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Author Topic: Police Visits

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Police Visits
« on: 29 April 2008 at 23:10 »
Whenever this may happen my advice is to stay very calm and polite. Personally I see the police as our natural allies. Day in day out they have to deal with nigger crime and muds trying to murder them. They know the score racially and politically. I have contacts within our national police force and they are sympathetic but must remain professional. I am actually informed there are ways to throw the constable off guard.

They are totally thrown by manners, simply because daily, mostly they must deal with the subhuman underclass.

 Call a police officer "Sir" (military style) and he will know you are not a scumbag and almost certainly and immediately he will be on your side (cops are so used to abuse and death threats the honorable white man is refreshing to them).

 We once had our house raided and searched for hours. My wife panicked but I stayed calm; "these men are doing their duty, we are doing nothing illegal, our solicitors are aware."

The police took away lots of documents, magazines and propaganda, (we even offered them extra including lots of sample leftist literature!)

A skinhead comrade picked up on the same "trawl" went to the police station the following day asking for the return of magazines, leaflets "return of property" etc.

The cops were all laughing saying the evidence had gone missing. They were all passing round and reading the magazines, books and newspapers and took them home for themselves.

Needless to say no charges were brought against anyone because of "lack of evidence."

Its worth mentioning this because we are not alone, we don't keep loosing, we aren't hated and we do have hidden friends.
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Re: Police Visits
« Reply #1 on: 13 July 2009 at 18:44 »
Got this today from attorney Edgar Steele ( Read and consider before traveling to a so-called White nation like Germany or Great Britain:

What is both interesting and significant about this case (below) is that it demonstrates that Britain now is willing to prosecute thought crimes merely because it has personal jurisdiction over the perps.  Here, the “crime” (not a crime in America) was committed solely in America, on American web sites, therefore Britain lacked subject matter jurisdiction.

Query whether you or I, on vacation in London, could be arrested and prosecuted by Britain for what we say on our American web sites?  After all, our presence in Britain confers the necessary personal jurisdiction.

Recently, a British court ordered Australian Fredrick Toben, then in England for something or other, released on a similar charge after another country (Germany, I think) got him arrested there and then sought his extradition for web thought crimes.  The only differences:  Britain didn’t initiate the charge and Toben is not a British citizen.  However, Britain did have personal jurisdiction over Toben at the time.

Both Germany and Israel now claim the right to prosecute anybody for crimes committed anywhere violating their “don’t say things that hurt Jew feelings” statutes (truth is not a defense), needing only to get their hands on perps (overflying one of those countries on an international flight would be enough, incidentally, if they then forced your plane to land in it, as has been done in many countries for more serious crimes).

What constitutes “inciting racial hatred?”  Anything the thought police claim, that’s what.  This email you are reading would be enough for many of these fascist pricks.  And they are trying to implement this in America right now, folks.  And further down the rabbit hole we plunge.

So … what do we do about it?  Keep a lower profile?  Perhaps.  But that is the path to total servility, don’t forget.

For those who have seen “V for Vendetta,” recall the final scenes in which the entire city’s population emerged into the streets illegally wearing identical masks in an overwhelming show of civil disobedience that brought down the government.  Similarly, it may well be time for everybody in America to begin committing thought crimes on the Internet.  If we do not hang together, we will hang separately.

British bloggers jailed for “inciting racial hatred”

July 13th, 2009
Pair jailed for web race crimes

The men’s bid for asylum was thrown out by a judge

Two men have been jailed after becoming the first in the UK to be convicted of inciting racial hatred via a foreign website. Simon Sheppard, 51, of Selby in North Yorkshire, received four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, of Preston, two years and four months.

The men printed leaflets and controlled US websites featuring racist material. They fled to the US after being convicted at Leeds Crown Court last year, but failed in an asylum bid. Sheppard, of Brook Street, Selby, was found guilty of 11 offences and Whittle, of Avenham Lane, Preston, was found guilty of five offences at a trial in July last year.

Such offences as these have, by their very nature, the potential to cause grave social harm
- Judge Rodney Grant

The neo-Nazi asylum seekers

Sheppard was convicted of a further five charges in January 2009.

However, before the jury in the first trial could return verdicts, both men fled to Los Angeles International airport and attempted to claim political asylum.

