fucked-in-the-head Chinkophiles.

Another fact is, most of these Chinky restaurants will turn you away and admit that they do not serve White people; but that depends on how well their business is doing. If they need money, they'll take your money. If they have the business, it's NO WHITE PEOPLE ALLOWED!

That's how it is. A lying MSM/Fake Media combined with Chinky invasion tactics means the average White Australian is panicking for his bog roll.

Here's the thing: It will take about a week, but within two weeks from now, Australian supermarkets will have adjusted to the massive sales and PROFITS they are making, and the lead times for product replacement will be altered as required. Not using logistics terminology, that means your bog rolls and meat pies will be back on the shelves ready for you to scoff and wipe to your heart's content.

And if you get sick, get a home delivery via online supermarket ordering. The delivery driver can always dump your bog roll and meat pies outside your door and bugger off. No contact required.

One last thing: If by my predicted two weeks is up and the supermarkets are still bitching about panic buying and imposing rationing like they currently are, then something is going on behind the scenes. We already have proof that Chinese companies are buying up just about everything and exporting it back to China. And supermarkets get everything from their supplier, the same as those Chinky Red Army purchasing officers. Reason: Complete destabilisation of Australia as well as filling Chinky warehouses. It's a Win/Win for Chinkdom.

Quote from: Private
The secretive Chinese stores that stack shelves with Australian products and exploit loopholes to ship them overseas - while local supermarkets are stripped bare


Nothing left for poor old Whitey
“This absolutely broke my heart seeing this old man grabbing tissues because there was no toilet paper left!”

So, there you have it. Either everything will be back to normal within two weeks, or we'll be well on the way to a RACE WAR in Australia as panicking niggers blame poor Whites for their lack of bog roll, smokes and goon, which have all been shipped off to CHINA.


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Big virus in Wuhan song

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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No White People ...

Straight off the back of the van: Extraordinary moment Woolworths customers line up as staff pass them packs of toilet paper through the back door

* Video has emerged of customers being handed toilet paper from a loading dock
* Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi has restricted toilet paper sales amid panic buying
* Shelves in supermarkets across the country have been cleaned out of the paper


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 11 March 2020 at 10:19
40% of Australian toilet paper is manufactured and transported from China. Not any more. Australia has lost 40% of its toilet paper stock.

As for the rest, Chinks are buying everything they can get their yellow paws on and exporting it back to China for a profit, along with baby formula, powdered milk ...


Online shopping - utilised by the aged and infirm - now refuses to deliver toilet paper. What next? Food? Soap?

What will begin with Looting, Arson and Home Invasions - poor Blacks blame poor and underprivileged Whites when Blacks go without - will result in Race Riots, extending to Civil War and ending with a White Revolution.

The Bloody Racial War is on your doorstep. Wake up Whitey!

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 11 March 2020 at 13:46
Aussie Peppa Pig Toilet Roll

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 12 March 2020 at 09:19
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus to be a Pandemic. China has what it wants and Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus. The US has closed its borders to Europe.

(Some) governments order citizens to stand no less than three feet apart and to not shake hands or rub noses. It's now safer to give the HITLER SALUTE than to shake hands.  :hitler

Multiculturalism at its finest
Click to view Full Size (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fTdmJwqQEvY/Wc5gEKqNcjI/AAAAAAAAITY/SG25PdNK2UsUVQdCqhpzkImgiqpSTe6CwCLcBGAs/s1600/S.png)

Coronavirus IS a pandemic: World Health Organization dramatically upgrades COVID-19 outbreak after 'severity' of cases across the globe and calls out 'alarming inaction' by some governments

* The WHO said it was 'deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity' of the coronavirus
* A pandemic is the uncontrolled spread of a new disease – more than 100 countries have recorded cases
* Europe is now the centre of the crisis, with growing outbreaks in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK
* At least 125,000 patients have been infected and 4,000 have died since the outbreak began last December
* The virus has been spreading between humans in four continents since February 28, the WHO has admitted



The last pandemic - defined as the uncontrolled worldwide spread of a new disease - to be officially declared was the swine flu outbreak in 2009, which scientists estimate killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Donald Trump BANS visitors to the US from Europe for 30 days starting at midnight on Friday in fight to stop coronavirus - but excludes travelers from the UK and relatives of American citizens

* President finally addresses the nation on coronavirus as its spread across the world is officially declared a pandemic by World Health Organization
* He announced he was closing the borders with Europe from midnight on Friday, with the UK exempt; Department of Homeland Security said Ireland is too
* In astonishing mix-up he said the ban covered trade - then had to tweet afterwards that it only affected humans
* Covers countries including Italy where hospitals are overwhelmed and all but pharmacists and food stores have been closed
* Trump blamed the European Union for the spread of the virus, calling it 'foreign'
* Cast aside days of downplaying its threat to American life and economy to say that the resources of the federal government will be deployed to beat it
* He pleaded with Americans 'wash your hands' and told elderly people to limit social contact
* Said he would guarantee financial aid for the sick and those caring for them and help small businesses and the worst-hit sectors
* 'The virus will not have a chance against us - no nation is more prepared or more resilient than the United States,' he said
* But he did not declare federal state of emergency as some had urged 


Travel from Europe to Australia could be banned amid fears it will spread coronavirus

* Federal government extended bans for China, Italy, South Korea and Iran
* PM has asked health officials to see if flights from Europe should be banned
* No time frame was given for when a decision would be made


New Zealand BANS a traditional Maori nose-rubbing greeting and handshakes at citizenship ceremonies amid fears of spreading coronavirus



How coronavirus is changing regal greetings: European royals adopt air kisses and Prince Charles' mummy's HITLER SALUTE amid the outbreak - but Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is still shaking it up baby now


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 14 March 2020 at 10:59
In Australia, gook families have been busted filling their vans with toilet paper for resale to China, Nigs and Sand-Niggs are openly brawling in the aisles and panic buying has hit America with even more violent results. It's now always a case of Niggas Gone Wild in the supermarkets ...

Brawls and screaming matches break out at stores across the country as coronavirus panic buying intensifies and national emergency is declared


The 'un-Australian' tactic sneaky shoppers are using to stock up on toilet paper at Aldi without being caught breaking the store's one-pack limit - as nation is gripped by coronavirus panic

* Coles, Woolworths and Aldi all have a one packet-per-person limit on toilet paper
* Large {ASIAN} families were seen lining up before opening time before emptying stores
* Some parents instructed their numerous children to purchase one packet each


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 16 March 2020 at 01:38
I have just done a tour of the supermarkets in the local area. Out of four supermarkets, two - Aldi and Foodland - were packed with cars and not worth entering. The other two - Coles and Woolworths - seemed to be business as usual, although just a little busier at 9am than is typical. However, Coles and Woolworths did not restock their shelves over night after the weekend rush. They may have restocked some things, but not all. Some shelves remain empty - typically the better quality tinned foods and cleaning necessities.

My guess is that there is nothing available to restock because the supermarkets are exporting their stock overseas to China for a massive profit, thereby putting Australians on virtual rationing. And reading through MSM News Comments Sections and Social Media, many others have come to the same conclusion.

On Thursday, I will try Aldi again, but if it's as packed Thursday morning as it was today (Monday), then that's it for me. I go to the Post Office to send a parcel of Creativity Alliance and Creator Logo patches off to Private for American and Canadian Creators, get petrol and after that, it's Online Shopping only for me. Other than going to the Post Office to check my mail every week or two, I will not be going out again for the foreseeable future.

And I certainly will not be allowing any retards or other scum on my property to beg like the parasites they are. I've gotten rid of them easily enough in the past, but this is where things become serious, and violence is now the only deterrent that the lower forms of life will understand.

The Looting and Race Riots are just around the corner .... RaHoWa!


Update: There's a scam running called Pensioner's Hour. Instead of attracting customers, it's put people off as the elderly and infirm are finding the shelves empty right from opening time.

Pensioners slam Woolworths' 'elderly shopping hour' as a PR stunt after thousands arrived to find empty shelves and massive queues with toilet paper running out TWO MINUTES after doors opened


Update 2: Online Shopping looks like it's set to be banned in Australia.

Coles has announced that it’s suspending online shopping for anyone other than the vulnerable and isolated in a dramatic move.



Banning Online Shopping will mean that some - such as the elderly - will not be able to shop at all. It will also fill the supermarkets with disease and violence.

I don't give a damn about their excuses and nor do I believe them. As far as I'm concerned, big business and global government are now working hand in hand to exterminate the old White population in preparation for the post Coronavirus intake of a new Third World slave population. This is WHITE GENOCIDE IN ACTION.

This is Racial Holy War.

Get with CREATIVITY, or get out of our way. RaHoWa!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 16 March 2020 at 21:39
Fact: The majority of old people in Europe, Britain, America and Australia are White people.

Oprah has said that Old White people have to die to kill racism. Obama attempted to set up a health system where old people were to be abandoned. Britain and Australia (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8112117/Western-Australia-doctors-facing-ventilation-shortages-not-let-old-people-die.html) have both said that old people may be abandoned to their fate during this Coronavirus pandemic. For now, it's Italy's turn to live up to the United Nations' dream to kill off all the old White people ...

Italian coronavirus victims over 80 will not receive treatment if situation worsens under emergency plans, as PM warns country is entering its 'riskiest weeks'

* Officials warn it may be impossible to treat every virus patient in intensive care
* Plans drawn up in Turin propose that criteria 'must include age of less than 80'
* Young Black immigrants from the Third World are more important than granny


Image Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=kill+whitey&ia=images&iax=images

Coronafest 2020
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 17 March 2020 at 21:31

Australia & New Zealand: Old White people struck down with coronavirus who are unlikely to survive will be left to DIE if hospitals can't cope with overwhelming surge in patients


REPORT: Gen Z Kids Have Nicknamed Coronavirus ‘Boomer Remover’

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 19 March 2020 at 10:44
Good News Everybody: Canada, Australia, the US and NZ have closed their borders to foreigners.

Countries that have shut their borders


I like the "Air High-Five" ... Although I could supply better alternative pictures


Coronavirus: How Do Creators Prepare for the Asian Apocalypse?
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 21 March 2020 at 01:00
Thousands of overseas travellers land in Australia without any temperature checks or questions about their health - as foreigners touch down minutes before the borders close

* Australia shut its borders to foreigners on Friday 9pm amid COVID-19 pandemic
* Australians returning home said there was no tests done to check for the virus
* Many said they were made to fill out a form before beginning 14 days isolation
* Some foreigners were able to land in Australia just minutes before the travel ban



Has Australia found a coronavirus cure? Patients in secret trials are successfully treated with HIV and malaria medication - and now it will be rolled out nationwide

* Australian patients treated with two existing drugs recovered from coronavirus
* Drugs will now be rolled out to 50 hospitals around Australia in a clinical trial
* In addition to treatments about 35 companies are working on possible vaccine


Trump also likes the idea, but those in the pay of Big Pharma mock him ...

