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Author Topic: The Truth about Sesame Street

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The Truth about Sesame Street
« on: 23 March 2010 at 13:47 »
The Truth about Sesame Street
By Sister L. T.

The Truth about Sesame Street

Quote from: Private
"sunny days, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is clean.... can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.........."

These are the familiar opening lines of the theme song from Sesame Street, a television show which, for almost 30 years, has been hyped as the "best" children's show on the air, winning every prestigious award imaginable in the area of children's "education". For years now, misguided parents have bought the Sesame Street myth - hook, line, and sinker - i.e. that it's a "marvelous" show, and a "valuable" learning experience for kids. Sesame Street, is, indeed, a billion-dollar industry , having sneaked its way into the world's consciousness via Kermit the Frog, Big Bird, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch (the character that pops out of a garbage can), and (ugh) Elmo. However, White parents with young, impressionable children need to be warned about the dangers of this show and how destructive it is from a racial standpoint. They need to be aware of the many insidious ways Sesame Street undermines White pride and begins a thorough brainwashing of White children's minds at a crucial phase of their development - when they are just beginning to acquire self-awareness and discovering who they are as people.

To write this article, I watched several episodes of Sesame Street, (which, believe me, was almost more than I could stand ), and I would like to share with you the "highlights" of one show. I have never understood how any White parent with an OUNCE of dignity or pride could expose their children to the trash of Sesame Street, regardless of how "wonderful" everyone in the " mainstream" world says it is. It's bad enough that we, as adults, are continually subjected to the garbage pouring out of the jew toob - it's quite another to intentionally put helpless children in front of it, day in and day out. Nothing makes me angrier than seeing innocent, vulnerable WHITE children exposed to the scum of the earth by the master manipulators of our media. Hopefully, after you read this article, you will never feel the same about this supposedly "innocent" children's show , and will make sure that it is off-limits to your children from now on.

First, it's important to know a few things about the founder of Sesame Street to understand the background and beginnings of this show. The concept for Sesame Street is the "brain child" of a woman named Joan Ganz Cooney. Remember that name. It's one you'll see popping up in the strangest places if you do a little research. Ms. Cooney (jewish), developed Sesame Street and founded an organization called the "Children's Television Workshop" (CTW) in 1969. CTW should be renamed the AWTW - Anti-White Television Workshop, because that's what it really is. The CTW has grown into an umbrella organization responsible for the production of many leftist, "multicultural" children's shows filled with Third World slum kids extolling the virtues of One Worldism. Originally, Sesame Street was specifically designed for and aimed at "inner city" children. ("Inner city", of course, is the leftist code word for non-White.) Many people don't realize that Sesame Street always intentionally targeted "minority" kids from the very beginning of its existence, and this emphasis continued to grow over the years, resulting in the version we see today - every color of the rainbow, all linking hands in "togetherness" as they skip down Diversity Lane into Never-Never Land.

To give you an inkling of Joan Ganz Cooney's political agenda, she's a bonafide member of the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission - organizations which play huge roles in the formation and support of the Jew World Order. It doesn't get any worse than that - unless you count her continuous involvement with every horrible leftist cause on the face of the earth, an example of which would include her participation in November 1996 as a member of the Hosting Committee on behalf of GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). In other words, Joan Ganz Cooney is just about as bad as they come. Yet, she has been given carte blanche to mold young, impressionable minds for almost 30 years with her perverse ideas and influence!

Here's a sampling of something I found on the Internet, written by a fan of Sesame Street, discussing the "celebrities" who often appear: "My two favorites were Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Kermit doing the African Alphabet and Cookie Monster, rapping old school style, complete with kangol, big gold chain and baggy clothes, about Healthy Foods. There was everybody from John Candy, Kid n'Play, Boyz II Men, Paul Simon, Lou Diamond Phillips, Susan Sarandon, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Some of the kids of "Sesame Street" have even made it into the spotlight, such as Tatiana Ali from the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and Savian Glover, star of "Ping in the Noise, Ping in Da Funk, Ping in Da Noise."

