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WHERE DO YOU SHOP?....White/Non-White Owned?!


I try and always be conscoius of where my money goes, in all aspects...down to where I buy gasoline. We all should be like this. The influx of minority owned businesses just in my area is appauling.
I have a "Banned" list that our Family uses, businesses that I know are owned by the enemy, or are managed by them. I teach my Kids to be aware of where their money goes, not to just cave in because it's convienient, closer.
Fast-food is a given, though we all sometimes may have to eat there on occasion. If i'm working late, and i need to eat...I'll go to 'Jack-in-the-box'. (Mc Donalds ENFORCES supporting the Negro in every way imaginable!.....Go to their website, one of them, and read their Wal-Mart is another place that I hate, but sometimes ya gotta get where it's cheap

I'd like to get a list started, White & Non-White.
If you have knowledge of a certain business and their donation write-off's (Example. Johnson & Johnson Corp. Donates 800.000 anually to Negro colleges and Hispanic cultural groups....etc....
Get my point?!


--- Quote from: Br.Greg on 03 May 2011 at 09:01 ---we should all leave feedback about Mcdonalds reverse racist bs
--- End quote ---

There is nothing reverse about it; it is pure and simple racism. McDonald's follows a black supremacist agenda and should be boycotted the world over for its racist policies.

Now, reverse McDonald's 365 scheme so that it promotes White history, White culture and White education every day of the year and you will find that their stores would be shut down almost immediately. It is our task as Creators to expose this anti-White hypocrisy and put a stop to it whenever and wherever we can.

Pontifex Cambeul.

I shop at

Incidentally, May is Zombie Awareness Month So be aware!

We discussed this years ago... about how Jews will cross town to buy from their own.. we should do the same. just as our commandments tell us.... if we can identify our own. As for food..I generally starve myself when hungry.. just part of the Spartan way. I enjoyed reading this article on Stanley McCrystal. I assumed he was a  jew but I don't think so now. He runs seven miles a day and eats one meal. I'm impressed.

the jungle bunnies in my local town are to stupid to run a buisness so thankfully its all white owned shopping for me!


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