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27 EMPTY New York Cities Built In China, Where "Total Debt Is $116 TRILLION" ...

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--- Quote from: GLR on 23 January 2022 at 06:16 ---Reminded me of this meme.  Wow, how creative.  Give these countries our lifestyles and they go beserk.  With rising ocean levels and built on SAND, the much ballyhooed Dubai city is sinking.  Maybe they will go down with it?  Backward idiots.

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Greedy, overly ambitious , corrupt and immoral! They did sell people some of these places and went bankrupt ! A big “ white elephant” Turkish shonks! Like they thought if they just build these generic “mc mansions” all the rich sand niggers of the world are going to move into their generic “ cardboard” neighbourhoods and live happily ever after?!


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