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Title: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 12 December 2018 at 13:54
We are to build a Four Dimensional Religion:

"We have said that our goal is the building of a bright and beautiful world by achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment."
Excerpt from The White Man's Bible: Credo #1
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
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"Basics for survival. The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is the one who cannot recognize its enemies. The most stupid of all is the one who will defend and collaborate with the very enemies that are destroying it and its own kind."
Excerpt from The White Man's Bible: Credo #3

One of my personal favorites. Seems like common sense, but by looking at the world we live in, obviously common sense isn't that common.
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
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Too right on that one, brother. All the damn bleeding hearts and altruists who want to save humanity down to the last filthy mud just can't seem to get the message: those scum that are being uplifted and proliferated by our charity hate us! They won't back down from a chance to wipe some of us out, yet all those Whites who "love everyone" can't see the writing on the wall.
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 13 December 2018 at 22:34
A call to all my Brothers and Sisters:

As Creators we know that there is a problem and what the problems are in our world, so we all need to do our part in promoting our religion of Creativity rather it is by one on one interactions, by flyering, or any other creative way. Every Creator brings his/hers unique skills to help in the survival, expansion, and advancement of our beautiful race. This is our main goal, to help awake the mind polluted White Race.

The Flat Tire Syndrome

"A doctor is giving a patient a physical check-up. All the while he is groaning and moaning, deploring and lamenting the bad state of the patient's health. Finally he is finished and he reports his diagnosis. "You are a very sick man, Mr. Jones. You have terminal cancer. You probably have not more than 30 days to live." The patient, now much alarmed, inquires of the doctor "But doc, what is the solution?" The doctor walks off and says: "Solution? I hadn't thought of that. I haven't the foggiest idea."

What would you think of a doctor like that? If you were the patient, would you say that he has really helped you, or has he merely added to your worries and nervous strain? Furthermore, if the "experts" don't have a solution, would you not be inclined to throw up your hands and conclude: "If the experts have no solution, how should I know what to do?"

This little story pretty well describes the kind of "information" the White Race has been getting from the tens of thousands of professional "experts" who advise the average White yokel as to what is wrong with our economy, our society, our country and the world situation in general.

It has been stated that at least 20,000 "conservative" organizations have sprung up since W.W.II whose aim has been to save this country from "Communism", or from the Russians, or from socialism, or from a nuclear holocaust, or from financial collapse, or giving away the Panama Canal or from any one of a number of similar ailments with which the United States and/or the world in general is afflicted. Usually they send out an alarming appeal, and with it a return envelope with a card saying "Yes, I will help. Enclosed is $1000 - $500 - $100" etc. Invariably, whereas the alarm is as real as the cancer that our earlier patient was subject to, there is one all important factor missing. They fail to mention what solution, if any, they have in mind, and frankly, usually they themselves don't have the foggiest notion.

Are they of any more help to you than the doctor who walked off and admitted he hadn't thought of a solution and didn't have the foggiest idea? No, they are not. They are merely soliciting your money and throwing more dismay and confusion into the ranks. Some typical groups that indulge in this kind of mischief are the Kosher Konservative groups like the John Birch Society, the Jerry Falwells and the rest of their ilk. Analyze! Analyze! until hell freezes over. Skirt around the fringes of the problem and talk it to death. But never get to the heart of the problem (basically the International Jewish network) and never, never come up with a realistic, sensible solution. But they will continually nag at you, worry you, and implore you to throw more of your money down their particular rat hole. This reminds me of another imaginary situation that is the basis of our title to this article. Supposing you were driving down the turnpike and you suddenly suspect that you have a flat tire. You pull over to the shoulder, stop, get out to look and come to the conclusion that indeed you do have a flat tire. Basically that is all the diagnostic information you need to know as far as the problem is concerned.