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 21 March 2020 at 23:34
Chinese Virus Symptoms Chart

Click to Enlarge (https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/03/18/12/26118146-8121937-image-a-1_1584535832503.jpg)

It's that Number again ...

Israeli Pharmaceutical Company Donates 6 Million Doses of Chloroquine to US to treat Coronavirus


Why? Because almost 6 Million Jews live in the USA

The USA is going into Lockdown

So is Australia, but the difference with the US is that windows are being boarded up in America in case of expected NIGGER CHIMP-OUTS.


Bars, restaurants and stores are boarded up as three million Americans prepare to file for unemployment and Donald Trump warns of a nationwide two-week quarantine to slow the spread of coronavirus

* Three million Americans will file unemployment claims next week, marking the highest level of new unemployment claims ever seen in US history according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch

* Bars, restaurants, stores and casinos lie boarded up across the US as the nation's once heaving cities have turned into ghost towns after state-wide mandates have ordered one in five Americans to stay at home 

* President Trump warned that he may throw the entire nation into lockdown for two weeks, shutting all businesses across the 52 states

* In the last 24 hours, California, New York, Connecticut and Illinois issued the most extreme measures to date, ordering 100 percent of their non-essential workforces not to go to work

* Economists warn the US is headed for recession, with Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist for MUFG, warning that the US will turn from 'the best economy in history to the worst in not even two months'

* President Trump has continued to claim the economy will quickly recover, saying it will 'come back really fast' like a 'rocket ship' in a press conference on Thursday


Left: Boarding up in NYC. Right: New Orleans already boarded up and targeted by African-American Graffiti Artists NIGGERS.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 22 March 2020 at 18:38
A bizarre new website calculates how long people can last with their current stash of toilet paper while self isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

HowMuchToiletPaper.com (http://howmuchtoiletpaper.com)


The latest in Australia:

* On Sunday, states New South Wales and Victoria are closing all non-essential businesses. Major Australian beer brewing companies based in Victoria have announced that if beer brewing is not declared an essential business, Australia will run out of beer within weeks. ... And then on Monday, NSW and Vic. changed their minds:


* All Australian State Borders Closed: This week Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia are closing their borders - if you cross the border and don't quarantine yourself for 14 days, you go to gaol. SA has no reports of communal cross-infection. All infected are reported to have come directly from overseas or are in close proximity to an infected from overseas. The Northern Territory, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania have already closed their borders.

* Nation-wide, all entertainment facilities will be shut down from midday. The original idea a few days ago was just to limit patrons and practice distancing, thereby giving everybody their own safe space from the Chinky Virus. They ignored that and packed in as tight as ever, so now the Prime Minister is shutting down all beaches, pubs, clubs, gyms, swimming pools, casinos, music venues, theatres .... Expected duration is a minimum of SIX MONTHS.

* Non-essential travel is not recommended but not illegal, yet.

Quote from: Private
'[Crimestoppers will] take information from the public about anyone not complying with Public Health Orders', NSW Police said in a statement.

Anyone found breaking the Public Health Orders will face six months in prison.

Sydney Town Hall ... Where's all the White Women at?



While in New Zealand

New Zealand goes into total lockdown with the MILITARY called in to enforce a nationwide self-isolation


Australia is desperate to find the Chinks blameless for this disease they deliberately unleashed on the world. Over a period of 24 hours, MSM made two declarations claiming first that almost all infectious cases were brought in from the US, which later changed to Europe. ... Personally, I blame Hollywood Hebrew Activist, Tom Hanks and his wife, Wilson.

Australia is now officially denying knowledge of Chinks and later Iranian Muslims deliberately spreading the Chink Virus. If you remember reading those reports in the MSM, That's RACIST!

The latest in Italy

A month ago Australian MSM was pleased that its pro-Islamic Jihadi hashtag #IllRideWithYou had morphed into a European pro-Chinese hashtag. Libtards across Western Europe crowded around Asians on busses and trains ... but worse was to come:

Evidence has come out that Italian politicians instigated a HUG A CHINESE campaign. So, rather than being sensible and avoiding potentially diseased foreigners, libtards in Italy hugged every slant-eyes they laid eyes upon.


Coronavirus is devastating Italy, but one town says its testing regime is containing the outbreak ... THE SAFEST TOWN IN ITALY


The latest in America

More than 167 MILLION Americans are now under lockdown after Ohio and Louisiana ordered all residents to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus


But the US may be reopened again in a couple of weeks ...


Click for Full Size image (https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/03/23/00/26274418-8140597-image-a-1_1584922807597.jpg)

The latest in Britain

The UK prime minister is threatening to forbid people from leaving their homes if they cannot remain 6 feet apart


The first Chinese Virus patient appeared in November of 2019. By December, the virus was beginning to take hold as it was transmitted through the population. The Chinks and the WHO knew exactly what the Chinese Coronavirus was by the beginning of January.

In the middle of January ...

World Health Organisation/WHO Spread False Chinese Government Propaganda: Coronavirus Not Contagious Among Humans


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 24 March 2020 at 09:50
A report from the suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia

I have a neighbour that is a total retard. Fifty-Seven years old and doesn't look a day over sixty-five, he probably has an IQ level of less than 40. He has the brain of dumb 8 year old with a chip on its shoulder. Still, he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but if you call him on his bullshit, he runs away like a frightened child and (thankfully) hides for a month. After Private and I pissing him off recently because we wouldn't pay attention to the retard, we'll call him Frankentard, he hasn't bothered me more than once per week begging for food. The second time was last Wednesday when he showed up banging on my door demanding - for the second time in two weeks - two slices of bread. I got angry, told Frankentard to get the F. away from my door. I mentioned the disease going around, which he denied knowing about, even though it sits there staring at a TV while smoking cigarettes just about all the day and night. Frankentard then attempted to tell me that he isn't sick, which led me to say, "You wouldn't fucking know! And I told you not to come begging at my door!" He then tells me that he's not begging. If going door to door demanding two slices of bread at one door, butter, sugar and coffee at other doors, and variably 25c, 75c and $7.89 on any given day if he thinks you are dumb enough to hand it over isn't begging, what is?

One of the more disgusting things Frankentard does, is to go to the local pub and scab cigarette butts from the bins. Does it every day, several times per day. He's a genuine ciggy butt brain (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ciggy+butt+brain). He spends a hundred a week on tobacco but needs to beg bread, sugar ... off others. And then he goes scabbing at the pub for used cigarette buts, sifting through to get the tobacco from the butts and popping the occasional larger half or longer used cigarette straight into his mouth to smoke. Well, the pubs have closed and Frankentard has only been seen once, carrying home a cheap $7.90 bottle of Port from the closed pub's bottle-shop, which he would have sculled, immediately thrown up (because he's also diabetic) and gone back to watching TV.

Another neighbour and I are openly laughing about how agitated Frankentard probably already is without his parasitical ciggy butt thrice-daily collection. It's taken me a lot of years, but she finally understands that he has plenty of money, but spends every penny on tobacco, booze/Port, biscuits and lollies. And now, when he actually wants something else, like when his sister takes him shopping on his payday, there's nothing in the shops because the shelves are empty, and so he has to do without. Of course, he doesn't understand and thinks he can still beg because Jewsus says, Ask and you shall receive.

I give it a week, three at the most, and he'll be so agitated because of the lack of soggy, spat out ciggy butts to suck, I'll be having fun with Frankentard on my security camera.  >:D

And another thing: Less Abos!  :ok

The MSM has been on about how Abos MUST be protected from this Chinese Virus. That they are Australia's living history, blah blah blah. Then suddenly, there were fewer of them? I typically see them going back and forth to the pub in the distance every hour or so. The pub may be closed, but the bottle-shop is still open, so that's not the reason. I read somewhere from a Libtard that they are obeying orders to keep a safe distance from one another. BULLSHIT! It's more likely (and other think the same) that coppers want rid of them before they start their rioting, looting and home invasions and so they made use of the standard Libtard bullshit about the Abo being a protected species and carted the majority off to Abo Lands for safe keeping - where no White man dares enter on pain of murder or arrest (depending whether Abos or coppers get you). They'll get free housing, free food, a ration of tobacco, a fortnightly bundle of blankets to replace the ones they burned .... They'll be having a genuine outback, all expenses paid holiday, while you and me are trapped inside our homes under threat of arrest if we dare peer through the crack of a curtain.

Well, it's either that or we murder the black bastards when they come looting.


View image Full Size (https://multitools.newscdn.com.au/multitools/slider/content/1583191050965/NED-1321-Coronavirus-Travel-Warnings_sBNMUGF_D.png)

More Chink propaganda ...

Report: China Stopped Testing for COVID-19. That's Why There Are Zero New Cases.



ISIS calls on God to 'increase coronavirus torment' of non-believers and boasts that 'crusader nations' have been forced to retreat due to the pandemic

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 25 March 2020 at 21:17
Rumor going around is that the China death toll is in the millions. The image china presents to the world is that china is super modern.. even futuristic.. truth is the vast majority of real China is farming and fishing villages..  very rural..  very rustic.. 

Millions of China's cell phone numbers have been shut off. this is a big deal because their set up in a way where their number is tied to their bank.. their government deposits.. records.. etc . even getting a new number is a pain because it affects so much..  so when numbers are shut.. it is a sign that that person doesn't exist anymore..

Today, the US overtook China for the world’s highest number of COVID-19 infections. But experts have cast doubt on some of these figures.

See image attachment for Google articles
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 26 March 2020 at 18:23
I was talking with a guy yesterday about all this.
It seems like it is a Chinky, designer bio-weapon that is designed to “wipe the slate clean”?!

Think about it... while the world is a mess and stocks are low those guys are buying everything up!

Quote from: Private
Mass Chinese buy up of Australia amid coronavirus recession sparked by soaring unemployment, plunging stocks and tumbling house prices

Shocking footage shows 90 TONNES of vital medical supplies being sent to China from Australia - just as coronavirus cases began to surge Down Under

An Australian-based Chinese property company shipped vital supplies to China
* Boxes of medical supplies for Wuhan were filmed at Perth airport on February 8
* The Risland company made an online post showing off their exports last month
* The mass export drained Australia of essential anti-coronavirus equipment


Chinky property company Risland made an online post last month that declared their support for Wuhan and showed workers inside a warehouse in Australia packed with thousands of boxes of protective clothing (pictured)

If let’s say only they had the antidote they prosper and push everybody else out of the way and take over what ever they want when everybody is vulnerable.

