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Title: Trump effect and Creativity
Post by: Private on 10 November 2018 at 02:56
Let we know that I all anti-immigrant organizations across the world call as Trump effect. Recently I watched on  TV by one Slavic state anti-immigration guests whose voice mainstream media want crush with cenzorship. Same organizations blocked Creativity.

Guests were racist as KKK you know racist christians however they support Israel policy against immigration. They did not mention Kalergi plan of White genocide who is pro-zionist plan and they strongly support all zio anti immigration movements. Creativity is prohibited as religion and mugwumps are allowed. They did not attack Vatican does not matter that Romanchatolic Church support immigration and they are members of such Curch so their view on racist christianity is not accepted by christian priests nor their highestproest as pope.

 They will continue baptized their children eventualno by non white priests and going in Christian Church. Remember that were American soliders recruit against Hitler in WW2 and stay with communism because Hitler was against Christianity. That is same way how would they react with anti-christian Creators.
Title: Re: Trump effect and Creativity
Post by: Private on 10 November 2018 at 03:44