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Central Banks, Governments Are Destroying Currencies, Bitcoin Giving Power To...


Central Banks & Governments Are Destroying Currencies, Bitcoin Is Giving The Power To The People [VIDEOS]
April 10, 2022

Being defined as Bitcoin back in  October of 2008, the digital currency has climbed to become what some  are calling the future of banking

 Completely doing away with the  middleman of big banks, digital currencies are peer-to-peer... not only do currencies like bitcoin give power back to the people, but  thanks to the numerous governments trying to discredit it and ban it,  they have actually destroyed their own currencies... bitcoin is here to stay and admitted that not only is it old news but a symbol to the end of big banks... Because central banks and governments and centrally planned  economies are destroying their own currencies. They’re destroying the  dollar and Bitcoin is taking the monetary power back and giving it to  the people. There was an after-conference, fireside chat between Jordan  B. Peterson and Robert Breedlove, who was a big Bitcoin high priest, he  co-authored the book, ‘Thank God For Bitcoin’. And they said that  monetary integrity and moral integrity are inextricably linked, and that  inflating the currency was anti integrity, it was anti civilization.”

Will Rothschild simply buy up all the bitcoin and thus control the price?
 No matter how much regulations and  restrictions are placed against it, Jeftovic concluded, “This is what’s  happening. I reported a couple of days ago that two more political  autonomous zones have made Bitcoin legal tender. Madeira, in Portugal  and Prospera down in Honduras. It’s a runaway now, it’s happening.” Just a few weeks ago, President Biden signed an executive order  giving government agencies permission to study and monitor  cryptocurrencies. This was supposedly an effort to help fight illegal  transactions. At the same time, the President proposed an entirely new  currency to be introduced in America and not surprising, it would be a  crypto designed and regulated by the federal government.
Central Banks & Governments Are Destroying Currencies, Bitcoin Is Giving The Power To The People [VIDEOS]

Using ourselves as an example, the standard practice of banks banning us and people like us have forced us into the Bitcoin arena. The only problem is that the banks just need to buy up the crypto currency exchanges, force out all competition, use their banking pull to dictate new laws to the government, and then we're back at square one with the same globalists controlling crypto currency and blocking us all over again.


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