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Hey Hey I like The Monkeys ...

Black Sabbath - Full Album - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


Sunray: congratulations on being WHITE & killing GOOKS



Government ‘For the People’?

Thanks for posting Brother Dibbs. Good video. He said it all there. This whole anti-White madness just makes me more proud to have been awakened to our Great White Racial and True Religion Creativity. Creativity takes care of all this crap.
We of the White Race/Species do what is best in OUR interests and OUR interests ONLY.
We of the White Race/Species don't care about the interests of Niggers, Spics and all mud races which are IRRELEVANT and are purely DETRIMENTAL to our Survival, Expansion and Advancement of our Master Race.
We of the White Race/Species don't see any perspective but OUR perspective. All non-white perspectives are IRRELEVANT.
We are simply following the Laws of Nature. And our Great White Race/Species is the best, as proven so.
23 R!!!!


 :(( :alien

Look at this English Homo! He is ashamed to be white! He wants to be a Ching Chong! Looks like a bloody freak! I was amused when his Korean friend saw what he became and his next mission is to get bug like eyes!
Who doesn’t wanna be white?!


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