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Title: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 14 May 2009 at 03:01
Klassen always refers to mormonism as a better scam than christianity. I would agree with that only in the sense of their church structure and hierarchy, as I am intelligent enough not to fall for their BS religion. However, hats off for their organisation.

I do however have more respect for fundamentalist mormons (as they do not except non-whites into their midst, but also practice polygamy) than the latter day saints mormons, which is nothing more than a government approved monogamist sect, a bastard religion. What the latter day saints will never mention is that Joseph Smith, their Profet at the time of his death had 32 wifes.

The fundamentalists are more in line with the jewish tactic of creating followers through procreation rather than recruiting. However they do recruit also, and only within the white population who they think is worthy - ie good genes. They have several wives and more or less breed on a rotation base. With this method in place the male procreates till he is dead or over 70 years of age, when he is no longer able to produce seed, thus utilising his whole life cycle to expand his next generation. The family structure is patriarchal and hierarchical with the father being the head of the family. After him comes the first wife, below her - the second and so on. With this practice they create a fast spreading, impenetrable community where infiltration is virtually impossible for outsiders - even white ones.

My question to you is, should Creators, since we do have a superior religion to mormonism, implement such tactics and approve of polygamus relations for our purposes ?

One of the reasons I would approve of polygamus marriages for Creators and other Whites (only) is because there are more White Women then White Men at the current moment on this planet. Do you want to pass them on to the muds ? I don't want to.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 15 May 2009 at 13:55
When I was younger I thought that the family unit of one mother with one father and a child or children was the White way. Reading a bit of history I saw that much of what is considered White is actually just Roman and Jewish familial habits (which were much closer to each other than they were to Celts and Germanics) adopted to Christinsanity and imposed on White people.

I never really gave it much thought until I read something our founder and first PM, Ben Klassen, wrote when he dismissed polygamy for the moment simply because the society we live in makes it untenable.

Being, at the time, recently divorced, I may have had a personal snigger about a sort of personal ownership of multiple women and never gave it a second thought.

Now that I've been divorced eighteen years, met a few more women over time, learned a helluva lot more and hopefully matured a little, I could see myself with several women. Oddly enough, this didn't occur to me until I noticed that Muslims and Abos in Australia cite not being "Christian" as the reason for their right to have multiple wives. Although Australian law says otherwise, it at least on the surface appears to turn a blind eye and accept Abos and Muslims having multiple wives. As one would expect, it seems to be based on religion and culture - but it is ninety percent race based. Remember Klassen's almost offhand comment about polygamy, I started wondering why White people - why Creators especially can not be polygamis in Australia under the same system?

There's nothing stopping us. Oh, you might have to fight a bigamy charge in court, but if you setup your multiple marriages in the same way as the Muslims do - one legal wife under Australian Christinsane law and the rest as defacto wives/common law wives after a wedding ceremony/ies performed by one of our own reverends - so if you are dragged into court, you have the chance of either setting a precedent so that White people have the same rights as non-Whites in this case, or removing all rights to polygamy from Muslims and Abos.

Giving that polygamy under the above system is accepted, it would then be up to us to devise a set of recomendations for the intended polygamist.

At least, that's my take on things.

For the meanwhile, I'll continue to live alone.

Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 17 May 2009 at 03:29
I see no logical reason to discount or ban Polygamy in Creativity. After the thirty years War, when 2/3 of the population of Germany had killed itself over arguments between Catholoicism and Protestantism, laws where changed to allow two wives, in order to restore the population.

In Hitlers table talks, Hitler considers allowing the same law change when the war is over, in order to restore the population.

The problems are that White women generally don't have the mind to share their man. Secondly few men can pull off having a second female in tow.  Raising kids can be expensive never mind having two families or more under one roof. It brings also into question birthrate. A man with four wives and sixteen children is only trebling  the White population in mathematical terms. From five individuals to 16. In contrast a man with eight children is quadrupling the number of White people in the next generation.

Then again with so many White females going to waste and so many low grade White males around Polygamy can only be considered positively.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 18 May 2009 at 06:13
I like the idea of polygamy but I see it the way david lane does, you must earn the right by your efforts advancing our race, a few examples of men that deserved this right would be Robert j Matthews and Nikola Tesla, someone of superior intelligence or bravery in combat to be bred with the best looking loyal girls heroes blood and genius blood should be abundant in our gene pool to breed a more superior society.