It works like no other flu! A smart disease that hides it’s self on you for two weeks before it strikes!

If you have :-diabetes or cancer or a low immune system it could kill you!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 28 March 2020 at 01:25
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 28 March 2020 at 10:19

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 28 March 2020 at 10:27

Foreign passengers with coronavirus who were let off a cruise ship in Australia now make up half of all the COVID-19 cases in Western Australia's intensive care units

A dozen passengers from the MV Artania are being treated for COVID-19 in Western Australia, after the ship was allowed to dock at Fremantle on Friday.

While there were initial estimates only seven people were infected, the potential number of positive cases surged to 50 on Saturday based off estimates from the ship's captain

But the patients have been placed into private hospitals, to ensure the state's public hospital beds stay open for local residents, according to ABC News.

The state's hospitals now have six COVID-19 cases in the ICU, half of those came off the MV Artania cruise ship, according to WAtoday.   

Health Minister Roger Cook confirmed two of the passengers who were originally taken off board for 'non-coronavirus related medical emergencies' tested positive for the disease.

Mr Cook said the third passenger taking up a bed in the ICU is still waiting for their test result. 

'We all know the score, it is highly likely that will be a positive,' he said.

They're being treated at Fiona Stanley and Sir Charles Gairdner hospitals

The federal government has secured a further 28 beds at the Hollywood Hospital in Nedlands and 10 at Bethesda in Claremont for sick passengers from the cruise ship.

WA Premier Mark McGowan told ABC news while they will be treating foreign passengers off the cruise ship it's unlikely to put a strain on the state's healthcare system.

'I have sought Commonwealth assistance to ensure WA public hospital beds are free and ready for Western Australians,' he said.

'This morning I spoke with the Prime Minister and we agreed on an approach that minimises the impact on the West Australian health system and our wider community

 >:( >:( :-\
Absolutely bloody negligent!!! Send a Doc to treat the sickies on board !!! WTF is this?!?!

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 29 March 2020 at 13:01

Australians have been told not to go out in public with more than one other person while all public spaces including parks, playgrounds, skateparks and outside gyms will be closed from midday tomorrow.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison/Schlomo has told all Australians to stay home unless they are shopping for food, receiving medical attention, for work or education purposes or for exercise (which is capped at two people).

There are now 3984 confirmed cases across the country.

That includes 1791 in New South Wales, 769 in Victoria, 656 in Queensland, 299 in South Australia, 311 in Western Australia, 66 in Tasmania, 77 in the Australian Capital Territory and 15 in the Northern Territory.

The number of Australians who have died after contracting COVID-19 has now reached 16 .

Bloody police state! No skate parks, but I guess you could do it in a parking lot? Or are BMX tracks banned too? A group is 3+ ?!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 30 March 2020 at 01:22
Had that retard knocking again. After last time, it's learned to stay away from my door on the other side of a chain I keep about halfway between my house door and the fence ... so that's something at least as I was able to remain at least 10 feet away from it. Anyway, the retard wanted me to give it used cigarette butts. Let's just say that I was abrupt enough to get rid of it, and a bunch of neighbour's kids playing in the park heard what I was saying looked at me in shock and buggered off too. I hope they pass it on to their parents.

BTW Once the pub had closed, another neighbour and I had a good laugh at the retard's expense because it wouldn't be able to go out and collect cigarette butts like it used to. It's gone one step worse now and is walking to the local supermarket and raiding their bins - nothing has changed there so no surprise - but now it's also riding the bus each day to another supermarket to with a mall and a lot of other shops, to wander around looking through bins for more cigarette butts. As for the local supermarket, I and my neighbour avoid that now because the retard is there several times a day. If that retard gets sick, that place will be as contaminated as a nigger's shitter in a Harlem public park.

I'll have to discuss the retard further with my neighbour - it lives next door to her. We may have to call the coppers and have it taken away to the loony bin.

In the Gallery

Which brings me to the legal update for Australia:

It is now a criminal offence for three or more people to get together (except in certain pre-approved instances). The fine is $13,000. It is now a criminal offence to leave your home except for reasons of: Employment, shopping, medical/pharmaceutical, compassionate, and ESSENTIAL REASONS ... such as scabbing ciggy butts out of bins.

White Australians over 70 are advised to stay home at all times. White Australians over 60 whose health isn't so great are advised to stay home at all times. Abos over 50 are all advised to stay home and cultivate their Black Privilege (good f' riddance!).


The next time I go out is Thursday. I have to take Nigger to the vet for her monthly injection and get a new prescription to buy her several months worth of anti-inflammatory drugs online. I'll check out a supermarket I know to be stocked with only the normally amount of customers for a weekday and do some normal shopping. And then I'll take a drive to check my post office box. Then that's it for me. I wont be in personal contact with anyone for at least two weeks after that, and if I don't need or feel like shopping in two weeks, it'll probably be longer.

In the words of a one time friend of Creativity's founder, Ben Klassen: Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever ....

Don't just keep apart, keep Apartheid. RaHoWa!


Update: Just got a text message on my phone from the government, dishing out the same orders to Stay home and keep Apartheid.

Update 2: Each state and territory has laid out varying fines for breaking the coronavirus rules.

There are two sets of fines. The first set applies to those who disobey social distancing measures that have been put in place, and covers things like not gathering in groups of more than two people.

The second set is for people who are meant to be in self-quarantine for two weeks – namely travellers who have recently returned from overseas. If caught breaching quarantine, these fines are more severe.


Individuals will receive on-the-spot fines of $1000 for flouting social distancing rules and business will cop $5000 fines.

Breaching quarantine will result in fines of up to $25,000.

If you're outside SA, look it up yourself. If you don't like it, don't be a lazy bastard, get into CREATOR FORUM and do better. R!

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 30 March 2020 at 18:41
Inside the Australian factory packed with coronavirus supplies being sent to China in 'disgraceful' operation that 'will cost lives' - as doctors here are forced to buy painting masks from BUNNINGS hardware

* Medical supplies and groceries being shipped in bulk to China from Australia
* Comes as Australia's supermarket shelves are stripped bare amid COVID-19
* Doctors are buying painting masks from Bunnings fearing looming shortage

Alison Bevege | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 31 March 2020


Medical supplies and groceries are being shipped in bulk to China while Australia's supermarket shelves are stripped bare - and doctors resort to buying painting masks from Bunnings fearing there aren't enough to go around amid the COVID-19 crisis

Medical staff in Australia are turning to the hardware giant - and even purchasing full-faced snorkelling kits from other retailers in fear of a looming protective gear shortage. 

Doctors say they are worried about supplies, and blame the government for creating the 'mad' situation by not assuring health workers enough equipment had been sourced to protect them as the pandemic continues to take hold

'No one... is getting information about what's going on [with medical supplies] and although the case numbers are still low, people are starting to worry. What we can’t tolerate... is not knowing what's going on,' a surgeon at a Sydney hospital told The Australian.   

Meanwhile, a Chinese property company with Australian offices told employees earlier this year to stop their normal work - and instead source face masks, hand sanitisers, thermometers and other medical items to be shipped to China.

'Basically all employees, the majority of whom are Chinese, were asked to source whatever medical supplies they could,' a whistleblower told the Sydney Morning Herald.   
This week, A Current Affair exposed a Melbourne warehouse full of Australian products, including A2 milk powder, medications, bathroom supplies and baby formula being packed for export to China.

When asked where the goods were going, one of the workers said they were bound for distant shores.

'Probably to mainland (China), or somewhere like Hong Kong, Taiwan something like that,' said the worker, wearing a surgical face mask.

The process is entirely legal and Daily Mail Australia does not suggest the company or its employees are involved in any wrongdoing


Bulk supplies of vital medical items were shipped from Sydney to China at the request of a Beijing-backed property giant as the coronavirus pandemic took hold in Australia.   

Greenland Group, which manages property developments across the globe with the support of the Chinese government, told employees at its Sydney office to stop their normal work in January.

Instead, they were tasked with sourcing face masks, hand sanitisers, thermometers and other medical items, storing them at their office and shipping them to China.

A whistleblower told The Sydney Morning Herald the exercise was a worldwide effort and continued until the end of February

'Basically all employees, the majority of whom are Chinese, were asked to source whatever medical supplies they could,' the insider said.

'There were numerous requests from the HR manager and even our direct reporting line [which] prioritised the assisting of the company in gathering these supplies over other work activities.'

Greenland Group told Chinese language media in Australia the company collected  three million protective masks, 700,000 hazmat suits and 500,000 pairs of medical gloves during the global effort.

It is unclear how many of those were sourced in Australia

Greenland Group confirmed the shipments from Sydney to China in a statement to Daily Mail Australia, saying it 'felt compelled' to assist 'in efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, which had caused a shortage of critical medical supplies in China'.

The supplies were 'dispatched to China, which at that time was the epicentre of the outbreak', the statement read.

'As such, Greenland Group initiated a drive for medical supplies, and provided accommodation services for front-line medical staff in China via the company’s hotel group.

'Greenland Australia supported Greenland Group’s initiative by arranging for medical supplies to be dispatched to China. Again, it should be noted that this proactive response occurred in late January and early February, at a time when the worldwide spread of the virus, and all response efforts, were focused on China.'

Photos show pallet-loads of medical items stored in company-stamped boxes at Greenland's Sydney offices and at various airports.

Sherwood Lou, Greenland Australia's managing director, shared photos of the supplies on February 13.

He wrote at the time: 'The second batch of non-contact forehead thermometers will soon take off to China! Coronavirus situation is serious, Chinese people, local and overseas, are trying their best, fighting together to combat the virus

The company has sold a billion dollars worth of property in Sydney and Melbourne since its 2013 arrival to Australia.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government is scrambling to produce enough medical supplies as confirmed local coronavirus cases surge to more than 2,400 - and doubling about every three days.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said a 'war production unit' had been convened at the weekend to prepare Australia

On Sunday meanwhile, news.com.au exposed the export of 90 tonnes of medical supplies including bulk surgical masks which were flown from Perth Airport to China on February 8.

Risland is owned by one of China's largest property developers, Country Garden Holdings.

'The chartered plane with 90 tons (82 tonnes) of medical supplies, including 100,000 most needed protective coveralls and 900,000 pairs of medical gloves, has successfully departed from Sydney and arrived in Wuhan on 24 Feb,' Risland said on LinkedIn.

Another Chinese property company,  Greenland Group, retasked its employees to purchase face masks, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, thermometers, Panadol and other medical items in bulk for shipment to China

Time people took lessons from the past! Kick out the insect race that you cannot compete with or you can not prosper!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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 Australian government MP George Christensen has called for China to pay reparations for the global spread of coronavirus and has also urged investigations into reports that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan laboratory

The National Party member for the seat of Dawson in north Queensland said on Tuesday that China should be held responsible for the coronavirus which has killed almost 38,000 people worldwide after spreading from the country's eastern Hubei province.

