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--- Quote from: Guest ---I've always been a fan of the insurgent strategy, having no membership lists and keeping to the five words. This is the only way we will find success, especially as Creators. Welcome to the forum, I trust you'll find many like minded folk that are sick and tired of the old and failed membership organisation dramas.


--- End quote ---

"Organisation [sic] dramas?" You're joking, right? The White race, though still outnumbering HIGHLY organized Jewry by at least 30:1, will only find success against Jewry by rejecting PM Klassen's "fight fire with fire" Creativity approach to White renewal. The Church of the Lone Wolf, with no members, is the only answer, "especially for Creators."

I bet Big Jew hopes your approach catches on. Izzy ain't 'fraid o' no "organisation drams."

Klassen would have told you to either get with the COTC program to relentlessly organize our people around our exclusively Eurocentric creed or go start your own church and become another Leader of the Leaderless. It's not called a struggle for nothing. Undertaking to organize our long-suffering race to fight for our living space and to protect our precious gene pool is not easy and is not for the weak or fearful or easily defunctionalized. It's not done behind closed doors, "for fear of the Jew," or for fear of "organisation dramas."

Guest, you are a self-described fan (short for fanatic, BTW) of Leaderless Resistance, or "insurgent strategy," as you name it. Should you not instead be a fanatic for Creativity rather than for this anti-organizational approach which counters and clearly compromises the express purpose of the Creativity religion's Founder?

Sure, as with any successful religion, reading and rereading the White Man's Sacred Books of Creativity is important, as is the assertive distribution of these books, but that is all for naught if the aspiring Creator does not purposefully take things to the next level, as PM Klassen put it over and over in the WMB:

"[O]rganize a small church group and start recruiting members. Hold regular meetings. Don't worry about legalities [or about 'organisational dramas' either, for that matter], organizational structure, incorporation, charters or whatever. First, get started. Then we will get to the charter and legalities. Grow and expand. help to build a worldwide organization."

You don't believe we can nip the goddamned drama that comes with attempting to organize our people around their exclusive best interests, but we can. You have to believe that. We have to recognize defeatism when it raises its ugly head, too. If you can't deal with the drama, stand aside for those who can.

Klassen continues (WMB p.480):

"Get Started. We are powerful. This, in short, is the starter. Once you get started, the sky is the limit. Remember, the Jews don't have it all their way by any means. For one thing we are better fighters than they are. We are more intelligent. We are creative, productive and self-sufficient in our own right. We don't need the Jews, the niggers or any other mud people to survive and prosper...And last but not least, we the White race outnumber the Jew at least thirty to one. How many more advantages do you need?"

Promote, Distribute, Organize. Liberius, in a nutshell, that sums up Creative Credo No. 72 -- Our Organizational Goals. As a Creator, why would you want to condradict that and confuse people by promoting your 'insurgent strategy" instead?

What is "TCM" and what does it have to do with Creativity?

The organisational dramas that Guest speaks about are - the different organisations which are ultimately after the same goal eternally bitching and trying to stab one another in the back. The same goes for leadership struggles and ongoing soap operas within the various organisations.

Some notorious examples from the WCOTC are ...

Sexual Indiscretion
A screws B's wife causing division between the supporters of A, B and those that are disgusted by the entire fiasco.

The End of the WCOTC:
Illiterate, bi-polar, alcoholic, megalomaniac A gains a small following (B and C) and decides that he is the only true leader for the White Race, so A denounces everyone from D through to W whom he perceives as a threat to his personal superiority. X, Y and Z suddenly appear on the scene and a personality cult evolves around A.  Meanwhile D through to W look to their leader to do something about the situation, but nothing is done. Prior factionalism prevents concerted action on the behalf of D through to W and they either quit or are denounced as Jews, traitors, JOG agents, ad nauseam and thrown out. END OF ORGANISATION.

The End of the Women's Section of the WCOTC:
Female A, is hard working and earns her title as head of the Women's Section of the organisation. Female A has the hots for the leader of the organisation. Female B also has the hots for the leader of the organisation and temporarily becomes the leader's affectionate other. Female A has a fit and leave's the organisation, taking with her all her contacts and supporters. Female B assumes the role of female leader until she has a little tiff with the leader of the organisation and then quits. Thereby ending all independent female association that organisation.

It can be argued that the above examples are common to all groups of human beings and must be expected and dealt with from time to time. The problem with the organisations that make up the White Pride Movement (which I do not believe exists) is that other than a bit of flag waving in public from time to time, the soap operatic tendencies of the organisations seem to over-ride all activism. It can also be argued that this type of thing can be brought under control by a strong authoritarian leader, but considering the plethora of incompetent leaders within the so-called "Movement," most wouldn't trust them to guess their weight, never-mind give them an order which they would obey.