You don't need to read another book or be told by a passerby that you have a flat tire. You already know what the problem is and whether you like it or not, you have the unpleasant job of correcting it. If while you are in the process of changing the tire a passerby stops and informs you "Hey, mister, you have a flat tire!" but docs nothing to assist, is he of any help to you? Supposing another, and another and a dozen more stop and tell you the same thing - something you already are well aware of, are they of any help? I would say, no they are not, and after the first alarmist, I would say that the continual rehashing of the problem could become damned annoying.

This is pretty well the modus operandi of most of the "help" we have been getting from politicians, preachers, Kosher Konservatives and a multitude of other polyglot groups. Analyze! Diagnose! But never get to the heart of the problem, and never come up with a meaningful solution.

Even in their diagnosis, such groups by and large give you false information, or at best, only a partial picture. This reminds me of an excellent poem by J. G. Saxe about six blind men from Industan who went to see an elephant. (It is on page 290 of the Fifth Grade McGuffey's Reader). It tells about the interesting but partial versions of the six blind men as they "sec" an elephant. The first one touching the side concluded an elephant is like a wall; another touching his trunk thought the beast similar to a snake; another touching its ear was convinced that an elephant was like a fan; and so on down the line: six completely different versions. None of them were exactly wrong but none of them had the whole picture, and anyone not knowing what an elephant was about would certainly get a completely erroneous version from any one of the six individuals. Even if he heard all six versions he would be unable to put the whole picture together from their jumbled and contradictory descriptions.

This is pretty well the situation the average White Man finds himself in today. With Jewish propaganda impinging on his mind with a thousand different versions of the problem being dumped on him by politicians, preachers, TV, etc., most of our good White Racial Comrades are hopelessly confused, and what with the Christian "moral" and "ethics" that they have been brainwashed (programmed is a better word) with, they are locked into a paralyzed, no-win position. They now have, what I prefer to designate as a "polyglot mind", which is so full of wrong or useless information and advice that they do not know which way to turn. Most of them prefer to throw up their hands, feeling that it is hopeless, they are trapped and that nobody knows the problem, much less the solution. As a result they shut their eyes to reality and prefer to live in a make-believe world in a state of hopeless desperation.

With Creativity and The Church of the Creator it is a different story. We offer an island of hope and sanity in a world that has gone stark, raving mad. We fearlessly go to the heart of the problem and shout loud and clear what the problem is and spell it out in our basic Bibles. And essentially the problem is racial, exacerbated by that master mind-manipulator of all time - the international Jew. We state loud and clear that their objective is the complete destruction of the White Race and garner unto the Jews all the control, the wealth and riches of this world.

In a nutshell, that's the heart of the problem. Have you ever heard your preacher tell you that? No, He'll tell you to pray to the spooks in the sky. Have you ever heard any politician spell it out to you? No. He'll tell you to re-elect him. When you do he'll help send more of your money to Israel and 120 other hostile foreign countries. Have you ever heard the Kosher Konservatives spell out the problem or the solution to you? No. They'll tell you the problem is socialism or communism (but never the Jew) and tell you to read another book or to write your Congressman (again and again). No wonder the White Man is confused as hell and hopelessly discouraged to the point of desperation.But The Church of the Creator does not just pinpoint the problem and stop there. We go on to spell out the solution, and that solution is to build up a massive racial religious movement polarizing the White Race into action for its own survival, expansion and advancement. We go further. We ourselves provide the framework, the leadership and the impetus to build a mighty army of aroused and united White Racial Comrades that sooner or later will engulf and encompass the entire 500 million White people that inhabit this Planet Earth. With such a force we will sweep our enemies before us, get the parasites off our back and build a Whiter and Brighter World - a beautiful world built by and for the White Race and the White Race alone".

Excerpt  from Expanding Creativity: Racial Loyalty Issue 1 - June 1983
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 14 December 2018 at 21:33
I am going to put you my top articles by Klassen who I remembered without finding. They are:
Never look through eye of snake  WMB
Civilization without racial religion-just destructive proccess for the White race WMB
Bashing the rich a fang of bolshevism last RL (in continue LRL)
If not Creativity what is If not know when-two articles about that LRL
Thoughts on libertarianism-somewhere in LRL
The triage LRL

It mean that is my favorite book On the brink of bloody racial war.

Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 29 December 2018 at 14:30
To my Brothers and Sister,
When you are told that it is wrong to hate, like by the christ-insaners and that you are suppose to love your enemies remember these words.

Love and Hate:

Both Healthy, Normal Emotions. There is no subject about which more hypocrisy is displayed than the subject of hate. We CREATORS take the position that love and hate go together as two sides of the same coin, and that every normal person in order to function properly and realistically meet life's problems must have the capability to feel and exercise both emotions. We believe that to suppress the emotion of hate towards your enemies is as abnormal as to be unable to love your wife, your children, your race and those near and dear to you. Every normal person loves and hates, and anyone devoid of either emotion is mentally sick.  ( Excerpt from The White Man's Bible: Credo #62 )
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 31 December 2018 at 15:34
Anyone who has questions regarding the meaning of life or the reason for being on this Earth doesn't really have far to look. To answer these questions and more, all one has to do is look towards Nature and read our Great Holy Books. Creativity is a truly well rounded religion, proven true by Nature, that touches on all aspects of the White Race's life. Creativity as a religion is, " the whole ball of wax ".

" If we have eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to think with, we can learn much from the Master Teacher - Mother Nature herself. " (Excerpt  from The White Man's Bible:  Credo #15)
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 31 December 2018 at 16:11
Right on, brother. The Purpose of Life that Nature has ordained unto us is to propagate and promote our own kind (Founder Klassen explains this in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, Book II, Chapter 3 "The Purpose of Life"). It is so obvious and basic, yet many will stumble on past it and say we're here to serve Yahweh, the cosmos or to make the world "safe for democracy" (read make it a Jew-dominated hellhole). But our religion wastes no time on cock and bull stories and gets right down to business. Our goal shall always be Nature's most basic law: to safeguard the survival of the White Race.
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 26 January 2019 at 13:49
Christianity, in my opinion is the biggest hurdle a Creator has in front of him/her when recruiting. It's truly been a devastating force on our beautiful Race.

The overriding goal of the Church of the Creator (now Church of Creativity) is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the immediate goal is to free the White Race from the worldwide yoke of Jewish tyranny. In order to achieve both goals in the necessary to build a massive, powerful movement that can smash the Jewish monster. Before the White Race can ever be in a position to unite, polarized and build such power structure it will first of all have to get its thinking straightened out. This it can never do as long as it entertains its most inner thoughts that most diabolical of all mind-scramblers, Jewish Christianity. By using ridicule and exposing this idiotic age-old spook in the sky swindle, we believe we can best help lead the White Race back to sanity, common sense and a healthy constructive attitude towards its own best interest. (Excerpt from A Revolution of Values Through Religion; page 117)
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 15 February 2019 at 14:36
The sooner the White Race realize this the sooner we, as a uniform race, can turn this war around. We should all be fighting to produce the Brighter and Whiter World we and our children deserve and have to achieve for the security of the White Race.

"Whether you like it or not, my dear White Comrades, you are locked into a vicious racial war, whether you realize it or not. The Jews have decided for you, they have locked you into it, and you cannot escape it. You are trapped, you are cornered. There is only one way out: fight your way out!
Rahowa!" ( Excerpt from Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 36 - June 1986 RAHOWA! Recognize your Enemies! )
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 01 March 2019 at 14:39
It must not be our objective to “help” the nigger “improve” himself. We have no interest whatsoever in “improving” and assimilating the nigger into our White society. It is the most stupid thing we could possibly do. The only thing niggers produce when they get outside help is — more niggers.
 (Excerpt from Nature's Eternal Religion; Book 1 Chapter 5: The Black Plague in our Midst)
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 11 April 2019 at 13:16
The basic requirements for the building of a healthy White society. They are as follows:

1. Racial Loyalty
2. Hatred and exclusion of alien races
3. Exclusive Territory
4. The Leadership Principle
5. Chain of Command
6. Sanctity of the Family
7. A Racial Soul.