Speaking to Alan Jones on Sydney's 2GB radio on Tuesday, Mr Christensen said 'whether it was negligence or whether it was something deliberate, they’ve done the wrong thing

Mr Chistensen repeated a theory that the South China University of Technology published a report in February saying the virus may have originated in a research facility less than 300 metres from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan

'I know this is contentious but the South China University of Technology printed a report that was quickly removed from the internet which actually said the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.

'That is what that report said. It was taken off the internet. The report actually had the support of China’s natural science foundation but suddenly disappeared.

'Everybody is trying to poo poo that idea. There are a lot of questions about it. We need to get to the bottom of that

 In January, a United States Republican senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, suggested China deliberately created coronavirus.

'We still don't know where coronavirus originated,' he tweeted.

'Could have been a market, a farm, a food processing company

'I would note that Wuhan has China's only biosafety level-four super laboratory that works with the world's most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus


Mr Christensen also agreed when Jones put to him that China should pay compensation for the global spread of the disease, which has devastated the world economy as well as its health impact.

'Absolutely right, they should pay reparations,' he said.

'There's a lot of speculation out there: at the lower end, they didn’t act quick enough. It's negligence.'

Mr Christensen cited a University of Southampton report, published earlier this month, which said coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95 per cent if Chinese authorities had gone public three weeks earlier.

He also claimed the South China University of Technology report, by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao, had been removed from the internet.

Media outlets, including MailOnline, reported their findings the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control had kept disease-ridden animals in laboratories, including 605 bats

Jones told his listeners the World Health Organisation, run by former Ethiopian foreign minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, were 'lickspittles of China'.

'They were getting bundles of cash from China,' he said.

'So this mob, instead of administering the world health were apologists for China.'

Australia imposed a China travel ban in February but Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not close the border off completely to non-citizens arriving by air until March 20.

Professor Brendan Murphy, Australia's chief medical officer, pointed out the WHO had not supported travel bans in a bid to contain the coronavirus outbreak, before belatedly declaring it to be a pandemic.

Of course they made this wicked virus! It strikes at the heart of society! They will buy up/ invade when the chips are down! This is designer weaponry! It’s about time the world turned it’s back on China and we quit feeding them with our jobs and we brought them back!
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Australia's SchloMoses: The Praying Prime Minister and the Great Hebe in the sky ...

Excerpt: Scott Morrison has asked for 'prayers for Australians' in a leaked video posted on a Christian website in which he appears to compare himself to Moses.

The Prime Minister, an evangelical Christian, led a heartfelt prayer for the nation, saying Australia could 'rely on and trust in God' during the coronavirus pandemic.

As he began reciting verses from the Bible, Mr Morrison discussed the story of Moses as he compared it to trying to steer the government through the crisis.


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CDC tells everyone in US to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread



Quote from: Private
"You know, we're pretty good in making things in a way that becomes spontaneously effective just because of your own CREATIVITY.”


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Rogue Wuhan


A Sars Wars Story
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 04 April 2020 at 08:22


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 05 April 2020 at 09:24

Admin Edit (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff):  I don't get it. It's just not in context? ~ Cailen.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 09 April 2020 at 00:29

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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A Thought ...

Since they are going on and on in the MSM about keeping segregated, why don't they adopt a slogan that works in America and the UK, something like:
Stay Calm & Remain Segregated
5 Feet

As for the rest of us with Metres, I guess we'd have to say:
Keep it 1.2

Metres Apart
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Evidence mounts COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan


China's Virus Cover Up
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-Uruguay has evacuated 112 residents back to Australia and New Zealand from the Greg Mortimer cruise ship

-Victoria's Deputy Health Officer said on Saturday that up to 70 per cent have tested positive for coronavirus

-The passengers had been trapped on the cruise ship for two weeks due to a coronavirus outbreak

-Passengers will be sent home on a charter flight and will  be placed into forced quarantine in hotels

-Medical staff will check every passenger and send those who are deemed a risk to hospital for more testing

Why send known infected people back here? Not long ago they were sent to Christmas Island for quarantine?!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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They don't say whether the US funding comes from the CDC (meaning the US taxpayer) or US universities (which are anti-American) ...

Wuhan lab was performing coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated - with a Ł3m grant from the US

* Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook coronavirus experiments on bats
* They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan
* Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats from Yunnan's caves
* Accident at the laboratory in the Chinese city was 'no longer being discounted'

Glen Owen | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 12 April 2020


Excerpt: A letter from the Chinese Embassy, responding to our report last week about the possible leak from the Wuhan Institute, is published in today's edition.

It says: 'Hasty and reckless allegations, such as naming China as the origin in an attempt to shift the blame before any scientific conclusion, is irresponsible and will definitely do harm to international co-operation at this critical time.'

Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that 'alarmingly, some people are attempting to politicise the epidemic, label the virus and stigmatise China...'
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Tim Brooke-Taylor Murdered by Chinese Virus ...

Actor and Comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor dies from Coronavirus aged 79: Friends and fans pay tribute to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and The Goodies star

* Sorry I Haven't A Clue and The Goodies star Tim Brooke-Taylor has died from coronavirus today
* His agent announced the death early this afternoon, he leaves behind wife Christine and his two sons 
* Comedian Jack Dee, who hosts BBC Radio 4 series I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue called the news 'devastating'
* He added that 'we all thought he was recovering' from the 'dreadful virus'



British comedian and actor Tim Brooke-Taylor, star of The Goodies, has died after contracting the coronavirus.

The 79-year-old died in the UK on Sunday (local time), his agent has confirmed.

The news has shocked the entertainment world and again made the threat of COVID-19 hit home to Britons who remain in lockdown as the country recorded more than 10,000 virus deaths.

Fellow Goodies star Graeme Garden remembered “a funny, sociable, generous man who was a delight to work with”.

“Audiences found him not only hilarious but also adorable,” he said.

“His loss at this dreadful time is particularly hard to bear and my thoughts are with Christine, Ben, Edward and their families.”

Brooke-Taylor has been a much-admired member of British comedy since joining the Cambridge Footlights with John Cleese in the early 1960s.

In a tweet early Monday morning (Australian time), Cleese wrote that he was still absorbing the sad news.

“Tim was one of my very oldest friends, and one that I used to love performing with. He did ‘frightened’ better than anyone,” Cleese wrote

South Africa (Full Episode)
Alt-Roots (Full Episode)

#At Last the 1948 Show, #I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again, #I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, #The Goodies

. . . .

Admin Edit:  Brooke-Taylor's hairy Goodies co-star, Bill Oddie (Bloody Race-Traitor), declared some years ago that he wished all the Whites would be killed off in Britain so that the UK could become a peaceful, Black country without racial hatred. He may be getting his wish, beginning with his best friend of more than 50 years.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Matthew Nagy, from Queensland's Sunshine Coast, has been living in China with his wife Serina Yang since before the deadly outbreak began in Wuhan in December.

The couple recorded their first outing in months as they visited a shopping centre, restaurant and hotel in Guangzhou - 1,028 kilometres south of the original epicentre of Wuhan, in the Hubei Province

'We were locked down for quite a long time, now a lot of the restaurants are open, the schools are going back, all the manufacturing [is starting again]... it's all going well,' Mr Nagy told his YouTube channel.

The expat said residents were required to wear masks, undergo temperature checks, provide their passport and details of where they've visited in the last 14 days and have their mobile phone scanned before they're allowed to enter buildings

'You have to wear masks at all times when you're out and about of course,' Mr Nagy, who works in Guangzhou as a furniture company director, told viewers.

'Except when you're eating and drinking - it's accepted that you can take them off then.'

As the couple pulled up to a high-end shopping centre, they were stopped by a worker who checked their temperature using an infrared thermometer gun.

Workers also check an app on their phone which shows if they had visited a COVID-19 hotspot in the previous two weeks.

Dozens of face mask-clad shoppers were seen making their way around the mall while observing strict social distancing protocol.

'Everyone has to wear masks here. It sucks, it gets a bit annoying, but you get used to it I suppose,' Mr Nagy said.

Mr Nagy and Mrs Yang then drove to a nearby restaurant, where they documented the stringent health checks required before entering.

Two workers in gloves and face masks used thermometer guns to check the couple's temperature.

Mrs Yang told viewers that diners are required to write down their phone numbers and the places they have visited in the past 14 days

What’s next? Barcoding And micro chipping people?!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Wouldn't surprise me Brother. There's already talks of making people carry around paperwork in the states.


The Health 202: Immunity certificates could help people return to work. But huge questions remain.

What’s next? Barcoding And micro chipping people?!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Prime Minister Scott Morrison hints that a tracing app could be compulsory for all Australians if fewer than 40% download it voluntarily

* The app may be ready in two weeks and monitor user locations via Bluetooth
* If users were infected with COVID-19, it identifies who they were in contact with
* Morrison said it would be considered if Australians don't follow social distancing


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to rule out making it mandatory for Australians to download and use a controversial tracking app to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Mr Morrison said at least 40 per cent of the population would need to use the app – which is under development – to make it effective.

“My preference is to give Australians a go at getting it right,” he told Triple M on Friday

The TraceTogether mobile phone app would help with better contact tracing – one of three main benchmarks the government wants to meet before strict coronavirus restrictions can be lifted.

The others are a broader testing regime and a greater capacity to quash local outbreaks.

The tracking app is based on one from Singapore, which tracks people’s movements with Bluetooth.

However, even in Singapore – considered a more compliant society than Australia’s – only 20 per cent of citizens have agreed to share their mobile phone data.

Mr Morrison has likened using the app to national service.

“I know this would be something they might not normally do at an ordinary time but this is not an ordinary time,” he said.

“If you download this app, you’ll be helping save someone’s life.”

 >:(Watch this being a 5 eyes wide thing! What’s next?! Making you a product with a microchip they can track for “Big Brother” all the time?!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Watch this being a 5 eyes wide thing! What’s next?! Making you a product with a microchip they can track for “Big brother” all the time?!

It's quite simple to deal with. Install, obey and turn off your phone before you get to my place. If it really is reliant on Bluetooth, then you just need to turn that off.

Shrug and accept it for the masses. It's a good idea at the moment. Once this Chinese Death Virus is dealt with, then it becomes a tool for Stalinist Stasi monitoring and they can stick it. There are always other ways to deal with it, which result in you leaving your phone and Bluetooth on but turning off the app whenever you want.

Update: Government says mobile tracking app won’t be mandatory after all

The government has scrapped plans to force Australians to download a tracking app onto their mobile phones to trace coronavirus in the community.