Ladysmith Black Mambaza? African Alphabet? Kangol, big gold chain, and baggy clothes? Yep - that's the garbage that White children see on Sesame Street on a regular basis. Rappers, "gangstas", and Hollywood "celebs" who need a quick paycheck. Indeed, a few courageous critics have pointed out that Sesame Street - like many so-called children's shows - is geared to teens and adults, with subtle adult humour and innuendo. Here are the "highlights" of a typical, one-hour Sesame Street episode which aired October 16, 1997: (The show is divided into segments)

The Sesame Street theme song on this episode is sung with a "Calypso" beat..."sunnny days, sweeping the clouds away" (eh mahhhhnnnnn). Typically, the musical background on Sesame Street is rock, reggae, rap or some degenerate "tune" served up to our helpless, vulnerable youngsters. As usual, the opening scenes show a horde of ethnic kids running down the street - four are black, one looks asian, the other latino. On Sesame Street, groups of kids are always a blur of dark - practically no fair-skinned children, very few blondes - mainly dark skins and nappy, corn-rowed hair. Some of these kids look like little Rastafarians. Blacks are the most prevalent group -there always seems to be more of them than any other "ethnic group" in "da 'hood." Most of the surroundings on Sesame Street are typical urban jungle - loud traffic, alleyways, high rise buildings.........slum-dweller, asphalt environments. Rarely is there open land, rolling hills, beautiful quiet parks, or harmonious, clean landscapes of the sort White people and children respond to and most enjoy. (if they show a park, it's usually something like Central Park in New York - a crime-filled urban area). Every show looks grubby, dirty, and garbagey (on their way to where the "air is clean"? Hardly!). Many of the kids on the show look like they haven't had a bath in awhile.


Oscar the Grouch, an asian girl, (amidst a slum background of garbage cans and junk), and two puppets (one of whom speaks with an obvious latino barrio accent and is named Rosita ) discuss "Slimey", a worm. Slimey wants to go to the park with them. At one point, Rosita even says, "ay yay yay", (which sounded ridiculous, like an outdated version of West Side Story.) Between looking at the junk, listening to Rosita's garbled accent and watching Slimey, I didn't know whether to scream or throw up. The Slimey segment is interpersed back and forth throughout the show.


Surprise surprise, a White child named Rory is featured. He's shown attending his karate class. Nothing wrong with martial arts, but this segment was simply another excuse to showcase a foreign culture. Immediately behind him are two black girls. They all bow and say "hello" in Japanese. The karate class is composed almost entirely of non-White, ethnic kids. Rory appears to be about the only White in a class of 20 or so kids. Poor Rory - I felt sorry for him. Also, some of the kids look like teenagers , 15 or 16 years old, as they kick and scream while practicing karate. This segment was really nothing more than an excuse to depict a bunch of inner-city slum kids as they scream, kick, and appear militant and combative.


An animated ball with sleazy thick red lips rolls onto the screen accompanied by a male background voice singing low-down whiskey-soaked "blues" - sort of a Little Richard take-off on "Lucille" , but the name is "Cecile". As the ball with big red lips rolls around, the male voice sings:

"She can bounce She can roll
She can spin like a wheel
She's got a rubber soul And her name is Cecile.
Cecile, no one can match 'ya,
Cecile, you're off the wall,
Cecile, I'm gonna catch 'ya
And when I do, I'm gonna have a ball." (obvious sexual innuendo).

 The song continues, and sounds like something you'd hear coming from a skid row bar in South Central L.A. Now "Cecile the Bouncin' Ball" sings in a raspy black female voice: ,

"I'm lost in a daze
Running opposite ways
Since I got mixed up with you.
Going fast, going slow,
Going high, going low,
Try something old and something new...

The song continues like this, with the big red lips singing boozily about hi, low, up, down, in, out, etc. I can't imagine what little kids are supposed to get out of this garbage.There are better, more beneficial and educational ways of teaching kids the concepts of "up" "down" or "high", "low", if, indeed, that's what any of this is about. I'm an adult, and I must confess I was mystified and disgusted by the whole segment.


This was a very long segment about asians living in Northern China, going into extreme detail about asian "culture", festivals, pagodas, pandas, etc. A map of China is flashed repeatedly in a sort of subliminal brainwashing technique. This segment is part of Sesame Street's habitual emphasis on non-White cultures, extolling their supposed virtues, and since China is becoming one of our favored "trading partners", it's obvious that Sesame Street wants to influence our youngsters to accept and extol the asian "culture".


