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--- Quote ---I bought a "RaHoWa Creativity Hoodie" a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in good time and I find it to be perfect winter-wear. I must admit that I was a bit worried about the design prior to receiving it, however, the quality of the finished product far outweighs that of the image in the advertisement. Excellent! Any Creator worth his salt should be proud to wear one of these.

Reverend Cambeul
--- End quote ---

As the review says, I bought a "Hoodie" from TightRope. Took about two weeks to get here (South Australia) from the US. Everything else is basically covered in the review. So, if this is the type of clothing you like to wear, then I suggest you purchase your next "Hoodie" from TightRope.



--- Quote from: Email Correspondence ---White Will

I have purchased from tight rope, and have found their pride to be lacking.

Yes the, err, self defense mechanisms are made here, in our land, but all of the clothing is made in colored/mongrelized areas.. I got a polo, it was made in Haiti!... with the same order I got a hoodie, it was made in mexico....

we have to stop supporting our enemies.

--- End quote ---

My Response:

Tightrope used to be run by a friend, Byron Calvert. He's an honorable family man of the top rank who has done the work of ten lesser men for Our Cause for at least the 15 years since I first met him. I can't say if TR is still run by Byron, but if it is he will always honor an order for material. Rev. Cailen's description of his positive experience rings true. Your description of Tightrope suggesting they are somehow our enemy, does not.

Have you tried to purchase T-shirt or "hoodie" blanks lately, with the requirement that they must be made in the USA? You're more likely to get ones with "Hecho en China." Even much of the clothing "Made in the USA" now is actually put together by non-White coolie labor, so don't judge Tightrope by those labels.

When I dropped in at the The Creativity Movement (TCM) site the other night I saw them badmouthing Tightrope. If anyone deserves badmouthing, its those phony Creators at TCM. I made one post there that was removed almost immediately. TCM is not legitimate. FACT!


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