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I have opened up Twatter again after years of ignoring it, to kick political arse and chew bubblegum. And I don't have any bubblegum.

Let's see how long this lasts ...
Because next it'll be WHITE LIVES MATTER.
And both will be used to target politicians on Twatter.

IT'S ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE— Creativity‚ďĆAlliance (@CreatorAlliance) April 30, 2022
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We still exist on Twatter because we kept our heads down and did not post for years. Just logged in and out to prove it is real. Even when we did post on there, it wasn't anything controversial - but we still had some problems. So, if everything works, I intend to attack politicians however I can, and remain under the radar of the new Twatter Regime. It's my current favourite hobby.

The first test is the simplest. Is it, or is it NOT Alright to be White? That is the question.

Cailen.— Creativity‚ďĆAlliance (@CreatorAlliance) April 30, 2022
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