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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*China accused Australia of being part of a United States-led 'propaganda war'

*China's embassy in Canberra took aim at Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton

*Mr Dutton demanded answers from China about the origins of coronavirus

*The embassy accused Mr Dutton of following in Donald Trump's footsteps

*'Their aim is to shift blame and deflect attention by smearing China,' it said

*'Australian politicians are keen to parrot what those Americans have asserted
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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The outrageous reason why Australian businesses and coronavirus victims WON'T be able to sue China for 'covering up' severity of deadly virus

Nic White | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 26 April 2020


-Lawyers in the US have launched class actions to sue China over coronavirus

-China accused of negligence for COVID-19 outbreak and then covering it up

-A second legal case accuses China of hoarding life-saving medical supplies

-Australians have signed up to these lawsuits and want China to pay stimulus bill

-However, the lawsuits are doomed to fail because China has sovereign immunity

-Suing Princess Cruises over the Ruby Princess debacle is far more possible

Excerpt: Another action is from an Israeli human rights lawyers that specialises in suing states for terrorism.

Lawyers argue that although nations have legal immunity, there are exceptions under U.S. law for personal or property damages and for actions abroad that impact on businesses in their own borders.

However, Yale University law professor and former U.S. Supreme Court clerk Stephen L Carter shot down this suggestion, along with any other loopholes, as the sovereign immunity provision is bulletproof

A second legal case is being prepared by Shurat HaDin, an Israeli law centre that has represented victims of terrorism around the world.

The centre's Aviel Leitner said it would also launch its legal action in the US since 'most other countries would be scared of China's economic weight and retribution

The lawyers will argue that Beijing's negligence and reckless behaviour was so bad that, as with terrorism, the state cannot hide behind sovereign immunity.

'China will fight it tooth and nail. If proved negligent, it would be catastrophe for them,' Mr Leitner said.

The state of Missouri also filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government over the coronavirus pandemic, claiming China's officials are to blame for the devastating outbreak that's sweeping the globe. 

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Missouri on Tuesday, alleges Chinese officials are 'responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians.'

'The Chinese government lied to the world about the danger and contagious nature of COVID-19, silenced whistleblowers, and did little to stop the spread of the disease,' Attorney General Eric Schmitt's office said in a written statement. 'They must be held accountable for their actions.'

Meanwhile ... The Netherlands will pay reparations to Indonesian victims of colonial atrocities. Could the UK do the same?

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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China filed a patent for a drug seen as one of the best potential weapons against coronavirus the day after it confirmed human transmission of the disease.

The revelation that it moved so fast fuels concerns about a cover-up of the pandemic when it erupted in Wuhan last year, and suggests that China’s understanding of the virus was far advanced from the impression given by its public stance.

Last night, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, joined the growing global clamour for a full, independent inquiry into China’s role

‘It is quite clear there is an awful lot that we don’t know about the emergence of this disease and the responses to it,’ he said. ‘We all need to learn the lessons of the outbreak so the international community can respond better in the future.’

China’s Communist Party leaders face accusations that they suppressed data, blocked public health teams from investigating, silenced doctors seeking to warn the world about the epidemic and delayed admitting there was human transmission

The contagious nature of the virus was confirmed by President Xi Jinping on January 20. Leaked documents have shown that even after officials knew they faced an epidemic, they delayed warning the public for six days.

On January 21, a patent for commercial use of Remdesivir – a drug initially created by an American pharmaceutical firm to fight ebola – was filed in China.

The application was made by Wuhan Institute of Virology, the top-secret bio-laboratory at the centre of concerns about a possible leak of the disease from its research on bats, and the country’s Military Medicine Institute

The move was described as ‘provocative’ by one website specialising in clinical research.

Gilead, the California-based developer of the drug, says it filed its own global applications for Remdesivir’s use against coronavirus four years ago. Countries, firms and scientists around the world are collaborating in the race to find effective treatments and vaccines.

The winners will derive immense prestige – and would boost China’s narrative that its response deserves praise, not opprobrium.

Gilead said it was aware of the Chinese move but had no influence over the patent office’s decision and could not comment since precise details of the application would not be published until next year. ‘Our focus at this time is on rapidly determining the potential for Remdesivir as a treatment for Covid-19 and accelerating manufacturing in anticipation of potential future supply needs,’ a spokesman added
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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The COVID-19 contact tracing app is called COVIDSafe.
It only works on smartphones and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores.
Use of the app is voluntary.

The app is faulty and does not work on anything but the most modern smartphones. It also reports that random people are infected.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the COVIDSAFE app does not work on my phone. Therefore: Not my problem.


China Threatens the World
 - European Union Dons its Shittin' Pants & Backs Down
 - US & Australia Stand Firm

EU officials 'watered down report on China's coronavirus fake news campaign after pressure from Chinese leaders' - with stacks of findings edited out after EU diplomats were warned of 'repercussions'

. . . .

Ambassador warns that China will stop students and tourists from visiting Australia over independent inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic


The ambassador refused to comment on whether key exports such as iron ore, coal and gas would be affected by perceived anti-China sentiment.

Ambassador Jingye refuted allegations the virus had originated from a wet market in Wuhan.

He also slammed the federal government for 'pandering' itself to the United States in its calls for an inquiry.

China's $135billion revenge: How Beijing could 'decimate' Australia's economy as punishment for Prime Minister Scott Morrison's attempts to ban wet markets and push for a coronavirus inquiry

* China has a track record of using economic coercion such as boycotts and sanctions to punish other nations
* This could seriously damage the Australian economy as one third of all exports worth $135bn go to China


. . . .

Australian warship joins the United States in a military operation in the South China Sea

* The move comes as China continues to expand its presence in the region



Australian warship HMAS Parramatta sailed with guided missile-cruiser USS Bunker Hill and then rendezvoused with amphibious assault ship USS America and guided missile destroyer USS Barry

Once upon a time ...
Now all Britain can do is grovel to China & obey the EU
Full Size: http://www.bloggerheads.com/images/captain_hurricane.gif
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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Bombshell 'Five Eyes' Western intelligence dossier claims China lied about human-to-human transmission, 'disappeared' whistle-blowers and refused to help other countries prepare a vaccine for coronavirus

* A leaked 15-page dossier from the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance says China's secrecy over the pandemic is an 'assault on international transparency'

* The US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand intelligence agencies have exposed a series of cover-ups

* It claims Five Eyes found a 'deadly denial of human-to-human transmission'

* Researchers who tried to raise the alarm have been silenced or disappeared and evidence of the outbreak was destroyed, it adds

* Report shows China refused to hand over virus samples to develop vaccines and censored its internet

* China also allegedly censored virus news on search engines from December 

* The leaked files show the nations have evidence the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology


China's censors deleted critical coronavirus articles and social media posts even if they had been written in Morse code or KLINGON to avoid detection


China's Been Flooding Facebook With Shady Ads Blaming Trump for the Coronavirus Crisis

The ads have been running for months, but Facebook's systems didn't catch them and flag them as political until now.


Wuhan virus lab 'cover up': Startling photos of scientists wearing little or no protection as they handle deadly bat samples mysteriously vanish from website of Chinese laboratory at centre of global suspicion over pandemic


Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 05 May 2020 at 12:58

‘Swastikas and nooses’: governor slams ‘racism’ of Michigan lockdown protest

Gretchen Whitmer says heavily armed men and Confederate flags at state capitol ‘depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history’

Bryan Armen Graham in New York
Sun 3 May 2020 19.49 EDT

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan issued a rebuke of the armed protesters who gathered inside the state capitol last week in defiance of statewide lockdown orders, saying the demonstrators embodied some of the “worst racism” of the nation’s history.

“Some of the outrageousness of what happened at our capitol depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country,” Whitmer said during a Sunday interview on CNN’s State of the Union.

Last week Donald Trump had said of the protesters: “These are very good people.”

Hundreds of protesters, many not wearing protective face masks and some armed legally with “long guns”, gathered inside the statehouse in Lansing on Thursday as lawmakers debated the Democratic governor’s request to extend her emergency powers to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The tightly packed crowd attempted to enter the floor of the legislative chamber and were held back by a line of state police and capitol staff, according to video footage posted by local journalists.

Whitmer highlighted that the number of protesters was relatively small but that the imagery some of them used was a disturbing reminder of ugly elements of America’s past. “We know that people are not all happy about having to take the stay-home posture,” Whitmer said on Sunday, “and you know what, I’m not either. But we have to listen to the public health experts and displays like the one we saw in our state capitol are not representative of who we are in Michigan.

“There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles. That’s a small group of people when you think that this is a state of almost 10 million people, the vast majority of whom are doing the right thing.”


Displaying the Confederate flag, or other symbols of the slave-owning south during the American civil war, is usually seen as racist. While some claim they are celebrating southern identity, it is widely seen as a racist symbol deeply offensive to black Americans. There is also an ongoing campaign to remove Confederate war statues from public display or rename streets and buildings which commemorate Confederate generals or politicians.

Last week, the Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who represents Michigan’s 13th congressional district, condemned the demonstrations at the state Capitol. “Black people get executed by police for just existing, while white people dressed like militia members carrying assault weapons are allowed to threaten State Legislators and staff,” Tlaib wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

The protests continued to draw national attention on Friday when Trump once again threw his support behind the rightwing movement, saying Whitmer should “make a deal” with the demonstrators.

“The governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire,” the president wrote on Twitter. “These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.”

When asked if it was appropriate for the president to express support for protests in which “long guns” were carried on Friday afternoon, the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said the president supported the right to protest within the law and while following federal social distancing guidelines.

“The president says that we must protest lawfully and act within the bounds of the law,” said McEnany.

The staggering effects of the pandemicamong Whitmer’s electorate in terms of both illness and unemployment have placed a nationwide focus on Michigan, which is certain to be a key battleground state in the upcoming presidential election. The state had long been regarded as a Democratic stronghold but went for Trump four years ago, helping to spring his surprise electoral victory.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 07 May 2020 at 12:24

San Francisco gives free drugs, alcohol to homeless quarantining in hotels

By Kenneth Garger
May 6, 2020 | 9:52pm

The Abigail Hotel where some homeless people are quarantining in San Francisco.AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

San Francisco is giving free drugs and alcohol to some homeless people isolating inside city-rented hotels during the coronavirus pandemic, officials confirmed Wednesday.

The city has handed out either booze, tobacco or medical cannabis to 43 homeless people with addictions to deter them from leaving the hotels and potentially spreading coronavirus, Jenna Lane, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Health told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“They’re doing San Francisco a great service by staying inside,” Lane told the paper. “We’re saying, ‘we’re doing what we can to support you staying inside and not have to go out and get these things.’ ”

The approach is part of a city “harm reduction based practice” not funded with taxpayer money, the health department said on Twitter.

