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Sexual Dimorphism: The Real Difference Between Men & Women


Are Men Stronger Than Women? A way to Degrade Female Identity?

Metatron: On this video we'll talk about this idea that saying that on average men are physically stronger, bigger and taller than women is a way to degrade female identity, a concept pushed by social justice warriors and their political agenda.

The best book about this is by Darwin known as "The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex". It seems that Klassen studied this book well. Women have smaller brain than men.

High testosterone men like us are superior to women and effeminate libtard men and cuckservative men.

Here is a list of the Benefits of High Testosterone Levels:

Physical Benefits:

Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Muscle Flexibility
Increased Bone Density
Faster Reflexes
Faster Regeneration
Faster Wound Healing
Faster Metabolism
Decreased Inflammation
Stronger Immune System
Lower Blood Pressure
Increased Blood Flow
Stronger Cardiovascular System
Increased Longevity

Cognitive Benefits:

Increased Neuroplasticity
Improved Visual Spatial Intelligence
Improved Motor Skills
Improved Bargaining Skills
Improved Attention Span
Improved Concentration
Improved Decision Making Skills
Improved Learning
Improved Working Memory
Improved Creativity
Improved Impulse Control
Improved Pain Regulation
Reduced Stress Response
Increased Endorphin Production
Increased Blood Flow to the Brain

Below are articles that discuss how to avoid anti-androgens in order to avoid a decrease in intelligence:'s_syndrome

Below are articles that discuss the benefits that testosterone has on cognitive function:


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