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When Did Klassen Coin the Term "RAHOWA" ?


Just curious about the origins of RAHOWA!


Interesting question. And the short answer is January/February 13 AC (1986).

The origins of the RaHoWa?

We can but speculate.

The origins of our Church Logo go back to the White People's political party that Founder Klassen was a part of. It was the logo for that party. Whether the interpretation of the logo was exactly the same or not, is never mentioned. However, if the interpretation was the same, then it points to the religious aspects of Creativity having much earlier origins than 1973.

--- Quote ---The "W" in our insignia stands for the noble White Race. The crown represents our unconditional right to supremacy in Nature's realm. The halo signifies purity of blood, and that we jealously regard our blood lines as the sacred value on the face of the earth.
--- End quote ---

Of course, the origins of our Church Logo have their own extended history prior to Ben Klassen that goes back more than a hundred years:

And so we can say does RaHoWa or Racial Holy War, with Holy War being a concept that has been around for thousands of years. It being the case of Creativity is the ultimate melding of Race and Religion. Therefore, RaHoWa, phraseology and concept came about bit by bit - as did so much of our religion. The Muslims have their Holy War for Islam. The Christians in response to Jihad banded together irrespective of Nation, as one solid battering ram, and had their own Racial Holy War that is today known as the Crusades.

Racial Loyalty: Issue No. 32, February 13 AC (1986 CE)

--- Quote from: Ben Klassen, P.M.E. ---Rahowa!

The Moslems have a word for it and have utilized it effectively for centuries. It is called Jihad, and means a holy war in the name of their religion, Mohammedanism. When they have invoked it, it has worked wonders.

Now the White Race has its own term for this phenomena. We coined it only a few months ago. (See Page 5 of Racial Loyalty No. 32.) It is called RAHOWA! and is the official battle cry of both (a) our religion. Creativity and (b) of our race. It means we have identified our enemies, and we are going to nail them to the wall. And who are our enemies? There is nothing vague about  that either. All the mud races are our deadly enemies for space and survival on this Planet Earth. But by far the most voracious, the most ferocious, the most deadly, is that foremost parasite of all, the Jewish network.

From Racial Loyalty: Issue 36, June 13 AC (1986 CE)
See Chapter 1 of RAHOWA! This Planet Is All Ours
--- End quote ---


Thanks very much Rev. Cambeul!




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