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Author Topic: Pastor "Mad Dog" Lindstadt and his Double-Seed line of bs

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Re: Pastor "Mad Dog" Lindstadt and his Double-Seed line of bs
« Reply #15 on: 10 August 2010 at 05:54 »
From: apollonius apollonius
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 12:29 AM
Subject: hello--seeking info....

Quote from: Private
Hello: I tried to log-on to the forum but came up w. this msg--
" Sorry apollonian, you are banned from using this forum!
You were warned not to preach Christinsanity in Creator Forum"
 Of course, I never preached Christianity--I only defended it fm ur pathetic attacks attempting to clarify things u falsely and ignorantly alleged about it.
I'd say u're justified in attacking the Judaic take-over of Christianity--which they do by means of nearly infinite quantities of COUNTERFEITED funds--and the "Judeo-Christian" hereticalist version of Christianity, esp. that of Charles Hagee (or Pat Robertson), for example, who says Christ was Jew.

This is our land, scum, and u'd better get it through ur stupid heads--U'D BETTER BE NICE, NICE, NICE, NICE, NICE--or else.  If u're smart u'll take my warning to heart--but u don't seem too smart, do u?

So now that we're past the pleasantries, I understand fm "white will" there are "credos," one of which, no. 40, deals w. the COUNTERFEITING issue.  Where would u say I could find this, exactly, if it can be found on internet?  Thanks for all ur attn.  A.

There we go, the perfect ending to a visit from the Christinsane. I included that at;topicseen#msg11557 so that Creators can be aware of how deep is the hatred of the Christinsane for those who refuse to worship their Jewish god.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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Re: Pastor "Mad Dog" Lindstadt and his Double-Seed line of bs
« Reply #16 on: 10 August 2010 at 12:46 »
A large and growing group of the so-called "racist" Christinsane are very quickly showing themselves to be a rabid enemy of Creators, who would do anything under the Sun, even to the detriment of the White race to get rid of our racial religion. Anybody that puts a god before their race has their priorities severely mixed up.

Yes, Apollonian is tied in with Lindstadt, who is tied in with Covington, who is not Xian but who has used them, particularly the Identity Xians, to attack and undermine Creativity.

I'm going to start another thread here after making this comment. The subject of that thread will be the necessity to debunk Mr. Covington's phony "history" of PM Klassen and the religion he founded and that we embrace as ours: Creativity.

I won't address that here. Since this discussion is about the scummy Pastor Mad Dog Lindstadt, you might enjoy this old post by him in 2004 that a friend just sent to me. Was Mad Dog a lying hypocrite then, or is he a lying hypocrite now? Read some of the other posts in that thread and in the links at bottom and see that this problem we rational race-thinkers have with these otherworldly Xian fanatics like Mad Dog is nothing new.

March 3rd, 2004          #29

Will Williams on Tubby Covington's clones/clowns
Originally Posted by White Will

It's interesting to me to see people who have known each other fairly well for years meet in an interactive forum like this and have to wonder if the person they see posting under his given name is the *REAL* person they know by that name.

The internet is the perfect medium for liars. That's why a professional * disturber and smear artist like Covington, with all his personas -- some, as he is posting here and now under, names recognizable to those he is trying to influence -- THAT's why he loves the 'Net so much. He has never had it so good. He can ply his trade with seeming impunity as the suckers lap his stuff up.

Covingtonistas can't queer this forum and drive sincere people away in confusion and frustration as long as there are responsible watchdogs on here like you, Hadding, who are familiar with his 'm.o.,' who recognize his posts as they appear and who alert others early on so we can add his latest ID to our Ignore lists. I've added all those you mentioned a couple of days ago. Thanks for the tips!

Before the 'Net, the only people "Weird Harold," as he was known by serious racial activists, could possibly influence were the tiny group of Hollywood Nazi losers, maybe 200 at most, who he could reach through his ever-growing list of failed, snail-mailed "newsletters" that cost real money to produce and deliver. Once he discovered the 'Net, however, he saw that, just like with the legitimate, sincere activists that he attacked, he could now effectively reach thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people -- for FREE!

People who read self-crowned "movement watchdog," Tub o' Lard's malicious accusations of others didn't know what to believe or who to believe as he repeated the same smears over and over with increasing volume (shades of the big lie). The one thing readers of his black propaganda should have noticed is that on Tubbo's e-lists -- unlike here on the VNN free-for-all -- was that none of his contributors, real or imagined, EVER had contact addresses, electronic or otherwise, so that they could be contacted privately. Everything was ALWAYS filtered through or made up by Covington alone. It didn't occur to the most suggestible newbies, or even to some of us with a more discriminating eye, who should have known better, that Covington could be lying about EVERYTHING because they thought he was such an excellent wordsmith. They may have thoroughly enjoyed this failed novelist's ground-breaking article about how feminists control the fiction book industry, or some such non-essential pap. "Overlook his malicious smears," they say. "Get a life, Will -- you're obsessed with Covington."

