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The 1st Church - Lighthouse Point Florida

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I am living in Pompano Beach FL.  I was reading the the 1st  Church of the Creator was in Lighthouse Point FL.   It all in Broward county.  Lighthouse Point is a few blocks down from me.  Do everyone have pics or an address of it ???, I would love to check it out.  Thanks for any help

In the first print of the WMB, the P.O. Box is given as 5908, Lighthouse Point, Fla. 33064.

Perhaps you can obtain that Post Office Box for yourself?


Thanks for the reply.


The only church building was in Otto, NC where it still stands, albeit vacant and not in Creative possession. In the early days when Beloved Founder resided in Florida, there was no Church building nor even a meeting house of any sort. Beloved Founder recognized that he had a "mail order" ministry and sought to change that by building the actual Church in North Carolina.
Still, if you find Beloved Founder's residence in Pompano Beach (or any information about the early congregation), I would very much like to hear about it.

I not sure how to go about finding it but I will try me best to.  I will post any finds and if everyone can help that would be great.  Thanks


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