Of course it would have to be mutual and the women would have to consent to it, the man should also take care of all his kids.

But the sons of heroes and geniuses would not reap the same reward unless they earned it for themselves.

Not only would this give us men a reward for being brave and fighting for our race, it would give us a bigger population of all creators and the gene pool would have superior genes in abundance.

I do not see a downside to this.

I also think cowards and traitors should not be able to breed at all, for the slight chance of cowardice being hereditary.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 19 May 2009 at 02:36
To worry about which White person is allowed to procreate at this stage would be a quicker death for the White race. Leave that kind of thinking out for at least the next hundred years.

Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 19 May 2009 at 10:11
In Australia, our government pays mothers $4,000 for each child they have. Instead of promoting higher birth rates amongst the best of our race, we see the laziest and most drug addicted producing children solely for the easy money. A high birth rate may allow us to keep up with the birth rates of muds but is it worth it if the White families breeding are most commonly drug addicted and criminal?

A large family should be encouraged amongst Whites if they can afford to offer their children a suitable standard of living. A lot of people choose to have two or fewer kids because it's too expensive to have anymore but spend excessive amounts of money on crap that could go towards raising another two children quite comfortably. There is no point breeding beyond our means. Having more than one wife also adds to the emotional and financial stress in a household, until we can comfortably support nuclear families, I'd say save the polygamy for later.

Other than that, I see nothing morally wrong with polygamy.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 11:20
Very interesting thread.  I haven't read anything in our books on this subject directly. I know this has been up for debt for years, if humans are to be like the wolf whom mates for life or like other creatures that reproduces with multiple partners. I can see pros and cons on each side. As for my opinion, I can barely handle one woman in my life let alone multiple spouses haha. Not against it though. Either life choice can fall under our "Golden Rule", so I have no problem at this time leaving that up to the decision of the Creators themselves.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 13:30
I would have to say no to polygamy. It's opposed to the family unit, which is detrimental to the White Race's survival. I feel it makes family impersonal and brings it down. Sure, you can have more White babies, but what's the point if they are not going to have a sound upbringing? As Founder Klassen stated multiple times, you destroy the family, you destroy the race. I also believe Klassen stated he disproved of polygamy in his review of Mormonism in "A Revolution of Values Through Religion." But then again, I can see the pros, especially in producing more White children. It's definitely something that needs to be discussed more.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 17:12
 Creativity are not against it because there is not book where stay which kind of family we must have and if od something not prohibited it is allow,it os I think basic of court with Roman hertiage. Our religion think that rich whites must have more children than poor whites. Creativity is religion of the eternal laws od nature. I read one child scientic book with short explanation of one kind of animal. Animal fight with animal and then all womans goes with the winner who reproduces his genes through all womans who have children with him. It is hard to expect that will rich white woman have for example 20 kids so I think that is polygamy not against our religion,on the cons of it is in harmony with nature but it is not for working class.

Rich whites work a lot so they have money for their children but do not have time for spend much time with them so their children still have better life than working class children with mother. Rich children have team who take care for them. I think that we van not implement eugenic without polygamy. If I have a lot of money,I would as rich Creator definitely live in polygamy but not as working class,as middle class maybe iz is question for discussion. The problem is in white society where whites who do not live in polygamy have more children than richer whites whose womans do not want to have more kids but I do not expect by them because rich more advance and then se have bolshevism.

Read WMB article Civilization without racial religion- just destructive process foto the White race for understanding my post. I think that would rich whites accept polygamy if they become Creators because they are living life as I said but their profit do not go for their children than  for degeneration of themselves through drugs,orgy etc. instead of reproduction. Mans think under logic and womans under hearts,love pass but our children grow and 14 words are still alive. Read also chapter Love,womans and war by Might os right for understanding that.
Title: Re: Should Creativity Approve of Polygamy ?
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 19:27
Now that I've been divorced eighteen years

In a few months I'll have been divorced for twenty-eight years, and my views haven't changed from ten years ago.