Everybody needs a hobby, something they enjoy doing. I don't get into raising orchids or building model airplanes. Tub-thumping is how I relax. It's something I do well, something nobody else has the will to do. I'm the best there has ever been at it. And, besides, in the long run it advances our cause to fight and defeat and make an example of such an identifiable and vulnerable enemy. People like winners, you know.
Presently I am having to deal with Tubby's clones/clowns having their satanic fun at my expense. Here is what someone who has had to deal with Tubby for decades, as opposed to my mere six years says:

Here are a few links to hear what Will Williams, who successfully sued Tubby Covington for libel/slander in the Wake County, North Carolina, District Court, says about Hac on VNN Forum:

and this by:

Tom88 the VNN Moderator on Dec. 27, 2003 said:

Billy Bob's not HAC... He's a little out there at times, but he's not HAC. We Banned 10 of HACs usernames. We think we got them all, but I'm sure he'll make new ones. User names such as, JD Grier, John David Grier, Steve Riddle, Katie Hollis, SAMan1932, John E. Reb, Roger Hughes, Lewis Hall, Northwest Republic, and HAC... The one thing that they all had in common besides IP Address is that they were all defending HAC! Go figure...
By the way, he's in Seattle, Washington. He was using a Dial Up connection, so he doesn't have a static IP otherwise I'd post it.


There you have it -- all of Hac's defenders, both clones & clowns, have the same two things in common:

1. They all have the same IP address, hence are Hac clones.
2. They all defend Hac, i.e., theys/its/selfs if clones, or feebs, if clowns.

Now myself and Mr. Williams disagree about Christianity -- Mr. Williams wants no part of it, including Christian Identity. But at least Williams is honest about his dislike and his reasons for that dislike. And, in reading the above list of quotes, Mr. Williams has had fun at my expense in his honest criticism. So be it.

I agree/disagree with Mr. Williams concerning umbrella groups, like Billy Roper's WhiteRevolution. I have no use myself for a non-existant '[j]unity.' However, I do think that the Resistance is a network in which the key players know of each other. This is why I agree with Will Williams that we need to expel the long-time vermin like Harold 'Tubby' Covington and make Hac stay on its own ghetto, if for no other reason to keep wastage of the newbies who are searching for answers to a minimum. Those newbies who hate all Christianity would best be referred to Mr. Williams and Alex Linder. Conversely, those who wish to keep Christianity and want Christianity to be for Whites only, should get in touch with Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastors like James Wickstrom or Richard Butler.

--Martin Lindstedt

Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Pastor "Mad Dog" Lindstadt and his Double-Seed line of bs
« Reply #17 on: 31 August 2010 at 05:28 »
Covington heavily criticises Klassen and Pierce in his latest book, "Hill of the Ravens"; i think, also, he criticises Rockwell (?)

Klassen, Pierce & Rockwell operated, mostly, in pre-internet days and were all heavily targeted/"set up" by varying degrees, they all paid very heavy prices in both their personal & professional lives for their stance for the White Race ......

further-more: none of those men done him the slightest harm or, even, AFA i know, even said any-thing un-toward about him!

this character, Covington,  has, AFA i can tell, done nothing positive for the White Race except write a few, some would say interesting, books which advance his idea of "a white home-land" in the NW of the USA....a quite feasible idea but, doubtless, not an original one exclusive to him-self!

AFA i know, he has not even donated $any$ to any white cause or group!

so: his charges of irrelevancy, incompetence and non-achievement against the above white racialists ring hollow....

*i know next-to-nuthin' of this "Pstr Lindstedt" character nor, quite frankly, do i want to!*  :-X


"I say unto you: 'stand! men of the West' !"
Aragorn: "The Return of the King" by J R R Tolkien

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Re: Pastor "Mad Dog" Lindstadt and his Double-Seed line of bs
« Reply #18 on: 31 August 2010 at 21:05 »
*i know next-to-nuthin' of this "Pstr Lindstedt" character nor, quite frankly, do i want to!*  :-X



No, you don't, Jimbo.

I posted the following blog link in "General" about ten days ago:

Creators who tire of defending against Covington's smears of Creativity now have a place to send people who want answers regarding Covington's claims:

My old friend Hadding has done a yeoman's job of researching, then exposing HAC here as the lying fraud, and long-time troublemaker he definitely is. Pass this link on whenever the name Covington comes up, regarding his criticism of Creativity and Founder Ben Klassen.

PM Klassen died in 2003 so missed the explosion of the Internet for WN use, but Dr. Pierce went online in 1995 with two Web sites and a subscription listserve for subscribers to receive the texts of his radio show a few hours before the weekly broadcast of American Dissident Voices. The National Alliance made good use of the Internet in those 7 years before Dr. Pierce's death in 2002.

The Hill of the Ravens is not Covington's latest book, BTW. He wrote some trilogy that's he's promoting now as part of his NW Migration ruse.

Jimbo, don't you post at VNN forum? There's a poster there with the username Hilda who says she is a Creator.  Go read some of her posts and then PM her and invite her to this CA forum. She's a very good writer, and underappreciated by Linder, the VNN host. I'd invite her myself but I'm banned from VNN and can't PM or search the arvived posts.
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.