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Title: RAHOWA: The Cold War (Free PC Game)
Post by: Private on 14 July 2009 at 06:04
:rahowa "Racial Holy War: The Cold War" is a NEW (for 2007) first person shooter, RPG, White Pride, media adventure game series!

About the Game

     It has become a dark future, the White Race is becoming more and more of an endangered species, the Jews have almost total domination of the planet earth. The last racially loyal reminisce of the White Race have splintered into several independent groups, the two largest being "The Alliance of Skin" and successful independent factions of the religion of "Creativity".

     In a secret facility known as "RaHoWa Labs #36" the greatest minds of the white race have finally perfected the forbidden sciences of human cloning and enhancement. You're name is Hymn, you are the first successful human clone created to aid the White Race in gaining control of its own destiny and to provide substantial resistance against its biological enemies - the inferior Mud Races.

Will you find the lost White Temple and defeat the International Jewish Crime Syndicate or will you become nigger food like your predecessors?

     Filled with important facts, humorous characters, and educational video. RaHoWa: The Cold War is a game worthy of sharing with your friends.

Enlarge Image (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/gallery/1/9-210416103715.jpeg)

What Others Are Saying

What others are saying:

"On a scale of 1 to 100, I give it an 88!"
--Random Skinhead

"I like how it gives a detailed plan on how to fight the New World Order"
--Anonymous Patriot

"I can't believe you would play something like this!"

"Yep, truth hurts."

"The storyline is FRESH and the online community is a nice touch, where can I get part two?"
--Independent Gamez Magazine

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Title: Rahowa: The Cold War - Re-Release
Post by: Private on 16 June 2012 at 07:45
I made a maze game called "White Girl".  Your a white girl trying to find your way through a maze to your friends house. You are unarmed, and there are angry niggers with guns to keep you motivated to move.

Coincidently the armed nigger hunting your white chick is the same nigger from the game: Rahowa: The Cold War...  the same one in the in game prison system with niggers being detained for their crimes against the white race.

I'll be selling copies of the game:  "White Girl" and including a url that will allow the person to get a free copy of Rahowa: The Cold War along with it.
Title: Re: RAHOWA: The Cold War (Free PC Game)
Post by: Private on 21 April 2016 at 10:30
Racial Holy War - The Computer Game by Br.Grimm (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=284)

WARNING! This game has only been tested in Windows XP

 * Problems with modern operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)? Install/Play in Compatibility Mode as XP SP2.

 * There are known issues with the game, but other than a little guidance to get it running, nothing else can be done.

 * If your computer crashes, simply reboot and uninstall the game.

 * If you have downloaded/installed other levels and your computer crashes, you may want to try advancing to another level.

Part 1: Levels 1 to 3 (Size: 315MB)
https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart1Level1-3.zip (https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart1Level1-3.zip)

Part 2: Level 4 (Size: 177MB)
https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart2Level4.zip (https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart2Level4.zip)

Part 3: Level 5 (Size: 142MB)
https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart3Level5.zip (https://creativityalliance.com/Extra/RahowaGamePart3Level5.zip)

Important notes:

If the game runs slow, decrease the on screen poly count by looking down at the ground. Large areas may seem slower on slow computers due to high detail and poly count. Be sure to have the most current Direct X. Software.

Probably doesn't run on Vista unless they fixed compatibility issues. Tested on Windows XP. Any other issues that may arise that doing a windows update doesn't fix is beyond my control. If it's slow it means you need to upgrade your hardware.

This game series is provided AS IS. If it gets errors and glitches from any future unseen software updates it is your job to locate a programmer and have them make a patch for it because there is no further support for this game.


If you are satisfied with the game, you are encouraged to burn it onto CD and distribute physical copies. Distribute it any way you want. The download links work. If you can find a free file host with a sweeter setup than it's current host then upload it.  Who care's if there's unofficial download sites, not me.  Torrent's are good but you can't rely on them for distribution since it's only made availible by active peers.. plus, in retrospect, I don't like the idea of people tracing the IP of all the file hosts.   Just download it, burn a bunch of CD's and get it out there.  I'm to busy to be mailing stuff out...  how about you do it?  Just download it and get it out there.  If you need to make a dollar profit to make it worth your while than whatever. I'd rather have 2 downloads turn into 200 physical disks which get shared and replicated than to see 200 downloads.

Ever see them USB flash drives? Get one of those, load it up, and get it on your friends computers.

Here's another neat idea if you find yourself bored..  Set up a P.O. box and run a mailing service for "Klassen Bible Study Class" or something like that.  Charge a monthly fee, include a cover note of your own along with printed versions of Racial Loyalty Newsletter, a printed chapter of NER, and a Credo from WMB along with a product catalog and you have yourself a fulfilling hobby.

What's the cost for doing something like that ... anybody have any ideas?