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The White Right


The White Right

Soldiers of the Iron Cross
Come and make your stand
All across the wide world
Skinheads hand in hand
When our freedom is at stake
Dont tell us to behave
We will all rather die
Before we live as slaves
Missions of suicide
This is what we choose
Acts of sabotage and fear
We will never lose

"Thy honour is loyalty"
We`ll fight every day
Till our victory is secure
We will never betray
Reign of terror will begin
War against the reds
Total world onslaught
Will leave many dead
Elimination of the weak
Quickly takes its course
The future belongs to us
You`ll abide by our laws

The Fourth Reich will arise
White supremacy
Enemies in thier graves
A pure society
No more riff raff
We`ll cut the rest to size
If you step out of line
You have to pay the price
Only the strong survives
Throughout day and night
Crushing those on the left
Gives victory to the right

The White Right
We will inherit the earth
The White Right
Destined leaders from our birth
The white Right - The ultra right
This is where we`ll die


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