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"Zulu"... Race War in the RAW!

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check out this very well-written review of the 1964 movie "Zulu" from the old "VNN"site....before they went all "semi-politically-correct"....a bit-torrent would probably be yr "best bet" for dwn/ldng a copy of this old classic!

"back in the day" used to be "required viewing" for new Australian Army recruits in the Puckapunyal auditorium....saw it my-self there.....very early 1980s......WAYyyyyy too "politically incorrect" for the squaddies or the choccos in these benighted times, of course!

ahh.....those were better and more innocent times!   :)

Video Removed at Source
*hope the "link" works, eh?!?*

By the late 80's the movie was fondly remembered in Puckapunyal and Kapooka; but in Kapooka (regular army Recruit Training Battalion) it had been replaced by films that priests occasionally showed in propaganda lessons, while we were ordered to watch them. Refusing to pay attention to the dog collared orificers with honorary rank, the only thing that sticks in my mind now was their showing of a Dire Straits video (which still didn't interest me but was probably the only thing that made sense).

Zulu is a good movie. Worth obtaining and far better than Zulu Dawn, which is a dramatization of the attack on the Column before the attack on Rorke's Drift. The movie is available for $5 to $10 from your local video bin in the supermarket, online, or go to your local public library and pirate their copy.

Things to look out for:
An aircraft flies over.
A Zulu sniper is seen wearing a wrist watch.
There is a light blue VW Combi seen in the hills during one scene.

Incorrigible criminal and drunk Private Henry Hook in the movie was nothing like it in real life.
For more inconsistencies check out the main site with another movie review at

--- Quote from: the movie ---It looks, er, jolly simple doesn't it? (Lt Bromhead to Adendorff)
Jolly deadly old boy! (Adendorff)
Well done Adendorff, we'll make an Englishman of you yet! (Lt Bromhead)
No thanks, I'm a Boer. The Zulus are the enemy of my blood, but what are you doing here? (Adendorff)
You don't object to our help I hope? (Lt Bromhead)
It all depends on what you damned English want for it afterwards! (Adendorff)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Lieutenant Chard's report to Queen Victoria (not in the movie) ---"In wrecking the stores in my wagon, the Zulus had brought to light a forgotten bottle of beer, and Bromhead and I drank it with mutual congratulations on having come safely out of so much danger."
--- End quote ---


Is this the movie starring Michael Caine?  My dad used to love watching it.

Yes, it's the same one. Michael Caine plays Lt Bromhead.

StephenMasten (Prison):
Fans of the Gladiator movie starring Russel Crowe will notice when watching Zulu that the sound of the German army at the beginning of the movie is simply taken from the chanting niggers in Zulu.


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