Without these we cannot build a strong White social order, in fact we cannot even survive. Again, this is not something that I have invented, but these are basic laws that Nature has embedded in the very depths of our instincts over the many hundreds of thousands of years that the White Race evolved to ever- higher levels of existence. (Excerpt from Nature's Eternal Religion, Book 2 Chapter 8: Foundations of Our White Society)
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 11 April 2019 at 13:26
2. Hatred and exclusion of alien races

Our - Creator's - meaning of hate is intense dislike. Like, I hate liver, tongue and Texas Oysters, for example.

However, when the muds are attacking us on a daily basis, the HATRED becomes the virulent hate that Ben Klassen only imagined.

Break my ribs, smash my teeth, nose and eyes and tell me I deserved it because I AM WHITE? Tell me I'm frigging privileged for spewing and pissing blood because a nigger kicked my guts in? Tell me that my coon kicked bladder is White Privilege?

F. You Mud loving society, I WANT VENGEANCE.

@Multiculti Society: FTW and FU2 Libtard reading this!
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 14 April 2019 at 04:45
Wisdom like this is what makes our founder Ben Klassen such a great man.

Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 29 April 2019 at 12:32
For anyone who asks the question as to why we can't live with the mud races amongst us: There are many reasons but between the mind pollution of the Christian Bible and the idea that all men are created equal are definitely at the top of the list. Those two ideologies have brought down many White civilizations.

Those are a couple of reasons why we believe that it is truly better to concentrate on a total White Society through Creativity. This way we can promote our race without the drain of the unproductive/devastating mud races.

Support our own and let the others fend for their own survival or wither on the vine.

From the The Sixteen Commandments:

Commandment 7. Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.

Destroyer of White Civilizations. Thus, historically, through mongrelization the nigger has been able to destroy every race and civilization that has been stupid enough to drag him into their midst.
The Jew is utilizing every financial, legal or propaganda means today to mongrelize White America, to pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America. The Jew is pushing this program with a vengeance and a fury unparalleled in history, and we might add, with astounding success. Race mixing in America has become his supreme holy cause.
Must be purged. In the supreme interest for his own survival, the White Man must purge this poisonous element from his racial body and ship the niggers, all niggers, back to Africa.
Before he can do this, the White Man must first gain control of his own government and his own destiny. And before he can do that, the White Man must first of all straighten out his own thinking. This is what CREATIVITY is all about. (Excerpt from White Man's Bible; CREATIVE CREDO No. 29
Who Needs Niggers? Or, Elimination of the Black Plague)
Title: Re: "Words to Live By" From Our Founder - Ben Klassen
Post by: Private on 26 May 2019 at 14:16
I understand  that Klassen used America as his example due to our "nickname" of the melting pot. But truthfully in the current anti-white atmosphere that we live in this can be applied to any White Civilization being destroyed by the relentless invasion of niggers and mud races into their countries. Unfortunately all this is promoted and allowed by our corrupted J.O.G. governments. This is why we as a species need to band together under the religion of Creativity before it's to late. Creativity is the only religion designed for the survival, expansion, and advancement of our beautiful White Race and the only way we can have our Whiter and Brighter World.
To stop the genocide of the White Race, I urge every White Man and Woman to be active in spreading Creativity; Do your part to help aid in the fight for our species.


The Melting Pot - The Ugly American Dream

The Slop Pail. Back on the farm in Canada when I was a kid, we
used to throw all our leftover scraps from the table into a big pail,
along with soap water from washing the dishes, as well as any other garbage that ensued. We called it the slop pail and fed it to the hogs, the only animal that would tolerate such garbage for food.
The slop pail might also have been called the Melting Pot, the is
the current racial image the Jewish press and power establishment
trying to slop off on the White people of America — as the American Dream. (Excerpt from the White Man's Bible Creative Credo No. 18)