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Author Topic: Opinion: Women Are Strong - Today

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Opinion: Women Are Strong - Today
« on: 05 April 2020 at 10:37 »
Women are strong today? That's an insult to the women of yesteryear.

My Glaswegian Granny for example: Scots and born in 1918 in Glasgow, she had a brother with a retarded leg - that soon died as an early adult. In school, my Granny defended her brother and got her nose broken in fights - and won fights. In her words, as she told me in the 70's, my Granny had fists like lumps of coal.

That's my Granny. And according to family history, women in Glasgow were the same - tough and FU! Just like any man for decades and millennia before. Glaswegian women have been ladies, but they were no' ladylike. Touch my granny or her reli's or friends, and she'd break your jaw.

You couldnae shove mi Granny off the bus ...

How does that compare to SJW "First World" Feminists and fags?


P.S. My other Gran was a snob - also Scots - she thought she was better than everyone and jokingly called herself SUPERGRAN and genuinely hated me. I'd say long story short: I saw her up to two years old in 72, then in 81 for a week, 86 for a week and never again. For some strange reason, I was accused by my aunt and her family of killing my Gran in her bed in 89 by telling her I was not allowing her to come to my wedding - As if I really gave a F?. I was in a different state thousands of miles away and I was supposed to have done it over the phone. I did not have her phone number and nor did I care. FTW the old bag. LOL.

I questioned my father about the accusations: And this is a man that rode with Gypsy Jokers and Bandidos ~ fucking gutless twat  refused to even discuss his mother's death.

To cut long story short, they believe I killed that other Scots Gran, and to this day, I absolutely love their hate. They can hate me and blame me unto their dying day. And yet - It's just an old woman who died in her bed while reading/in her sleep and they need someone to blame.

Although I didn't do it ... Okay, let's put it this way: Fine, I killed your mother, can we move on and give me the phone numbers of some other old people and their bed times so I can chat and become a serial granny killer? Twats!

So my family considers me a SuperGran Killer. Not everyone gets to kill a SuperGran.

But, as for my tough Glaswegian Granny, I love her memory. RAHOWA!
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