San Francisco is using hotels to house a total of 270 homeless people who have either tested positive for the coronavirus or are highly susceptible to infection. They also usually have no place of their own to properly quarantine, the report said.

The measure uses “the best evidence to help people manage their addictions,” the city’s Health Director, Dr. Grant Colfax said at a Wednesday press conference.

“In some cases, this will include helping them manage their alcohol and nicotine use so they can stay safe and in-place as much as possible to help their communities and help themselves.”
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 07 May 2020 at 20:18
I’ve seen the homelessness in San Francisco myself!
If you walk from one end of Haight st to the other with the park in it it is just littered with bums from one end to the other, sitting around with their dogs and spaced out people drugging on in the park. Being a very expensive town I was puzzled on how they could make it there?!

I’d say this govt funded free booze and drug party is a good idea but play it smarter than giving them hotels!
Get a ship tell them there is a free party on that full of booze etc and ship them off to Alaska / Peurto RICO to live in a remote place?!
SF is too valuable to the US economy to have them spread disease around the place.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 10 May 2020 at 01:00
From an email I received this morning:

"Plandemic decided to include some Nazi Fantasies how Hitler wanted to exterminate the world with poisonous gas and chemicals with the help of Rockefeller. What a joke. PMSL. I smell B.S. already…."

So obviously, with the other already noted obvious bullshit along with a little truth that the Chink loving libtards and billionaires want to deny and hide, the Plandemic Documentary isn't worth watching.

‘Plandemic’: The concerning new coronavirus conspiracy movie going viral

A disgraced doctor is the face of a worrying new coronavirus conspiracy movie with thousands of believers fighting to keep it online.

Natalie Wolfe | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 10 May 2020


Excerpt: There’s been plenty of conspiracy theories to come out of the coronavirus pandemic.

But the latest worrying one, a documentary called Plandemic, is having some serious staying power as thousands of believers battle with social media sites to keep the video online.

“The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID-19,” the documentary’s description reads. “Was COVID-19 a plan?”

YouTube and Facebook continue to delete copies of the 26-minute video, saying it breaks their “community guidelines”, but versions of it keep popping up.

Filmmaker Mikki Willis anticipated the video getting deleted, and encouraged his followers on Facebook to keep sharing it.

“Be brave. Share this video far and wide,” he wrote, adding a Vimeo link of the footage “should this video be removed from this platform”.

However, the video has also since been deleted by Vimeo.

Not a Plan - An Opportunity for Big Pharma

The movie, which claims the coronavirus pandemic is part of an elaborate plan from big pharma and billionaires to enforce globally-mandated vaccinations, features Dr Judy Mikovitz as its main spokeswoman. She is also a well-known anti-vax spokeswoman, despite claiming she is not in the film.


Dr Mikovitz blames Italy’s horrific experience with coronavirus on a flu vaccine they received in 2019.

MSM Lies About Chinese Death Virus Origins

Health authorities and global experts on zoonotic diseases – ones spread from animals to humans – have repeatedly shut down suggestions coronavirus came from a laboratory with its most likely source being a bat.

However, when Dr Mikovitz was asked if she believes the virus was “created” in a laboratory, she claims to know exactly where the virus came from.

“I wouldn’t use the word created but you can’t say naturally occurring if it was by way of the laboratory,” she says.

“So it’s very clear this virus was manipulated … and studied in a lab where the animals were taken into the lab and this was what was released. Whether deliberate or not.

“I’m sure it occurred between the North Carolina laboratories in Fort Detrick and the Wuhan laboratory.”

. . . .

For a genuine documentary researching the origins of the Chinese Death Virus that has neither loony conspiratorialism nor blaming Adolf bullshit, watch Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp as he explores the known facts surrounding the CCP virus and the global pandemic it caused.


BTW MSM has already denounced this one also as conspiratorial and racist, merely for questioning the Chinese Communist Party narrative.
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The Great Realisation, by Tom Roberts
''Tell me the one about the virus again, then I'll go to bed.

'But my boy, you're growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head.

'Please! That one's my favourite. I promise just once more.

'Okay, snuggle down my boy, though I know you know full well                   
The story starts before then, in a world I once dwelled

'It was a world of waste and wonder, of poverty and plenty                               
Back before we understood why hindsight's 2020

'You see the people people came up with companies to trade across all lands.
But they swelled and got bigger than we could ever have planned

'We'd always had our wants, but now it got so quick.                                               
You could have everything you dreamed of in a day and with a click.

'We noticed families had stopped talking. That's not to say they never spoke.
But the meaning must have melted and the work life balance broke.

'And the children's eyes got squarer and every toddler had a phone.               
They filtered out the imperfections but amidst the noise, they felt alone.

'And every day the sky grew thicker, til we couldn't see the stars.                         
So we flew in planes to find them while down below we filled our cars.

'We'd drive around all day in circles. We'd forgotten how to run.                           
We swapped the grass for tarmarc, shrunk the parks till there were none.

'We filled the sea with pladtic cause our waste was never capped.                   
Until each day when you went fishing, you'd pull them out already wrapped.

'And while we drank and smoked and gambled, our leaders taught us why,     
It's best to not upset the lobbies, more convenient to die.

'But then in 2020, a new virus came our way.                                                               
The government reacted and told us all to hide away.

'But while we were all hidden, amidst the fear and all the while,                           
The people dusted off their instincts, they remembered how to smile.

'They started clapping to say thank you, and calling up their mums.

'And while the the cars keys were gathering dust, they would look forward to their runs.

'And with the sky less full of planes, the earth began to breathe.                         
And the beaches brought new wildlife that scattered off into the seas.

'Some people started dancing, some were singing, some were baking.         
We'd grown so used to bad news but some good news was in the making.

'And so when we found the cure and were allowed to go outside,                       
We all preferred the world we found to the one we'd left behind.

'Old habits became extinct, and they made way for the new.                               
And every simple act of kindness was now given its due.

'But why did it take a virus to bring the people back together?'                       
Well, sometimes, you got to get sick, my boy, before you start feeling better.

'Now lie down, and dream of tomorrow, and all the things that we can do.     
And who knows, maybe if you dream strong enough, make some of them will come true.

'We now call it the Great Realisation, and yes, since then there have been many.

 'But that's the story of how it started, and why hindsight's 2020.'
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Those slimy chinks are up to their sneaky thieving ways again.


Feds warn that Chinese attempts to hack health care, drug firms threaten U.S. COVID-19 response

The FBI and DHS are investigating "the targeting and compromise of U.S. organizations conducting COVID-19-related research" by Chinese hackers.

May 13, 2020, 10:20 AM CDT / Updated May 13, 2020, 10:37 AM CDT
By Ken Dilanian, Julia Ainsley and Michael Kosnar

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government issued a stark and unusual warning Wednesday asserting that China's efforts to hack health care and pharmaceutical companies pose a "significant threat" to the nation's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a joint statement, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity agency disclosed that the FBI is investigating "the targeting and compromise of U.S. organizations conducting COVID-19-related research" by the Chinese military and other Chinese hackers.

"These actors have been observed attempting to identify and illicitly obtain valuable intellectual property (IP) and public health data related to vaccines, treatments, and testing from networks and personnel affiliated with COVID-19-related research," the statement said. "The potential theft of this information jeopardizes the delivery of secure, effective, and efficient treatment options."

U.S., U.K. officials warn of cyberattacks on hospitals

The FBI urged organizations who suspect suspicious activity to contact their local FBI field office. DHS's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, known as CISA, said it would release technical details about the malicious attacks in the coming days.

"The reason we are calling out China in particular now is just because the scale has really amped up," a senior FBI official told NBC News, adding that China had stepped up cyber theft "at this moment of national crisis."

China is rushing to be first to develop a coronavirus vaccine, said John Demers, the Justice Department's assistant attorney general for national security.

"China has long engaged in the theft of biomedical research, and COVID-19 research is the field’s Holy Grail right now," he said. "While its commercial value is of importance, the geopolitical significance of being the first to develop a treatment or vaccine means the Chinese will try to use every tool — both cyber intrusions and insiders — to get it. These actions underscore how China has chosen not to work together to combat this disease. This is sad."

Bryan Ware, CISA’s assistant director for cybersecurity, said in a webinar last week that based on classified intelligence collection, “We are seeing a significant increase in espionage activities against vaccine research development. Directed at pharmaceutical companies, directed at laboratories, directed at R&D centers and universities and elsewhere."

He added, "Every country in the world has a national interest in getting that vaccine or antivirals or medications the soonest, the fastest, and should be expected to use all of their espionage resources to steal what they can from the United States.”

Notably absent from the announcement, however, was any indication of what steps the Trump administration plans to take to thwart or deter Chinese hacking, a problem that has bedeviled American and European governments and companies for decades. In 2012, the then-director of the U.S. National Security Agency called Chinese economic espionage "the greatest transfer of wealth in history."

A senior administration official told NBC News that U.S. Cyber Command, the military agency authorized to conduct offensive cyber action, is taking steps to stop state-sponsored Chinese cyber attacks when possible, but the official said the details are classified.

NBC News has previously reported that under Gen. Paul Nakasone, Cyber Command has stepped up its secret hacking of foreign computer networks in an effort to keep China, Russia, Iran and other adversaries on their heels, using terms such as "persistent engagement" and "defending forward" to describe the activity. Key questions remain unanswered, including whether American military hackers would respond offensively to disable or punish Chinese cyber attacks on private U.S. companies.

On May 6, the U.K.'s National Cyber Security Centre and the U.S. DHS updated their joint April 8 warning to hospitals and other medical institutions, saying hackers "may seek to obtain intelligence on national and international health care policy or acquire sensitive data on COVID-19 related research."

One tactic cyberattackers are now using against health care institutions is known as "password spraying," according to the advisory. The technique uses a single common word over many users on one network, in the hope that at least one account will be penetrated. The advisory also said outside contractors with access to medical information and research are often targeted.
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The Chinese ambassador to Israel was found dead in his home in Tel Aviv on Sunday, Israel's Foreign Ministry said
Du Wei, 58, was found in his bed at his apartment in the suburb of Herzliya, in the north of the city.

No cause of death has been given and Israeli police said it was investigating

As part of the regular procedure, police units are at the scene,' a Israeli police spokesman said.

He was only appointed envoy in February in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and previously served as China's envoy to Ukraine.

He is survived by a wife and son, who are not thought to be in Israel.

The ambassador's death comes just two days after he condemned comments by visiting U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of hiding information about the coronavirus outbreak.

In an interview with newspaper Haaretz, Wei said he his aim was to strengthen the ties between Israel and China.

