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Title: White Racial Personals - Matchmaking for the Racially Aware
Post by: Private on 17 December 2012 at 01:04
http://www.aryanblood.net (http://www.aryanblood.net)

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Dear sirs,

Included you will find a small banner ad to my website aryanblood.net. The site functions as a meeting place for racially aware Whites who are interested in long tern relationships or starting / adopting a family with conservative values. All major social networks like Facebook as well as online dating sites forbid ads with any sort of White racial overtones. On aryanblood.net people can be relaxed and open about their beliefs. In fact, users are told that since everyone on the site is a White Nationalist, it's pointless to itemize grievances since everyone on AB holds the same core values. AB has single men and women, as well as single mothers and fathers and its' purpose is the creation of White families.

If you could, I would appreciate an ad placement on your site. AB is free, takes no advertising, and is operated on a shoestring budget. It is friendly to all European languages as the site can be changed by the click of a flag and there is a built-in translator. If you can help spread the word about AB it would be much appreciated, but if you do not carry banner ads perhaps you could place a link to AB or forward this to another who may be interested.

Thank you for your consideration,

Swaz, Admin

Not refusing to add this one to our main site's links. We're just not adding anything at all at the moment. When the main site has been refurbished as planned, we will be adding a whole lot more links, audio and video recordings, and possibly aryanblood.net to our site. In the meantime, we'll see how they go.

Title: Re: White Racial Personals - Matchmaking for the Racially Aware
Post by: Private on 16 January 2013 at 23:39
Just adding my bit here with regards to any sort of match-making service. I really don't think it that important if a potential partner doesn't share ideology. My wife used to be an anarchist and commie but we fell in love anyway and eventually we compromised our views because we enjoyed each others company.
 I think too many dudes just think that they have to explain their racial ideology to the woman but really they more than likely  just are not really interested. Its like they aren't interested in car engines. They just think.."thats for the man to sort out..just don't bother explaining it to me."
I also think dudes just have to lower their standards in regards to mate selection with regards to weight, looks etc. what we need are families and they start with fertile women regardless of look so long as they are White.
None reproduction should not be an option when we are in competition with niggers and orthodox jews who average 7-10 children.
Title: Re: White Racial Personals - Matchmaking for the Racially Aware
Post by: Private on 14 February 2013 at 14:31
I have far too many friends who are unmarried or not in a relationship. I don't know what to say. I think they just have to drop their standards if anything. They are being far too picky dreaming of some kind of Valkyrie.
75% of White women are overweight so its probably the best place to start looking for a fat chick. Fat women are still fertile and eager to please,  they are homely and want families, they can also easily  loose weight under a bit of love and care. i'm gonna have to tell someone this. Maybe if they start with their lowest acceptable standard they will get somewhere instead of working their way down over the years and wasting half their life..
Title: Re: White Racial Personals - Matchmaking for the Racially Aware
Post by: Private on 15 February 2013 at 02:12
Been there, done that, and I've got the bitter scars of experience to show it.

Fat chicks, skinny chicks ... I can usually find something good in all of them, but what I want now is something that I've learned from experience that I need: An intellectually equal (or superior) Single White Female who takes pride in her appearance, her home, her heritage and her future. No selfish, grotesque or mixed race women need apply.

I've had a few women that met all of the above criteria, but age differences (I was the younger) meant that having anything more than friendship with me would lead to them being ostracised by their peers. They were also beyond child-bearing age or had hysterectomies, so they did not match my plans. Good company and perfect as the heads of a harem, but racially speaking, of little use in our present climate.

I agree with Reverends Albert and Van Damme, but will put it in my own way: Be pragmatic! Set a standard that you will not go below, and then hope for the best. As long as the lady - or gentleman (for you ladies) - meets your basic criteria, then make the best of it while you can.

Life is for living. If all you want is to dream of the unobtainable, then you should pay a visit to your local Christ-INSANE preacher where you will always be welcome to dream the dream of a fantasy better than life.