A puppet character singing with guitar, while four other puppets serve as back-up singers, wearing black leather jackets and looking like street thugs. This was another one of Sesame Street's typical adult "take-offs" of an Elvis song (Blue Suede Shoes). The entire segment was amazingly grungy, and was not appropriate for children!


Scenes of children in a gymnastics class. There seemed to be a few more White children in this segment (I guess Sesame Street had to fill their token "White" quota somehow), but it was still predominantly non-White. The White children weren't featured in any meaningful way - they were just running around.


The "Pizzeria Dos" segment - a pizza shop where everything is sold in "two's" - except here it's in Spanish - Uno, Dos. (Sesame Street has always been into the bilingual bit - teach White kids to speak spic, anything other than English.) Uno, Dos, Uno, Dos - not One, Two.


A very quick animated cartoon portraying a White man the way Sesame Street loves to portray him - as a "hayseed redneck country feller" with a fiddle. Non-Whites always complain about the way they are portrayed in the media. Well, what was this but anti-White propaganda, designed to make the White race look stupid and silly?


This segment was THE WORST. It's gender-reversal propaganda, using music to the Broadway show "Guys and Dolls" Here are the lyrics:


When you see a really strong guy
Batting balls way up to the sky
There could be a chance the guy's got a doll.
When you meet a really smart girl
With a doll that's her very best pal
It just might be she's got a truck she races around her room
Cause she likes to go vroom vroom vroom.

When a guy's got himself tucked in
Who does he want tucked in with him?
Who does he keep by him while he dreams all night?
It's not his bat It's not his baseball
It's his favorite doll he likes to hug most of all
Cause some guys really like to play with dolls.

This little ditty goes on and on, ending with both the boy and girl hugging their toys - he with his doll, her with her truck. Obviously, this song was designed to introduce children to sex-role "reversal" - it's okay for guys to like dolls, it's okay for girls to like trucks. No wonder our country has turned queer!

This should give you a good idea of the totally unacceptable mindrot being peddled on Sesame Street. White parents must monitor this show! White mothers, PLEASE don't be fooled into thinking that this show is anything other than anti-White trash! Write to the producers and tell them that there are watchful eyes out here, observing and recording. Remember - people like Joan Ganz Cooney are asleep at the wheel and have been for years now. She'd like to believe that only little defenseless four and five-year olds are in the audience, but we are here to remind her that there are grown adult White mothers and fathers with a stake in the future of our children also watching! Let these so-called "educators" know that you will not permit your children to view Sesame Street, and that you and your friends will boycott the products they sell that have anything to do with the show (i.e. Tickle Me Elmo and other commercialized junk.)

If anyone asks why you don't let your children watch Sesame Street, simply tell them it's because Sesame Street discriminates against White children and White culture by presenting unwholesome, degraded images which are harmful to the White race. Let them know that Sesame Street is, in reality, a dangerous ONE-WAY street, which leads to only ONE destination - the destruction of the White Race!
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."

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Re: The Truth about Sesame Street
« Reply #1 on: 25 March 2010 at 01:52 »
Excellent find Private,  and thanks to Sister Lisa Turner of the WCOTC Sisterhood for that one. I hadn't thought of it, but Sesame Street  truly isn't  good for our children.

Typical race mixing propaganda!
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Re: The Truth about Sesame Street
« Reply #2 on: 28 January 2020 at 20:17 »
Never could stand Sesame Street. Even as a two or three year old, I remember being offended by the gangs of strange black kids running around the city looking like little freaks with their ridiculous afros.

Private These days, even remembering that puts me in mind of a prelude to that 1979 movie, The Warriors ... because that's what those nigglets grew up to become.

Sesame Street Kids: Cast Reunion
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Re: The Truth about Sesame Street
« Reply #3 on: 28 January 2020 at 21:21 »
I dunno! I can’t help but hold a soft spot for this show. I’ve been watching it ever since I could remember. My parents taught me some things. Sesame Street taught me the others.

It always was a multi cult show though. But at least you could learn Spanish from the beaners on there in the meantime.

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