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Title: A Conversation About Race - Craig Bodeker
Post by: Private on 14 September 2009 at 19:28
It is an excellent movie, and an absolute must-see for the intelligent pro-White nationalist. Bodeker interviews a range of black and White people both on the street, as well as in a film studio. He poses questions on race and racism, and gets astounding answers from his subjects. For example, he asks people straight-forward questions like "what is racism ? Do you see it in your every day life ? Can you give me an example of racism ?"

What is incredible, is that every single person interviewed (especially blacks) all insist that there is massive racism all around, and that all of them see hundreds of examples of it every single day of their lives. However, when Bodeker asks them "can you give me an example of this" they all gulp, get wide-eyed and flustered and most are simply unable to provide ANY example of the endless racism they supposedly see ! One or two desperadoes provide laughable, ridiculous examples.

Bodeker keeps the sixty minute film simple, uncomplicated and very straight forward. The movie was inspired by President Obamaís call for the (American) nation needing to have a conversation about race. As Bodeker states in the opening lines of the film, "I canít think of another issue that is more artificial, manufactured or manipulated than this whole construct called racism."

In the film, a diverse group of Colorado residents are challenged for their thoughts on :
Why do White students score better than black students on standardized tests ?
Why is the NBA nearly 90% black ?
Have you ever been "racist" ?
Are Whites better at anything than blacks ?
Do blacks commit more crimes than Whites ?
Can you name a public figure who is "racist" ?
Can you give an example of the racism you see in your daily life ?
How do you feel about immigration from Mexico ?

On the subject of crime, and particularly rape, Bodeker points out the following :
According to the US Justice Department for the year 2005 in the USA black men raped or sexually assaulted White women over 37 000 times; averaging 100 times per day Ö

In the same year, the number of cases where White men raped black women was less than 10.
Towards the end of the movie, Bodeker interviews a black mudtafarian named Paul, who tells him : "Your forefathers came over to this country and did their dirty deeds, they took most of the land, enslaved most of the people and the rest they killed".

Bodeker responds with this :
"This is fascinating. Paul has absolutely no problem saying to my face, rather forcefully, that my forefathers came here and did their dirty deeds. What is telling, is that Paul has absolutely no problem assigning collective racial guilt to all White people for presumably the way the American colonists treated the Indians. Can you see the contradiction ? Its acceptable today to assign collective racial guilt to all Whites for the actions of a minute fraction of them, hundreds of years ago."

He continues : "would it be acceptable today to assign collective racial guilt to any other races, for example to blacks, lets say for the crimes that they themselves have committed in this decade alone ? Well no ! That would be racism ! Get the picture ?".

"And just to clarify, I can trace my earliest ancestors here in America to the 1870ís, after our civil war. No forefather of mine ever killed an indian, or owned another human being, ever ! And I will suggest that there is a large group of White Americans just like me in that respect. We have no blood relatives that ever practised ethnic cleansing or slavery, yet so many seem to blame us for it. They seek to blame us for crimes our forefathers never even committed, and yet excuse and ignore other racial groups whose crime is rampant today. Huh ? But I digress. When we talk about Europeans stealing the indians land, I have to ask, which indians are we talking about ? White people arenít the only people who killed folks for their land Ö"

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1084394769627714346# (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1084394769627714346#)