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Title: Would anyone here know anything about this?
Post by: Private on 28 March 2011 at 06:36
Well, Patrick O'Sullivan the wanker that he is, is spreading something about me calling James Logsdons parole office and telling them to revoke his parole. I'm pretty sure this is the same thing he first blamed Randolph for, then Cailen and now me.

Anyone know about this?
Title: Re: Would anyone here know anything about this?
Post by: Private on 28 March 2011 at 07:14
Yes Chris, it is precisely the same thing Randolph and I were previously blamed for. The difference between the pair of us and Randolph is that Randolph did talk about doing exactly that and then later denied it - which is one of the reasons he no longer has any affiliation with our Church. Even so, it doesn't matter whether Randolph did or did not - and I believe he did not - contact Logsdon's parole officer, because Logsdon was already making similar accusations before Randolph broached that subject. Apart from that, Randolph is in the US and Logsdon specifically claims that his parole officer told him a call came from Australia - which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with Randolph.

However, one thing that many have noticed about O'Sullivan is that his denunciations of others are usually guilty denunciations for his own abominable acts of treason. Following along that train of thought, perhaps Logsdon is - for once - telling the truth and his parole officer did receive calls from Australia. And furthermore, perhaps the caller was O'Sullivan himself pretending to be you or I or any other he chooses to denounce. If that is indeed the case, I see it as a win/win call for O'Sullivan, who gets the opportunity to accuse and denounce anyone and everyone based in Australia, and possibly gets rid of Logsdon in process. What could possibly go wrong for O'Sullivan if he did indeed follow this scenario? Especially when anyone that figures out his little scheme is already on the Paddy hit-list.  8)

I wonder who'll next be accused of calling Logsdon's (Illinois, USA) parole officer from Australia? Perhaps it will be one of our Australian Church ministers or brothers, or maybe it will be an anonymous forum member reading this post? However this everlasting soap opera turns out, I'm sure Paddy will milk it for everything he can get.

Pontifex Cambeul.
Title: Re: Would anyone here know anything about this?
Post by: Private on 28 March 2011 at 08:02
He'll soon figure out that I won't react to his nonsence and move on, most likely blame it on someone else. But the funniest thing is he's saying that a phonecall was made from Penrith, my old hometown. Which implies it was made from a landline, something i've never had.

Title: Re: Would anyone here know anything about this?
Post by: Private on 28 March 2011 at 22:54
he's saying that a phonecall was made from Penrith, my old hometown

What a load of bullshit! But just as I expected from Paddy. Chris, if you had called me from a landline in Penrith, and provided I could see the number, I still wouldn't know whether it was based in Penrith, Wollongong, Newcastle or wherever. The days of local area numbers are dead. All anyone would see is the 02 for NSW. Same with my number for SA (and Broken Hill in NSW) - especially so since my landline is not on the standard phone network and the numbering system is different for each network type. Apart from that, what idiot would call the US from Australia using a landline when they can do it at a minuscule fraction of the cost by using Skype - which BTW registers as a call from the UK unless you set it up so that it shows your own mobile number, which is of course generic for the entire of Australia.

Again, if Logsdon was telling the truth, then it's more likely that the call came from Paddy himself. However, it's more likely that the pair of them believing in the Jewish style "big lie" theory cooked it up between themselves in the belief that if you throw enough mud, some of it has to stick. About seven years ago Paddy and Logsdon claimed I went to court in a trademark case against Paddy. Logsdon even claimed to have seen the "evidence" and that it would all soon be revealed. Instead of worrying about it, I challenged them to produce that evidence, and IF it was true, then I would sue Te-Ta-Ma for impersonation as well as have them charged with fraud and have Paddy's (Australian) World Church of the Creator trademark decision overturned in his favour. Once the challenge was put out there, the bull* stopped. This is a similar case. Challenge them to produce the number, the date and the time - to the second - that the call was made. Phone records show when and to where calls were made. At least they would if the number was valid.

Which also reminds me of another trick of Paddy's. Ten years ago he vouched for and put me in touch with one of his recruits in the Adelaide area. There was some talk of me providing the funding for a home-made nuke. I refused but was finally persuaded to go and meet the actual person who wanted to build the device. The meeting was with a fat, sweaty undercover copper who had just walked over from the local police station. I handled the situation, set him straight about how we do not involve ourselves in illegal activities, got rid of him and went after Paddy's accomplice, only to find that his name and phone number were real - but really someone else's. The name, phone number and his address had been lifted from the telephone book. It had been a setup from the start. Paddy was the one that had vouched for him, claiming to have met him personally, seen his ID proving he was whom he said he was, corresponded and talked with him on the phone extensively. It was a setup. Paddy knew it and was involved in it. That is how Paddy deals with rivals. Violence (as when he tried to con Australian Creators to go to Rockhampton and bash Reverend Shaun), JOG or Police, or fanciful lies (the bigger the better). Whether this entire Logsdon parole officer phone call from Australia is true or not, it's in Paddy's nature to both go with the big lie and to make the call himself in an effort to remove the final obstacle (Logsdon) to personal power, fame and fortune as the (ROTFL) leader of TCM.

Paddy and his bloody soap operas! The quicker he falls under moving tram wheels, the better.

Pontifex Cambeul.