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Title: Siege at Ruby Ridge
Post by: Private on 13 January 2017 at 10:57

This is the five part tele-movie of the tragedy at Ruby Ridge. Creators that know Randy Weaver have reported that Randy has said that the tele-movie was based on his book and that it wasn't totally correct, but was pretty close. This is the best you will ever get from Hollywood/MSM.

Documentary extras have been added after the movie.

Book: Siege at Ruby Ridge - In Our Own Words


Synopsis by the1911patriot on April 14, 2014

I recently purchased and read this work to refresh myself on the details of the FedGov orchestrated murders at Ruby Ridge in 1992. I purchased this book co-written by Randy Weaver and his daughter Sara (who was 16 when this tragedy occurred). This book includes back-ground material on the Weaver's and their move to Idaho. They were a very nice family who just wanted to be left alone to be free in the mountains on land they owned. After Randy got in a financial straight he sold two sawed-off shotguns that were 1/4" (yes, one quarter of an inch) below the legal limit to a man who turned out to be a government snitch running an entrapment operation for the ATF. (Technically, the 2nd Amendment protects all firearms and weaver did nothing wrong). When Weaver refused to be a snitch for the Feds, the situation snowballed downhill. Eventually U.S. Marshalls ambush and kill Sammy Weaver (age 14) and his dog; one U.S. Marshall is accidentally killed by his own men in this exchange of fire. The government then issues unprecedented and unconstitutional) shoot on sight orders for the Weaver adults. The next day an FBI sniper shoots Randy in the back while checking on the body of his son and then shoots family friend Kevin Harris and murders (unarmed) Vicki Weaver with a 308 round to the head while she stood in the doorway holding her 10 month old daughter. Eventually highly decorated former Green Beret Bo Gritz is allowed to talk to Weaver and convince him to surrender. Weaver and Harris were tried and acquitted of all charges, except Weaver who was convicted of failure to appear at a trail date before this situation occurred. The government also settled a $3 million plus dollar wrongful death suit with Weaver's 3 minor daughters. However, no one-from sniper Lon Horiuchi to ATF/FBI/USMS officials, was ever tried and brought to justice for their crimes against Weaver's family and America. The U. S. Senate did an investigative hearing about the Ruby Ridge incident and Weaver quotes some of their findings in this book. Ruby Ridge was the warm up for Waco. The government backed off a bit after Waco because of public outcry, but they did not change or punish those involved. The book "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge" is a required book for serious American patriots. Highly recommended.