If the above were the only reasons to avoid organisations, I would laugh and tell them to get over it. The real problem these days - and I'll only mention how it has and still does relate to Creativity - is the fact that an organisation requires a head man. A target if you wish. The head man or target is there to take responsibility for the actions of all of his members and to fight for the rights of that organisation and it's aims in a court of law when possible. Each time that an organisation dedicated to Creativity has begun to be effective while working openly and within the law, they have been taken down by either a law suit or a series of arrests - or more often by both. Here I speak of Reverend Loeb's arrest and Ben Klassen vs the SPLC bringing an end to the premier Church of the Creator, and the Tea-Pot-Gang vs Matt Hale and his arrest bringing an end to the World Church of the Creator.

For these reasons I believe that large authoritarian organisations are a thing of the past. Those of us that follow a common creed with common values should - and I stress should be able to unite despite our differences - be they regional, socio-economic or even cultural differences.

--- Quote ---Organize a small church group and start recruiting members. Hold regular meetings. Don't worry about legalities [or about 'organisational dramas' either, for that matter], organizational structure, incorporation, charters or whatever. First, get started.
--- End quote ---

Incorporation in any legal sense is - again - a thing of the past. The downfall of the COTC, the WCOTC and many other organisations are proof that highly structured organisations are no longer viable. If a tactic no longer works, it is time to pursue a new tack. I am not particularly enamoured with total Lone Wolf activism myself. I prefer the cell structure method PM Klassen first outlined, provided the authority figure can be replaced at a moment's notice if he's taken by the JOG.

They are the facts as I see them. If PM Klassen was able to somehow be resurrected today, I would argue the same point with him. Matt before his arrest had decided to use the same as a legal tactic in a court of law. Massachusetts - with Matt's approval, had "legally" broken away from the WCOTC so that any decisions effecting the main Church would not effect Massachusetts and affiliated Creators. What very few know is that Matt was prepared to declare in court that the South Australian chapter of the WCOTC - My Chapter! - was a "rogue" group who were not under his authority and therefore not subject to the laws of the United States. People can speculate on the what if's, but any defence was forestalled by Matt's arrest and the dramas that ensued - or to be precise, the no longer contained explosion of already ongoing dramas with the Church.

"Promote, Distribute, Organize" on a local level and don't give the JOG an easy target. For in Creativity we have the creed to unite us all. We all know the best ways to effectively advance Creativity within our own sphere's of influence. Let us continue to expand and advance the creed of Creativity. Let us give Creativity the sound environment it needs to prosper. Let us build the Whiter and brighter world we care so dearly about, and together may we win this racial holy war.


Excellent commentary, Cailen, from one who has obviously kept up with things for a while and has given the subject lots of thought.

No revolution can be forced before its time. Just because our race has seen setback after setback in trying to mount a successsful resistance to Judeofascism is no reason to quit trying to arouse, inspire and organize our people for their long term welfare and survival. We must constantly adapt to a changing world, knowing that for every measure there is a countermeasure. We are the guerrilla this time around, as parasitic Big Jew obviously has the big battalions at this stage in our eternal struggle for life. Witness that Jewry and its Shabbos goy collaborators have enslaved future generations of White American taxpayers with six trillion dollars in new debt in just the past six weeks, virtually all of it going to the criminal banksters and other favored anti-White factions of the new U.S. Obomanation. It's easy to let defeatism take hold in the face of that, alone.

What a shame at a time like this that White America has NOTHING in place that advocates forcefully for its exclusive best interests other than a bunch of goddamned internet discussion boards full of anonymous cybernazis snapping at one another for all to see. At least in the old days we activists met and interacted and knew who we were dealing with for the most part.

This discussion should be held in a private, invitation only forum, not here with the watchdog and curious lurker. Unfortunately that takes ORGANIZATION. As for being afraid of organization drama, I'm reminded of something Tom Metzger siad years ago: If you can't take the hate, get out of the kitchen. If organizing White people were easy there would be more of us doing it.

You wrote: If a tactic no longer works, it is time to pursue a new tac.  Changing tactics is necessary, yes, but Creativity is a sound strategy, and as immutable as the Laws of Nature. We need never compromise on strategic long term objectives, only on methods of attaining them. Period! The trouble with most recent attempts at organizing our people is that the alleged leaders have been so quick to compromise on fundamental long term strategic principles -- such as that worshiping the Jewish tribal god is acceptable among Jew-fighting adherents -- in favor of short term gains in a broader "Xian friendly" outreach.

We will either be a White movement or a Xian one; not both.

Some good ideas there. Though Ben Klassen espoused "The leadership principle", history shows it can be a weakness. When Alexander confronted Darius he said that if Darius was killed the entire Persian Empire would be beheaded, but if he (Alexander) fell another would take his place. Similarly when Cortez destroyed the Aztecs, he only had to capture Montezuma to control the Empire. We just have to keep pushing Creativity. The Creators of the early days are valuable assets not to be expended. As more people agree with us and we grow Creativity will sink into peoples hearts bringing about the "Revolution of Values" in our People that we need to survive.


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