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Author Topic: Prison Talk

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Prison Talk
« on: 02 April 2016 at 17:51 »
The thing that made me most angry was not that I'd been locked up for false charges, but that when I got out of military prison, everyone I had known turned on me. No matter what they or their family members had done, I was worse because of military prison. I had the same from so-called friends that had been in civilian prison as well.

My sentence was ostensibly because I'd slept in. In reality, it was because I'd killed on task as ordered. It was a hush up job and all of us in the two sections were thrown out or imprisoned and thrown out. I even found one outside the Sydney City Returned Servicemen's League club, begging and practically insane, living on the street. He was told the same as me: Go into any Federal Government office again and he will be put back in prison.

If the Australian Army/ADF sentences you to more than six months prison, you are thrown out of the army and sentenced to Long Bay Gaol in Sydney as a Federal Prisoner. With my father in the army, I'd bypassed the usual scum and spoken with the OC and Personnel Officer of my father's unit and knew the truth; I was in the clear. Other poor bastards weren't so lucky.

Later, I was stupid enough to get together with women that were from military families. Once the truth came out, I was hated. After the second time, I refuse to ever have anything to do with another army brat or other military related woman.

The Australian Regular Army recently gave me twenty grand for false imprisonment and numerous other offences on their behalf. If this was the civilian world, I'd have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. I know it, but I'm not greedy. The army is what proved to me that you cannot trust the JOG and ultimately pushed me towards Creativity more than anything.

It was officers in the Australian Army that told me that I was un-Australian. It was Scots in the Australian Army and family that told me that I brought Scotland to shame. I can now prove otherwise, but my life is as a Creator, and those people are either dead or belong at the end of my steel cap. I wouldn't accept their apology if they offered it. The hatred is real and will only end with their deaths and the ultimate triumph of the White Race.

Although, if they offer it, I'd accept their willing death as a grateful sacrifice.

I have only one family member left and I have practically no friends ... and I am happy. Everything I learned from the army is a lesson I will never forget and I will continue put to good use.

What is good for the White Race is a virtue.

F.T.A. & F.T.W. RaHoWa!

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Re: Prison Talk
« Reply #1 on: 26 April 2016 at 16:47 »
I am sorry that happened to you. It's disgraceful. I am glad to know you though.  :)


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