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Title: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 02 October 2018 at 23:06
The arrogance of youth is the arrogance of ignorance ...

Pro-White Activist Youth Groups: They rise and fall by the month. Some get lucky and last a whole year. Few last two years. And yet they all have the same claim: They are unique, they do things differently, only they can save the White Race and everyone over 25 is a traitor.

The ignorant declarations of the Pro-White Activist Youth akin to the ignorance of Anti-White Activist Youth. The Anti-White Youth is parroting what she was taught in school; I.e. All White people over age 25 are Racists, White Supremacists and Nazis. Meanwhile, the Pro-White Youth is parodying what he was taught in school by saying all White people over age 25 are Race-Traitors.

So, it's evident then that the generational division is sewn at the school level.

Apart from repeatedly claiming that ever White Man over 25 is a Race-traitor, what do these Pro-White Activist Youth Groups actually do?

* The Youth put on masks.

* The Youth rehash the long used rhetoric and symbolism of the Oldies.

* The Youth put out flyers that are edgy, but otherwise carry the same message as those Oldy flyers.

... Then the Youth disappear and another group of Pro-White Youth arise stating the same old claims to fame. Most of the former Youth blend into the Wigger mish-mash of their peers that is modern society:

Quote from: Private
Girl thrown off Sydney bridge thought about giving up but survived against the odds


SHE was allegedly blindfolded, burned, stabbed and had her hair cut off.

“This is the gronk that wants to call people f**kin’ dogs … now she’s tied up in a room like a c***… yeah, yeah that’s how it works.”

Sure, a few wisen up, mature and join the cause to Save the White Race, but most choose to forever wallow in Wigger ignorance, screaming "NAZI!" at genuine White Activists, while wasting their life sitting around the barbecue chugging beers or toking on their bong bitching about Niggers and Gooks, Jews and Muslims - that's when they're not bitching about the "Fascist" government. And worse still, they chime in with whole-hearted agreement when their Black Brother takes a toke of the talking-bong and begins bitching about dem f**kin’ raysist wyte dogs.

Only the Youth can Save the White Race? I call BULLSH´T!

Title: Re: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 02 October 2018 at 23:46
Agreed Rev. Cambeul. Most of the alt-right and other youthful pro-White groups today treat the survival of our race like a joke. Just make a few memes and troll the libtards and race traitors! they say. That'll show em! Gimmie a break.

A good example of this was the downfall of Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Workers' Party (TWP) here in America. They thought going about the survival of our race by treating it like an Internet joke on Reddit would work. They lasted a mere five years before Heimbach got canned on those battery charges. Unlike Creativity, which has lasted forty five years and is STILL going strong.

But to sum up, my viewpoint is this: if you promote the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and oppose the Judeo-Christian-Marxist worldview of today, you're a good White Racial Loyalist, no matter your age. But the only way to uphold both of these views is to adhere to Creativity, the only salvation for the White Race! RaHoWa!
Title: Re: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 03 October 2018 at 01:07
Yes brother ...

It's been the same for every generation since Youth gained easy access to personal transport, tranny radios with their own personal DJ, and the money to waste on blind consumerist crap. And it's only getting worse with the influx of non-Whites.

How many of the American/German Bund of the 40's remained as activists by 1945? None.

How many of Rockwell's Youth of the 60's continue today? Just a few.

How many of the UK National Front Youth of the 70's continue today? Some, but not many ... although at least some NF have graduated to Creativity Private

How many older Creators do with have with us today that could have once been relegated to a Youth Group? Lots. Why? Because Creativity recruits Men and Women, and merely encourages the Youth to do the right thing and think. That is why rather than lasting six months or two years like any Youth Group, Creativity is now about to enter its 46th year, while rapidly heading towards its half century - and we're still growing.

As I said, things are only getting worse due to the influx of non-Whites. Using myself as the example, when I started school in 75, every kid was a White Kid. By the time I left school in 84, I had to share classrooms with Gooks. In the early 80's (C)rap music caught on and White Kids suddenly started dancing, talking walking like they were Niggers. Why? Because White Kids were brainwashed by their TV's that Niggers were cool. And what is Cool for a kid? Anything that appears to be rebellious - and Niggers by nature are rebellious. Cool today isn't what it was - rebellious but with a sense of charm and honour. Cool today means the lowest common denominator of behaviour - and the lowest form of life is the Nigger-emulating Wigger multi-CULTi gangbanger.


Ever seen a 40 year old White Male shambling around in low-riding pants with his arse hanging out, bright red joggers with the laces undone, baseball cap on backwards and a see-through mesh tank-top? It's bad enough when a middle aged HNIC like Will Smith dresses like a Nigglet on a bad day; but even for a Wigger, that's going too far. Will Smith does it because he wants to make money. The 40 year old Wigger does it because he's a pathetic perpetual man-child and probable paedophile rubbing shoulders with the little Wigger girlies. When you see one of them, you know it wont be long before the Wigger man-child pisses off to Bali to buy a little Gook girl to take as his wife and fulfil his paedophile fantasies. It's sickening, but it's now far too common and I see it all the time.

Now, if that was the Youth of Yesterday, imagine what the Youth of Today are going to look like Tomorrow?

Title: Re: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 05 October 2018 at 23:09
Here's an example of the Patriotic Wigger Youth in Australia ...

Southern Cross Soldiers - Wigger Kids with a Hatred for White Activists

They didn't even last two years - and that's with one of their own being murdered by the state coppers just for trying to defend himself against feral niggers, gaining them ...

* Nationwide advertising by the MSM
* Instant notoriety amongst the anti-Whites
* Sympathy from Pro-Whites
* Recognition and the possibility of acceptance from legitimate White Activists - including Creators

But they failed just like all the self-important, but wasted, wigger Patriotic Youth.
Title: Re: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 06 October 2018 at 08:46
We also have kosher party created by young people and they are another group of mugwumps.

As Klassen said we need all: Young full of energy as Pontifex Maximus, old as Pontifex to give advice. Religion is for all generations without division.
Title: Re: Only Youth Can Save the White Race - BULLSH´T!
Post by: Private on 06 October 2018 at 12:04
In my opinion, the youth are important. They are the ones that will take Creativity into the future  but only if they listen, learn, and obey their elder Creators, our holy books and the laws of nature  The youth of today seem even more self centered than children usually tend to be, which won't work in the racial teamwork that we need to preserve and advance our beautiful White Race.