He said: 'China is a law-abiding, responsible country, and should be trusted. Different things have been said regarding China's battle [against the coronavirus]. Initially, some were condescending and gloating

When the disease broke out across the world, there were those who said that China has to apologize. They were looking for a scapegoat.

'Throughout history, certain groups of people have been accused with spreading plagues more than once. It's despicable and should be condemned.

The disease is the enemy of the entire mankind, and the world should fight it together.'

Wei also previously spoke about taking up the new role in the midst of a pandemic and how he had to enter quarantine for 14-days due to the outbreak

I’ll bet China won’t try punish Israel for this?! In the same fashion they bully Australia?!

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Coronavirus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans': Top vaccine scientist says it could only have come from an animal through a 'freak of nature' - and the possibility it leaked from Wuhan lab MUST be investigated

* Evidence suggests that coronavirus is uniquely adapted to infect humans
* The Australian team said the virus was not a typical animal to human infection
* Coronavirus seems already perfectly adapted to infect humans without evolving
* Professor Nikolai Petrovsky said not to rule out the idea that the virus was leaked


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https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/coronavirus/wuhan-institute-of-virologys-director-has-backed-his-lab-saying-covid19-did-not-originate-there/news-story/76e9b72993a6c39fc1642ded937b2b91 (https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/coronavirus/wuhan-institute-of-virologys-director-has-backed-his-lab-saying-covid19-did-not-originate-there/news-story/76e9b72993a6c39fc1642ded937b2b91)

Title: CoronaVirus - China Extends Hand of Friendship to US
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CoronaVirus - China Extends Hand of Friendship to US



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Coronavirus: Visual Science creates most scientifically accurate 3D model of virus

The most scientifically accurate 3D, CGI model of coronavirus has been created by scientists in minute detail and the images are striking.



Beware if Made in China: Hospital workers could be using FAKE COVID-19 masks and putting themselves at serious risk of catching the killer virus, experts fear

Safety director Chris Bellamy revealed he has been conducting independent tests as lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the country.

He said all Chinese-made masks he tested failed basic checks.

‘A lot of them coming in don't have the correct marking, so you can tell they are fake straight away,’ he said.

The substandard masks have hit the shelves at stores like Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse and Chemist Direct, according to Ms Cole.
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Beijing now admits that coronavirus DIDN'T start in Wuhan's market... so where DID it come from

* Centre for Disease Control and Prevention's Gao Fu admitted no viruses were detected in animal samples
* He said they were found only in environmental samples, including sewage
* Gao's sudden reversal came after series of studies cast doubt on his original claim

Ian Birrell | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 30 May 2020


Excerpt: China has become used to public confessions on television. But this time the words came from one of the nation’s top officials and had seismic global implications.

The market was shut and cleaned up like a crime scene, in the words of another expert, as global attention focused on the ghastly trade in wild animals.

Gao’s initial analysis had made sense after previous outbreaks of zoonotic viruses (diseases that jump from animals to humans). Yet suspicion grew over the Chinese government’s failure to share data from animals sampled in the market following its early cover-ups

Now Gao has admitted no viruses were detected in animal samples. He said they were found only in environmental samples, including sewage – before adding an intriguing aside that ‘the novel coronavirus had existed long before’.

No-one should doubt the significance of the statement since Gau is not just China’s top epidemiologist but also a member of the country’s top political advisory body.

Curiously, his revelation followed a television interview with Wang Yanyi, director of Wuhan Institute of Virology, in which she insisted that claims about the disease having leaked from her top-security unit were ‘pure fabrication’.

Gau’s sudden reversal came after a series of studies cast doubt on his original claim.

A landmark Lancet paper found only 27 of the first 41 confirmed cases were ‘exposed’ to the market – and only one of the four initial cases in the first two weeks of December

Two weeks ago, The Mail on Sunday revealed another key academic paper by three America-based biologists that said all available data suggested the disease was taken into the market by someone already infected. So what does this all mean?

Sadly, the amount of massive research findings seems to be deepening rather than dispersing confusion over coronavirus, which is much more unpredictable than a simple respiratory virus in the way it attacks the body

As Gao said in another interview, this is the seventh coronavirus to infect humans, yet none of its predecessors acted like this strange one.

‘The behaviour of this virus isn’t like a coronavirus,’ he said

With regard to those three American biologists, they were ‘surprised’ to find the virus ‘already pre-adapted to human transmission’, contrasting its previously known stability with a coronavirus that evolved quickly during the global Sars epidemic between 2002 and 2004. Last week, I revealed that Australian scientists had similarly found Sars-CoV-2 – the new strain of coronavirus that causes disease – is ‘uniquely adapted to infect humans’.

Genetic stability makes it easier to find vaccines. But Nikolai Petrovsky, the vaccine researcher who headed the Australian team, said the virus was ‘not typical of a normal zoonotic infection’ since it suddenly appeared with ‘exceptional’ ability to enter humans from day one. He also highlighted the ‘furin cleavage site’, ‘which allows the spike protein to bind efficiently to cells in several human tissues, increasing infectivity, and does not exist in the most similar coronaviruses.

Some experts say this might have evolved through mutation during ‘unrecognised transmission in humans’ after crossing from an animal. Certainly it would help to find any intermediate host such as civets that ‘amplified’ the Sars virus from bats

A paper by Professor Yong-Zhen Zhang, a prominent Chinese expert, said this was ‘arguably the most important’ difference between the new virus and its closest known relative, a virus called RaTG13 derived from a bat by Wuhan scientists.

Prof Zhang also noted the viruses closest to the new one were sampled from bats in Yunnan, 1,000 miles from Wuhan. Although 96 per cent genetically similar, ‘in reality this likely represents more than 20 years of sequence evolution’.

Last week, virology institute director Wang said scientists at her laboratory had isolated and obtained coronaviruses from bats but insisted they had only ‘three strains of live viruses’.

Her claim was dismissed as ‘demonstrably false’ by biosecurity expert Richard Ebright, professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University, New Jersey, who said the institute had published analyses of many more than three strains of live bat coronavirus.

‘Nature created this virus and has proven once again to be the most effective bio-terrorist,’ said Francis Collins, director of the US National Institutes of Health.

Yet this widely respected geneticist, appointed by Barack Obama, added significantly: ‘Whether [the coronavirus] could have been in some way isolated and studied in this laboratory in Wuhan, we have no way of knowing.’

Here lies the key point. It is foolish at this stage to rule out the possibility, however remote, that this pandemic might be the consequence of a Chinese laboratory leak.
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At the height of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese officials kept vital information from the World Health Organisation which could have slowed the spread and saved lives.

Recordings obtained by the Associated Press (AP) revealed WHO staffers were tossing up how to keep China on side while pressing them to provide gene sequences and detailed patient data.

Desperate to not anger officials, the WHO publicly praised China by claiming it had “immediately” shared with them a genetic map of the virus, the investigation found

WHO claimed China’s commitment to transparency was “very impressive, and beyond words”, – even as officials were struggling to get the information they needed from them.

Pressure has been mounting on WHO in recent weeks as US President Donald Trump accused the UN agency of being too beholden to China.

Mr Trump announced earlier this week his administration was “terminating” its relationship with the World Health Organisation.

Mr Trump has repeatedly threatened to eliminate American funding for the group, while blaming China for the spread of the coronavirus and the economic impact it has had on the global economy.

“China has total control over the World Health Organisation despite only paying $40 million per year compared to what the United States has been paying which is approximately $450 million a year,” he said at the weekend.

The latest evidence through the AP investigation shows how WHO officials struggled to get accurate and timely information from China as far back as January.

AP found China had researched the mysterious illness but refused to give the genetic map of the coronavirus until it was leaked to a virologist website.

Fearing a repeat of the SARS outbreak, WHO’s chief of emergencies Michael Ryan, told colleagues in the second week of January that it was time to “shift gears” and apply greater pressure on China for the release of information

“This is exactly the same scenario, endlessly trying to get updates from China about what was going on,” WHO’s chief of emergencies Michael Ryan could be heard saying in the leaked recordings.

“WHO barely got out of that one with its neck intact given the issues that arose around transparency in southern China.”

Bosses and unions join to talk up reform

Business and unions will kick off an examination of workplace reform as the Morrison government considers targeted cash support to help Australia’s economy out of the coronavirus slump.

Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter will join union heads Sally McManus and Michele O’Neil and a range of employer associations on Wednesday for a roundtable meeting to decide how to make the review of the system work.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last week five small working groups would each examine a specific area of workplace reform in a bid to boost jobs and get the economy moving again.

Wednesday’s meeting will be briefed by Treasury officials and other bureaucrats about the scale of the challenge each sector faces.

Federal cabinet is expected to consider targeted support for two sectors – construction and the arts – with announcements anticipated this week.

The government is considering a plan for cash grants to build new homes or for major renovation projects to stimulate domestic building jobs.

More than 7200 Australians have tested positive to coronavirus, with about 480 cases remaining active across the country.

Twenty patients are in hospital, with three in intensive care and one on a ventilator
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The former chief of MI6 has claimed that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in China by accident

Sir Richard Dearlove, who was head of the MI6, a role known informally as 'C', from 1999 until 2004, said he believes that Covid-19 is man-made.

He cited an 'important' report from Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George's Hospital, University of London and Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen which claims the virus was manufactured in a laboratory.

In the report, scientists claimed to have identified 'inserted sections placed on the Sars-CoV-2 Spike surface' which the virus uses to attach onto cells and observed they were 'significantly different from any Sars we have studied

Sir Richard added that the report's findings could force China to pay 'reparations' to the rest of the world due to the damage wrought by the virus. 

'I do not think that this started as an accident,' Sir Richard told The Telegraph's Planet Normal podcast.

'It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations?

'I think it will make every country in the world rethink how it treats its relationship with China

The research claimed that current efforts to find a vaccine would prove unsuccessful as scientists have so far misunderstood the true properties of Covid-19.

Sir Richard suggested that the scientists at a laboratory in Wuhan could have secretly been carrying out experiments on bat coronaviruses when Covid-19 somehow accidentally escaped through a lapse in biosecurity.

According to the former MI6 chief, the paper had been rewritten several times, and an earlier version apparently claimed coronavirus could accurately be called the 'Wuhan virus

An earlier version of the report, seen by the Telegraph, reportedly claimed 'beyond all reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 virus is engineered

A previous investigation by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that the virus jumped from bats to humans at the Wuhan wet market where wild animals are kept in cages and slaughtered for meat.

The wet market is located not far from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the only level four biosecurity laboratory lab in China.

Yet late last month a Chinese official admitted no viruses were detected in animal samples

‘At first, we assumed the seafood market might have the virus, but now the market is more like a victim,’ said Gao Fu, director of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
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I can't go out to eat with my family, but I'm allowed to go loot and burn down the community. WTF!


Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance

For months, health experts told Americans to stay home. Now, many are encouraging the public to join mass protests.

06/04/2020 05:19 PM EDT

Dan Diamond investigates health care politics and policy for POLITICO. He also co-authors the POLITICO Pulsenewsletter and hosts the Pulse Check podcast.

For months, public health experts have urged Americans to take every precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19—stay at home, steer clear of friends and extended family, and absolutely avoid large gatherings.

Now some of those experts are broadcasting a new message: It’s time to get out of the house and join the mass protests against racism.

“We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus,” Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday. “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.

“The injustice that’s evident to everyone right now needs to be addressed,” Abraar Karan, a Brigham and Women’s Hospital physician who’s exhortedcoronavirus experts to amplify the protests' anti-racist message, told me. "While I have voiced concerns that protests risk creating more outbreaks, the status quo wasn’t going to stop #covid19 either," he wrote on Twitter this week.

It’s a message echoed by mediaoutlets and some of the most prominent public health experts in America, like former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden, who loudly warned against efforts to rush reopening but is now supportive of mass protests. Their claim: If we don’t address racial inequality, it’ll be that much harder to fight Covid-19. There’s also evidence that the virus doesn’t spread easily outdoors, especially if people wear masks.

The experts maintain that their messages are consistent—that they were always flexible on Americans going outside, that they want protesters to take precautions and that they're prioritizing public health by demanding an urgent fix to systemic racism.


New York City Council Health Committee Chairman Mark D. Levine told New Yorkers Wednesday that if the mass protests across the city over Floyd's death do lead to a rise in coronavirus cases, the blame lies with 'racism' and not the protesters.
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More special privileges for the coloreds. Truthfully this could be a good thing. Maybe it will keep the niggers from killing employees when asked to wear a mask.


Oregon County Exempts Non-White People From Mandatory Face Mask Order


Lincoln County in Oregon has exempted non-white residents from a new order mandating mask-wearing in public in an attempt to counter racial profiling.

Last week, health officials declared face coverings would be required in public settings where individuals may come within six feet of someone outside their household after the county saw a spike in coronavirus cases.

On Tuesday, the county said "people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public" will be exempt from the order.

Previous exemptions from wearing a face mask in public included those under 12 years of age, those with medical conditions who have difficulty breathing with a mask on and those with disabilities that prevent the wearing of a face covering.

"No person shall intimidate or harass people who do not comply," health officials said. "This Directive is intended to induce voluntary compliance and compliment education and encouragement of use of face coverings to protect ourselves and our community."

Lincoln County has reported 292 of Oregon's 7,201 confirmed cases of coronavirus. As of Tuesday, only one death has occurred in the county.

The surge of face mask requirements has caused debate among activists who argue that masks endanger non-white people due to racial stereotypes that exist.

"For many Black people, deciding whether or not to wear a bandana in public to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus is a lose-lose situation that can result in life-threatening consequences either way," Director of ACLU's Racial Justice Program ReNika Moore told CNN in April.

Ohio State University economic professor Trevor Logan said that enforcing Black people to wear a mask would be "basically telling people to look dangerous given racial stereotypes that are out there."
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Collection of frequently used resources especially useful for sharing on social media. The purpose is to help inform and teach others about the massive hidden deception by the corporate media and powerful elite who influence how most people think and influence the loss of our freedoms and liberty.


#WhiteCoatSummit #Plandemic #BillGates #WHO #Covid #Covid19 #SarsCoV2 #ShanePedler

Below: The first video in the Playlist. Go to BitChute for the rest ...
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Chinese diplomat is all smiles as he makes a stunning claim about his nation's interests in Australia - and warns the PM to stop 'singling out' China for blame over the coronavirus

China’s Deputy Head of Mission tells Australia COVID-19 did not originate in China



Excerpt: In a rare speech to the National Press Club, China’s Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining has warned it’s “not fair” to suggest the deadly virus could have only originated in Wuhan.

The Chinese diplomat said Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s decision to back an inquiry in the origins of the virus had “hurt the feelings” of the Chinese people.

Australia’s move blindsided the country he said, just as it emerged to “take a breath” from the first outbreak in Wuhan and weeks in lockdown.

“All of a sudden, they heard there was this shocking proposal coming from Australia, which is supposed to be a good friend of China,’’ he said.

“If you are able read Chinese blogs, websites and even the comments of the blog of your Embassy in Beijing, you will be able to note the intensity of emotion of our people, how much indignation, anger and frustration they expressed, they used a lot of Chinese idioms and sayings to describe the emotion, but it is difficult to translate.  :'(
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 26 August 2020 at 14:11
Hmm... who’s going to be a “friend of China” in the future?
African sh1t states they are buying friends with, North Korea, Russia.

Who likes them? None of their other neighbours do. India hates them, the US and friends don’t trust them.

Everybody likes their money but doesn’t trust them at all!
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 18 November 2020 at 08:56
Everybody PANIC! South Australia has ZERO people with the Chinese Death Virus; and TWENTY-TWO INDIANS - all from the same family - with the virus. The state has been locked down; nobody in, nobody out, and everybody at home under sentence of persecution.

Yeah, you read it. It is that fucking ridiculous.

The state is shut down for at least the next week. If I want to put my bin out, I have to wear a mask and carry ID in case the coppers nab me. Nobody is allowed to go to work unless they are working in supermarkets or other essential food, health or utilities areas. Pubs and Junk Food joints are closed down - not that I need either. No exercising - No leaving your home. And dying is VERBOTEN! Funerals are banned ...

All because TWENTY-TWO INDIANS - all from the same family that started it - have a frigging Chink disease.



And just to make it personal for me, on Monday I put my car into the paintshop for a respray. Estimated completion was 2 to 3 weeks. Now, I wont be getting my car back for 4 weeks or more. That means I'm stuck here at home, relying on the local supermarket, that last time I just avoided because every idiot was there stripping the place bare.

Sure, it's a pain in the arse, but I'm a CREATOR. I'm prepared. I may be annoyed, but I'll handle it better than most. Which reminds me, I'd better put a bottle of beer in the fridge for tomorrow. You do know I make my own beer. Well, I'd better get to it, I've got two dozen to bottle tonight, and a barbecue to cook for me and my Nigger. :ok

Meanwhile, in America ...

CDC holiday guidelines tell Americans not to sing, listen to loud music or drink ALCOHOL to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
Post by: Private on 19 November 2020 at 13:15
Zero new cases in South Australia - SA took 12 hours to beat the Chink Death Virus  :LMWAO


I like the look of that blonde.
Title: Re: Chinese Death Virus: Chink Bio-Warfare & Asiatic Apocalypse #Coronavirus
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South Australian premier Steven Marshall says he is “fuming” after it was revealed a worker with coronavirus lied to contact tracers.

Mr Marshall said the man was one of the cases linked to the Woodville Pizza Bar, and told authorities he was a customer.

However, after the state was sent into a six-day lockdown, it was discovered he was instead an employee who had worked several shifts


“To say that I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an understatement,” Mr Marshall said.

“The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation.

“His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable

Three new cases of coronavirus were announced in the state on Friday, with all three in quarantine.

Mr Marshall announced, in light of the new information, the planned six-day lockdown would instead end on Saturday night.

“I will not let the disgraceful conduct of a single individual keep SA in these circuit breaker conditions one day longer than what is necessary,” he said.

The stay-at-home order will be replaced by new orders which include a density arrangement of one person per four-square-metres and 10 people at private home gatherings.

Schools will also be allowed to open again, and funerals will be allowed to go ahead with a maximum of 50 people.
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The Adelaide pizza bar whose “lying” worker sparked a statewide coronavirus lockdown is under police guard as tempers run hot after Friday’s shock revelations.

South Australian authorities said the man, who also works as a security guard in one of Adelaide’s medi-hotels, finally admitted on Friday morning that he had a second job at the Woodville pizza bar.

He had earlier maintained he had only bought takeaway pizza from the outlet – sparking fears that Adelaide’s worrying Parafield coronavirus cluster was being transmitted through food packaging

The pizza bar has been central to efforts to quell the outbreak, with SA health authorities telling anyone who had visited or even ordered takeaway they must quarantine for 14 days.

On Friday, a “fuming” Premier Steven Marshall said he would lift the state’s tough six-day lockdown three days earlier than planned after the worker’s admissions. He also hit out at the worker.

“Their story didn’t add up. We pursued them. We now know that they lied,” he said.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stephens said the man claimed for several days to have bought a pizza from the Woodville restaurant, but actually worked there – increasing his exposure to the coronavirus.

“That clearly changes the circumstances and had this person been truthful to the contact tracing teams, we would not have gone into a six-day lock down,” he said.

South Australia issued stay-at-home orders and closed almost all businesses statewide, as well as schools and universities, as it dealt with the outbreak.

After Friday’s revelations, SA police were stationed outside the pizza restaurant. Reviews had also been disabled on social media and the restaurant’s Facebook page had been removed.

A public Facebook group set up in support of the pizza worker was also being flooded with abusive messages

Mr Marshall said 14,400 people were tested across the state on Thursday.

The Parafield outbreak grew by three, to 25, on Friday. The new cases are all in people who are among the thousands of SA residents in quarantine.

There are also 44 more suspected infections.

Mr Marshall said the worker had deliberately misled contact tracers.

“To say I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement. The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation,” he said.

“His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable.”

Mr Stephens said South Australians would immediately be able to resume exercising outside their homes in family groups. From midnight Saturday, the state will begin to return to the restrictions it had earlier this week


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US President Joe Biden expected to ban references to 'China virus' in new anti-racism policy

US President Joe Biden is expected to introduce a new policy which will target animosity towards Asian Americans over the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBS News reports the directive may come either as executive orders or a presidential memo and will be part of a series of measures focused on equity.

It's thought the measures will direct federal agencies to examine if xenophobic references such as "China Virus" appear in policy, or on government sites. 

The Department of Health and Human Services will also be asked to develop cultural training related to COVID-19, as well as broader guidance relating to dispelling racial myths.

Biden's predecessor Donald Trump repeatedly referred to coronavirus using racist and inflammatory words such as "Kung flu" and the "China virus".

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the US, the former president's charged commentary added fuel to the fire of racial tensions in America.

There were more than 2800 self-reported hate incidents, ranging from racial slurs to physical violence, including acid and knife attacks, between March 2020 and the end of December, according to the advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate.

Stop AAPI Hate executive director Cynthia Choi said she hopes the executive order "reverses the damage caused under the Trump administration, which used federal dollars and resources to create a hostile climate and led to backlash directed toward our community."