Their bid was thrown out by a US immigration judge.

The men were charged with publishing and distributing racially inflammatory material, and possessing racially inflammatory material with a view to distribution.

Leeds Crown Court was told Whittle wrote offensive articles that were then published on the internet by Sheppard.

The published material included images of murdered Jews alongside cartoons and articles ridiculing ethnic groups.

Judge Rodney Grant told the men their material was “abusive and insulting” and had the potential to cause “grave social harm”.

He added: “Such offences as these have, by their very nature, the potential to cause grave social harm, particularly in a society such as ours which has, for a number of years now, been multi-racial.

‘Groundbreaking case’

“These are serious offences. I can say without any hesitation that I have rarely seen, or had to read or consider, material which is so abusive and insulting… towards racial groups within our own society.”

The investigation into Sheppard began when a complaint about a leaflet, called “Tales of the Holohoax”, was reported to police in 2004 after it was pushed through the door of a synagogue in Blackpool.

It was traced back to a post office box in Hull registered to Sheppard.

Humberside Police later found a website featuring racially inflammatory material.

The pair thought that they could circumvent English law because their website was hosted in the US.

That, said Adil Khan, head of diversity and community cohesion at Humberside Police, makes their conviction a first.

“This case is groundbreaking,” he said.

“The fact is now that we’ve been able to demonstrate that you’ve got nowhere to hide; people have been hiding on [sic] the fact that this server was in the US.

“Inciting racial hatred is a crime and one which seems to occur too regularly. This kind of material will not be tolerated as this lengthy investigation shows.”
---end e-mail---
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Police Visits
« Reply #2 on: 17 February 2011 at 08:57 »
I would like to advice you brothers and sisters, if you ever travel to Spain.

Never, never, under any circumstance trust a police officer from Policia Nacional, neither trust any Local or Municipal Police officer. Special Regional Police officers like Mossos d´esquadra or Ertzaintzas are also Not to be trusted.

If you have a problem, and you need police. go to the Guardia Civil. It is the Military  Police for civilians.
They are not totally trusted, but at least it'll be better than going to the ZOG´s Policia Nacional.
And there are a lot of White Supremacists in that army  ;)

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Re: Police Visits
« Reply #3 on: 02 August 2011 at 03:54 »
Two "Field Intelligence Officers" of the "Security Intelligence Section" of the South Australian Police left a few minutes ago after coming to check on me. Apparently my texts revealing Anders Behring Breivik to be a pro-Israel, pro-Homosexual, anti-Racist Christian Zionist are causing complaints. The police did not give away where the complaints were coming from, but I would assume that they are coming from Jewish Supremacist groups under the umbrella of the Anti Defamation Commission (known as the ADL/Anti Defamation League in the US). They also made it clear that they were not here to ask any questions and I of course did not volunteer any information. They were just here to "check in" with me after the Oslo incident. There are certain people on their "watch list" and I am one of them, and there have been complaints about me as already mentioned. I was also assured that everything we are doing is perfectly legal and we have a right to share our beliefs and opinions. I was also told that if we intend to hold a protest, get in touch with them and they will arrange to direct traffic and anything else that is required.

So all in all, a quick three minute all smiles visit, with no questions asked and personal assurances that the police are on our side, or just open for a chat should I be dumb enough to choose to give them a call. You could say that they were just doing their jobs after a complaint from a Kike, and taking the opportunity of playing to my vanity in an attempt to coerce me to volunteer information about what is otherwise a perfectly legal operation.


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Re: Police Visits
« Reply #4 on: 02 August 2011 at 09:36 »
Next time ask them to call first and you can make them a nice cake for there troubles. Its always nice to get visitors i used to just love those surprise visits. But in the end i had to ask them to call a little earlier in the day just to make it easier for them. It is always safer to drive in the day than late at night. 
On the road ... travelling from the UK to the Black Sea. Then after a little rest, back across Europe all the way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden and Norway. The trip will last until around October. I am not well off or getting any sponsor, but if you would like a visit while I am on the road feel free to drop me a line. And I will do my best to stop in and see you.  I will be doing my best to get the word out about our Church. There are lots of so-called Right-Wing groups throughout Europe and whenever possible I will be meeting up and putting the good word forward.


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