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Author Topic: Philadelphia Church of Creativity (membership, support, and recruitment)

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RAHOWA!  Racial Loyalist Greetings and Hail to you my Brothers and Sisters,
          I am writing this letter in regards to my recent release from the Philadelphia Prison System, as well as the current reconstruction of my Primary Group for the Creativity Alliance, the Philadelphia Church of Creativity.  As I have recently relayed to my members and interested parties, there has been a name change for the Ministry.
          Unfortunately, without my presence, our Ministry grew shaky at best.  While I was incarcerated, my comrades were arrested for chasing some niggers up the street with a firearm.  While they were not members of our Ministry, they were supporters, and a large amount of our literature and materials were in their home upon their arrest.  Seeing as how this was labeled a Hate Crime, the police siezed much of the Pro - White materials in the home.
          I am in the slow, and tedious, process of re - formatting much of this said material.  I currently have a new literature packet available which explains our consolidation with the Creativity Alliance and our dedication to the Pontifex Maximus, Reverend Cailen  Cambeul.  You can contact me by email for this material and I can either email it to you or send it via the post office if you prefer to supply your home address or wish for a copy to be sent to a prisoner.  Even if you are not residing in the Philadelphia area, I do not have a problem with forwarding a copy to you if you request it from our Ministry.
          Along with this, I am beginning to work on a few projects for Reverend Cambeul, P.M., and am starting to network with other Creators on this forum as well as starting the task of contacting each of our Ministers. 

          Comrades, I cannot do all of this alone!  While I am doing all of this, I am also trying to hand out flyers and CA business cards.  I am calling upon all former members of the Philadelphia Church of the Creator to contact me immediately if you are still interested in pursuing the Creed and Program of Creativity.  We need to consolidate our efforts in this area, and I have more than proven to each of you that I have an exhaustive knowledge base in the Creed of Creativity, as well as superb Leadership abilities.  While contact was obstructed with me due to my incarceration, I have returned and am putting this Ministry back together.
          I want all interested parties to contact me immediately.  I will assert this measure though...  I did not hear of ANY Creative Activism during my stay at the PPS, and there is no excuse for this occurring when we are fighting for the existence of the White Race upon the face of this planet.  If you are only hoping to drink beer with the comrades and blast Angry Aryans, the Philadelphia Church of Creativity is not for you.  Please, do not bother to contact me if you are not willing to disseminate the Creed as if our lives depended on it... because indeed they do.
          There are still a few comrades in the area that have joined other Pro - White organizations, but will be participating in our Ministry again.  We also have a large group of supporters in other these said organizations that are willing to work with us.  I am personally going to be getting involved with Crew 38 soon, and hope to introduce our Creed to many of these comrades.  I am requesting of each of you that are involved with other Pro - White organizations to introduce our Creed to those comrades.  Even if they do not wish to become active participants in our Ministry, which of course would be the ultimate goal, they will certainly benefit from the Creed and could potentially spread it to others.
          There are also a number of comrades that are strictly dedicated to our Ministry.  This is fine too, but I am letting each of you know that if you do not remain active, I will revoking your membership in the Philadelphia Church of Creativity.  While we would like to see our numbers grow... essentially, we prefer quality over quantity. 
          I would like to see us hosting demonstrations, boycotts, mass literature drops, etc.  within the month.  I would also like to see more of our members step up to assist with the tasks that they can assist with, while I am performing my Ministerial for the Creativity Alliance, as well as the Leadership of our Ministry.  If you are interested in assisting me with some of these projects, please contact me immediately. 
          To our supporters, I appreciate each of you remaini9g loyal to our cause and remaining by our side.  We will continue fighting alongside you, as well as promoting your separate organizations and distributing literature... just continue supporting our endeavors and distributing our materials too.
          Last, but certainly not least, I am asking all Creators on this forum in the Philadelphia area to contact me as soon as you possibly can.  If you are not already organized and working under Ministerial guidance, I would like for you to consider joining our Ministry, the Philadelphia Church of Creativity.  If you wish not to join, I would still like to network with you and support you in your endeavor of assuring and securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.  If you are not a Creator, but are interested in becoming a Creator or learning more about our Church and its Religion, I urge you to also contact me and we can begin your education and/or membership.
          I will be posting all draft letters for our members and supporters, such as this notice, on this forum and will also be sure to supply each of you with a copy at our meetings.   
          With this said, keep up the fight for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.  Racially and Creatively Yours for a Whiter and Brighter World, RAHOWA!  Reverend Stephen Masten, Philadelphia Church of Creativity
* Currently serving 40 years in prison because of lying Skinhead police informants.
* More @
* Remains a Friend of Creativity but chose to worship childish spooks whilst in prison.

Write to Mr Masten in Prison
Rev. Stephen Masten #MK3933
Benner Township State Correctional Institution
301 Institution Dr, Bellefonte
Pennsylvania U.S.A. 16823
Email via Connect Network

Note: Emails sent to Mr Masten through this Forum will no longer be redirected to the Church of Creativity Prison Ministries.


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