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"Zulu"... Race War in the RAW!

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The best part: Kill the Spear Chuckas:

Just Killin' Niggers

"Fire at Will!"  How do they know which Nigger is named Will?

The Real Story of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift With Historian

A perfect example of the conflict between an industrialized empire and primitive tribes.

I have 2 threads discussing the fact that the people of Eurasia already had industrial empires while the Jews, Africans and Native Americans were still stone age savages:

While the Africans were using stone spears, the British already had the following weapons and even had observation dirigibles powered by steam engines which were invented by an American named Solomon Andrews in 1863:


Metallic Cartridge
Conical Bullet
Exploding Bullet
Incendiary Bullet
Firing Pin
Nitrocellulose Explosive and Propellant Charge
Double-Action Revolver
Recoil Operated Automatic Revolver
Pump Action Rifles and Shotguns
Bolt Action Rifle
Recoil/Blowback/Gas Operated Machine Gun
Impact Grenade
Impact Fused Artillery Shells
Conical Shell
Automatic Cannon
Gatling Cannon
Troop/Supply Train
Armored Train
Anti-Railroad Mine
Railway Gun
Field Telegraph


Self-Propelled Torpedo
Torpedo Boat
Pre-Dreadnought Battleships made of iron and steel parts and equipped with forced draft furnaces, multiple expansion steam engines, cannon turrets, breech loading cannons and torpedoes


Observation Dirigible


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